Collection of Foci since 2000.

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April 2015: The Conflict in Yemen

March 2015: Reforming the Eurozone

February 2015: The Iran Nuclear Deal

January 2015: Guarding Against Cyber Attacks


December 2014: NATO After Ukraine

November 2014: The U.N. Report on Climate Change

October 2014: Syria's Foreign Jihadists

September 2014: Obama's Strategy for Taking on Islamic State

August 2014: Ukraine at a New Turning Point

July 2014: America's Immigration Debacle

June 2014: Conflict and Democracy in Iraq

May 2014: America's Pivot to the Far East

April 2014: Update on Afghanistan

March 2014: Gender Equality and State-building

February 2014: Security Concerns at the Sochi Olympics

January 2014: The Illicit Drug Trade and Conflict in the Americas


December 2013: Innovative Interventions in the Global Fight against HIV/AIDS

November 2013: Ending the War in Afghanistan

October 2013: The International Response to Fragile States

September 2013: Sexual Violence in Conflict and Post-Conflict Zones

August 2013: Russia's Foreign Policy

July 2013: BRICS and the Global Economy

June 2013: Resource Development and Foreign Policy in the Arctic

May 2013: Syria"s Civil War

April 2013: North Korea's Nuclear Program

March 2013: Developing Nations and the Global Arms Trade

February 2013: The Coup d'Etat in Mali

January 2013: Issues in International Cybersecurity


December 2012: Political Reform in Myanmar

November 2012: The Surge in Global Oil Production

October 2012: Iran's Nuclear Standoff with Israel and the West

September 2012: Haiti Looks to the Future

August 2012: International Organized Crime

July 2012: U.S. Drone Strikes in the War on Terror

June 2012: Maritme and Port Security in the 21st Century

May 2012: The Arab Spring and the West

April 2012: China's Foreign Aid

March 2012: The Syrian Uprising

February 2012: Europe's Escalating Debt Problem

January 2012: Pakistan, Islam and the State


December 2011: Central Africa and the Lord's Resistance Army

November 2011: World Population Now Exceeds 7 Billion

October 2011: The Palestinian Bid for UN Membership

September 2011: INTERPOL and Transnational Crime

August 2011: Humanitarian Crisis in Somalia

July 2011: The U.S. Debt Crisis

June 2011: The IMF and Global Economic Recovery

May 2011: Al-Qaeda without Osama Bin Laden

April 2011: Japan's Nuclear Crisis

March 2011: What Now for the Middle East?

February 2011: Days of Rage in Egypt

January 2011: Referendum in Southern Sudan


December 2010: Global Cybersecurity

November 2010: The International Criminal Court

October 2010: The Floods and Political Instability in Pakistan

September 2010: Post-War Iraq

August 2010: Global Financial Reform

July 2010: Afghanistan's National Security

June 2010: America's Dependence on Foreign Oil

May 2010: Debt Crisis in Greece

April 2010: Global Climate Change after Copenhagen

March 2010: India's Economic Powerhouse

February 2010: Global Defense Spending

January 2010: Catastrophe in Haiti


December 2009: Brazil on the Rise

November 2009: Update on Maritime Piracy

October 2009: The People's Republic of China turns 60

September 2009: The Global Economic Crisis (Part II)

August 2009: Health Care around the Globe

July 2009: Climate Change

June 2009: Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control

May 2009: Global Infectious Diseases

April 2009: International Narcotics Trafficking

March 2009: The Global Fight against AIDS

February 2009: Shutting Down Guantanamo

January 2009: Israel's Incursion into Gaza


December 2008: What the World Expects from President Obama

November 2008: The Global Economic Crisis

October 2008: The Presidential Debates and U.S. Foreign Policy

September 2008: Russias August War in the Caucasus

August 2008: The World Food Crisis

July 2008: Reducing the World's Carbon Footprint

June 2008: Iraq after the Surge

May 2008: The U.S. Economy and Sovereign Wealth Funds

April 2008: Anti-Chinese Uprising in Tibet

March 2008: Political Unrest in Kenya

January/February 2008: Humanitarian Crisis in the Congo


December 2007: Update on the Darfur Crisis

November 2007: Population and the Environment

October 2007: Myanmar's Pro-Democracy Movement

September 2007: Kosovo and the Road to Independence

July/August 2007: Troop Surge in Iraq

June 2007: Suicide Terrorism

May 2007: The Standoff between Secularists and Islamists in Turkey

April 2007: Musharraf and the Upcoming Elections in Pakistan

March 2007: Somalia on the Brink of Chaos

February 2007: The National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq

January 2007: U.S. Foreign Policy and Vietnam


December 2006: Global Warming and the U.S. Supreme Court

November 2006: North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program

October 2006: The Taliban Insurgency

September 2006: International Higher Education

August 2006: Israel's Invasion of Lebanon

July 2006: Zimbabwe

June 2006: The Immigration Debate

May 2006: Iran's Nuclear Capabilities

April 2006: Post-War Reconstruction in Liberia

March 2006: The Reunification of China and Taiwan

February 2006: The Shifting Political Landscape in Latin America

January 2006: Natural Gas and European Energy Security


December 2005: Human Rights and the War on Terror

November 2005: The Kashmir Conflict

October 2005: Pulling Out of Gaza

September 2005: Constitutional Struggle in Iraq

August 2005: The Globalization of Terrorism and Counterterrorism

July 2005: Russian and American Nuclear Arsenals

June 2005: The European Union Constitution

May 2005: Biotechnology

April 2005: Maritime Piracy and the Malacca Straits

March 2005: Syria, the United States and the Middle East

Ferbruary 2005: Maoist Rebellion in Nepal

January 2005: Indian Ocean Disaster


December 2004: Elections in Ukraine

November 2004: Nuclear Power and Weapons Proliferation

October 2004: The U.S. Candidates and Foreign Policy

September 2004: Continuing Crisis in Sudan

August 2004: Crisis in Sudan

July 2004: Nanotechnology

June 2004: Cryptology and Information Security

May 2004: Space Weapons

April 2004: The Chemical Weapons Convention

March 2004: Iraq

February 2004: Iran's Elections

January 2004: India and Pakistan


December 2003: Afghanistan

November 2003: Russia and Oil

October 2003: The State of the Transatlantic Alliance

September 2003: Globalization

August 2003: Transnational Criminal Activities

July 2003: Africa

June 2003: Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases

April 2003: Rebuilding Iraq

February 2003: U.S. policy on North Korea

January 2003: Landmines and Their Effects


December 2002: US Policy and Iraq

November 2002: NATO Summit in Prague

October 2002: NGOs

September 2002: The Troubled U.S. - Saudi Relationship

July 2002: Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden

May 2002: The Crisis in the Middle East

April 2002: Current Multilateral Treaties

March 2002: East Timor

February 2002: World Economic Forum

January 2001: Afghanistan, Terrorism, and September 11th


December 2001: Afghanistan and Terrorism

October 2001: September 11th Terrorist Attacks

August 2001: The Global Environment and Whaling

July 2001: Conflicts in Africa

June 2001: Albania and Macedonia

May 2001: US-China Relations

April 2001: European Challenges and Changes

March 2001: Afghanistan and the Taliban


December 2000: The Middle East

October 2000: US Foreign Policy

August 2000: Issues for the Next Presidency

July 2000: Ballistic Missile Defense

June 2000: Women's Human Rights

May 2000: HIV/AIDS

April 2000: US-Cuba Relations

February 2000: Iran