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CIAO Focus, August 2010: Global Financial Reform

“The worst of the global financial crisis (GFC) is over, but it has left scars, principally in the form of fiscally driven debt increases, balance sheets that still need repair and high unemployment in the principal crisis countries.  There is also unfinished business from the pre crisis period, in the form of external imbalances. More positively, the crisis offers lessons about economic policymaking that may improve the way things are done. Of course the main lessons are for the developed countries that were at the centre of the crisis. But the countries of the region had to cope with the backwash, and in doing so lessons were learned. In addition, the lessons in the crisis countries, learned in an environment of extreme stress, may have relevance for the emerging market economies of this region.

…Banks found new and innovative ways to make old mistakes: over-leverage, borrowing short and lending long, over-optimism about asset values and lending to people who couldn’t repay. With these mistakes common to the major mature countries (notably the US and the UK) the agglomeration of errors was large enough to create substantial collateral damage along the global linkages, via falls in exports and capital flows. That the globalised world spreads problems as well as benefits is not news, and increased globalization meant stronger linkages. Yet strong policy response in the region offset much of this knock-on effect with perhaps surprising success.” 

Stephen Grenville
Lowy Institute for International Policy


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