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clear CIAO Focus, October 2001: September 11th Terrorist Attacks
SPECIAL FEAUTURE: Commentary from the CIAO Advisory Board on the terrorist attack

From CIAO's database:

United States - Terrorist Aftermath

The Modern Terrorist Mindset: Tactics, Targets, and Technologies
Excerpt from Inside Terrorism, Bruce Hoffman, Columbia University Press. To order a copy, click here.

Aviation Security and Terrorism: An Analysis of the Potential threat to Air Cargo Integrators

Are We Prepared for Terrorism Using Weapons of Mass Destruction? Government's Half Measures

Does US Intervention Overseas Breed Terrorism?

US Initiatives on Terrorism: Patterns of Terrorism-1999

Outside Links*:

Terrorism Group Profiles from Patterns of Global Terrorism

2000 Annual Report, Patterns of Global Terrorism, US Department of State

Fact Sheet on Terrorism, FEMA

White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security

Liberation Movements, Terrorist Organizations, Substance Cartels, and Other Para-State Entities, Federation of American Scientists

The Gilmore Commission Second Annual Report, Toward a National Strategy for Combating Terrorism

Hart-Rudman Commission, New World Coming: American Secuirty in the 21st Century

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