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CIAO Atlas 2003
Globalization is a framework for describing many affiliated worldwide developments. Globalization isn't simply more of the ongoing process of internationalization: it describes the increasing ease with which technologies, people, goods, services and capital move. But the term is also widely used to convey such elements as universalization and changes to sovereignty. While many embrace it, others fear it. Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan has suggested that opposition to globalization could have the effect of reversing progress on free trade. The International Forum on Globalization is one organization that seeks to reverse globalization. This month CIAO focuses on the many facets of globalization:

This month CIAO examines globalization.

From CIAO's database:

The Aftershock of 9/11: Implications for Globalization and World Politics

Conditional Legitimacy, Reinterpreted Monopolies: Globalisation and the Evolving State Monopoly on Legitimate Violence Panel: Legitimacy and Violence: Globalization and the Displacement of the State

Globalization of the World Economy: Potential Benefits and Costs and a Net Assessment

Globalization, Marginalization and Development

Free Movement of People, Goods, Services and Capital in View of the Context of Stability Pact

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