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clear CIAO Focus, May 2000: HIV/AIDS
Since AIDS was first identified in the early 1980s, over 16 million people have died from complications and opportunistic infections arising from the disease and worldwide over 50 million people have become infected with HIV. Citing intelligence reports that predict political destabilization, social fragmentation and catastrophic population loss stemming from an AIDS pandemic, the Clinton Administration recently designated AIDS a national security threat. The designation has provoked renewed debate on the worldwide commitment to stem the spread of the disease. As many as one quarter of sub-Saharan Africa's population may perish from AIDS. Comprising some 70 percent of HIV infections, Africa is hardest hit. The former Soviet Union and parts of Asia are also projected to see sharp increases in HIV infections in the upcoming decade.

This month CIAO features works on HIV and AIDS in world affairs.

From CIAO's database:

Lessons Learned from the AIDS Epidemic

AIDS and Developing Countries: Democratizing Access to Essential Medicines

Drug Addiction in Russia: a Threat to the Nation?

Demographic Change and Ecological Security

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