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CIAO Focus, July 2010: Afghanistan’s National Security

Afghan National Army (ANA):

Size: 112,779 troops (as of 11 Apr 10)
Target strength: 171,600 (by October 2011)
Cost: $2.2 billion a year. This will rise to $3 million a year after the expansion, which itself will cost $17 billion
Casualties: January-September 20, 2009: 227 killed * 2007-2008: 537 killed

Afghan National Police (ANP):

Size: 102,995 (as of 29 Mar 10)
Currently in training: 7,116
Target strength: 109,000 (by October 2010) * 134,000 (by October 2011)
Casualties: January-September 20, 2009: 536 * 2007-2008: 1,412

Top Six Troop Contributing Countries:

United States: 62,414
United Kingdom: 9,500
Germany: 4,665
France: 3,750
Italy: 3,300
Canada: 2,830

Source: Human Security Support Project


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Outside Sources: *

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