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CIAO Focus, June 2009: Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control

Nuclear-Weapon States:

China: 100-200 warheads.
France: Approximately 350 strategic warheads.
Russia: 4,237 strategic warheads, approximately 2,000-3,000 operational tactical warheads, and approximately 8,000-10,000 stockpiled strategic and tactical warheads.
United Kingdom: Less than 160 deployed strategic warheads.
United States: 5,914 strategic warheads, approximately 1,000 operational tactical weapons, and approximately 3,000 reserve strategic and tactical warheads.

Defacto Nuclear-Weapon States:

India: Up to 100 nuclear warheads.
Israel: Between 75 to 200 nuclear warheads.
Pakistan: Up to 60 nuclear warheads.

States of Immediate Proliferation Concern:

Iran: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is continuing its investigation and monitoring of Tehran’s nuclear program.
North Korea: Has separated enough plutonium for up to 12 nuclear warheads.
Syria: Sometimes named by U.S. officials as seeking nuclear weapons.

Source: Arms Control Association


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