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clear CIAO Focus, January 2002: Afghanistan, Terrorism, and the September 11th Aftermath
This month CIAO explores the situation in Aghanistan, recognizing and combating terrorism, and the aftermath of the September 11 attacks.

From CIAO's database:

CIAO's collection of documents and resources related to the terrorist attacks

In the Name of National Security: US Counterterrorist Measures, 1960-2000

Covert Biological Weapons Attacks against Agricultural Targets: Assessing the Impact against US Agriculture

International -- Nuclear Terrorism

Nuclear Terrorism -- How Real is the Threat?

Countering Transnational Terrorism

Outside Links*:

Federation of American Scientists

Homeland Security Institute

Networks and Netwars: The Future of Terror, Crime, and Militancy

Monterey Institute: Chemical and Biological Weapons Resources

Commonwealth Club

* Outside links are not maintained. For broken outside links, CIAO recommends the Way Back Machine [].