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Map of Africa (CIA)
In Africa emotions are running high for President Bush's five-day tour, the first for a Republican president. Bush will visit Uganda, Senegal, South Africa, Botswana and Nigeria, all of which are considered by the administration to be progressive countries in a continent where progress is hard won. States not on Bush's tour have not fared so well. With Liberia in the midst of civil war and the announced departure of their recently indicted president, Charles Taylor, Bush is now considering whether to send U.S. troops there. Congo remains in the throes of a war that has claimed roughly 50,000 lives in the past four years alone. Zimbabwe's president, Robert Mugabe, is widely considered to have brought that once thriving country to ruin through government mismanagement and systematic abuse. Amidst these problems, President Bush has promised a new $15 billion package to fight AIDS, the bulk of which will go to Africa. Nonetheless, humanitarian agencies question the Bush administration's motivations. Is it really the war on terrorism? Is it the desire to maintain African nations' support against the International Criminal Court? While some of Africa's leaders look to Bush for support, in a show of disdain former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela scheduled travel to coincide with Bush's visit.

This month CIAO focuses on Africa.

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