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The Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies is designed to advance understanding of Third World development, particularly in Latin America, through research, education, and outreach. In its study of Latin America and other developing areas, the Institute focuses primarily on democratization and the quality of democracy; paths to development; religion and the Catholic Church; social movements and organized civil society; and public policies for social justice.

Working Papers

Title: Strengthening Democratic Quality: Reactive Deliberation in the Context of Direct Democracy
Authors: David Altman
Date: June 2014

Title: A Lexical Index of Electoral Democracy
Authors: Henrikas Bartusevičius, Svend-Erik Skaaning, John Gerring
Date: June 2014

Title: Vote-Buying and Asymmetric Information
Authors: Rodrigo Zarazaga
Date: April 2014

Title: Women's Representation and Legislative Committee Appointments: The Case of the Argentine Provinces
Authors: Tiffany Barnes
Date: March 2014

Title: Resisting Hegemony: Transformations of National Identity Under Foreign Occupation
Authors: Robert Person
Date: February 2014

Title: 'We Are Gaúchos, We Are Gaúchas...' Incitements to Gendered and Regional Subjectivity in the 2002 Brazilian Election Campaigns
Authors: Benjamin Junge
Date: December 2013

Title: Rethinking the Comparative Perspective on Class and Representation: Evidence from Latin America
Authors: Nicholas Carnes, Noam Lupu
Date: October 2013

Title: "With or Without CAFTA, We Need a Plan": A Catholic Response to Free Trade in Costa Rica
Authors: Amy Ryynolds
Date: June 2013

Title: Great Expectations: Mexican Democracy and Its Discontents
Authors: José Antonio Aguilar Rivera
Date: March 2013

Title: Skill Formation, Governance, and Democracy in Brazil: The State of the Art of a Public Policy
Authors: Marta M. Assumpção-Rodrigues
Date: February 2013

Title: A Progressive Juristocracy? The Unexpected Social Activism of India's Supreme Court
Authors: Sanjay Ruparelia
Date: February 2013

Title: The Corporatist Political Economies: From Industrial Corporatism to the Social Investment State in the Knowledge Intensive Service Economy
Authors: Jingjing Huo, John D. Stephens
Date: December 2012

Title: From Town Assemblies to Representative Democracy: The Building of Electoral Institutions in Nineteenth-Century Chile
Authors: J. Samuel Valenzuela
Date: December 2012

Title: The Catholic Church, Elections and Democracy In Colombia, 1830–1930
Authors: Eduardo Posada-Carbó
Date: September 2012

Title: Networked Justice: Judges, the Diffusion of Ideas, and Legal Reform Movements in Mexico
Authors: Matthew C. Ingram
Date: June 2012

Title: Elections in Latin America 2009–2011: A Comparative Analysis
Authors: Manuel Alcántara
Date: June 2012

Title: The Road to Universal Social Protection: How Costa Rica Informs Theory Juliana
Authors: Martínez Franzoni, Diego Sánchez-Ancochea
Date: March 2012

Title: Civil Society After Dictatorship: a Comparison of Portugal and Spain, 1970s–1990s
Authors: Tiago Fernandes
Date: March 2012

Title: Electoral Personalism and Economic Policy
Authors: Daniel Kselman
Date: February 2012

Title: The Concept of the Common Good in the Iberian Renaissance
Authors: Isabel de Assis Ribeiro de Oliveira
Date: February 2011

Title: Families, Welfare Institutions and Economic Development: Chile and Sweden in Comparative Perspective
Authors: J. Samuel Valenzuela
Date: January 2011

Title: Designing Cabinets: Presidential Politics and Cabinet Instability in Latin America
Authors: Cecilia Martinez-Gallardo
Date: January 2011

Title: The Iron Cage of Democracy: Institutional Similarity and Stasis in African Political Party Systems
Authors: Rachel Beatty Riedl
Date: November 2010

Title: El Grito: Four Years of Female Clandestine Journalism Against the Military Dictatorship in Panama (1968–1972)
Authors: Carlos Guevara Mann, Brittmarie Janson Pérez
Date: November 2010

Title: El Grito: Four Years of Female Clandestine Journalism Against the Military Dictatorship in Panama (1968–1972)
Authors: Carlos Guevara Mann, Brittmarie Janson Pérez
Date: November 2010

Title: El Grito: Four Years of Female Clandestine Journalism Against the Military Dictatorship in Panama (1968–1972)
Authors: Carlos Guevara Mann, Brittmarie Janson Pérez
Date: November 2010

Title: The Vote Share of New and Young Parties
Authors: Scott Mainwaring, Carlos Gervasoni, Annabella España-Nájera
Date: July 2010

Title: The Meaning of Left-Right in Latin America: A Comparative View
Authors: Nina Wiesehomeier
Date: July 2010

Title: Mining Water for the Revolution: Marte R. Gómez and the Business of Agrarian Reform in "La Laguna," Mexico, 1920s to 1960s
Authors: Mikael Wolfe
Date: July 2010

Title: Mining Water for the Revolution: Marte R. Gómez and the Business of Agrarian Reform in "La Laguna," Mexico, 1920s to 1960s
Authors: Mikael Wolfe
Date: July 2010

Title: How Presidents Legislate: Agenda Control and Policy Success in Costa Rica
Authors: Leslie A. Schwindt-Bayer
Date: July 2010

Title: Exit During Crisis: How Openness, Migration, and Economic Crisis Affect Democratization
Authors: Joseph Wright
Date: May 2010

Title: Happy News: Censorship, Nationalism, and Language Ideology in China
Authors: Susan D. Blum
Date: February 2010

Title: Social and Political Effects of Religiosity and Religious Identities in Latin America
Authors: Samuel Valenzuela, Timothy R. Scully, Nicolás Somma
Date: December 2009

Title: Islam and the International Sector: Negotiations of Faith in the Kyrgyz Republic
Authors: Noor Borbieva
Date: December 2009

Title: Institutionalizing Inequality: The Political Origins of Labor Codes in Latin America
Authors: Matthew E. Carnes
Date: December 2009

Title: Elections and the Origins of an Argentine Democratic Tradition, 1810–1880
Authors: Eduardo Zimmermann
Date: December 2009

Title: Argentina's Double Political Spectrum: Party System, Political Identities, and Strategies, 1944–2007
Authors: Pierre Ostiguy
Date: October 2009

Title: The High and the Low in Politics: A Two-Dimensional Political Space for Comparative Analysis and Electoral Studies
Authors: Pierre Ostiguy
Date: July 2009

Title: Political Solidarity, Cultural Survival, and the Institutional Design of Autonomy in Nicaragua: From Heterogenous, Multiethnic Spaces to National Homelands
Authors: Juliet Hooker
Date: July 2009

Title: La Revocatoria de Mandato: Lecciones a Partir de la Experiencia Venezolana
Date: June 2009

Title: Youth and Civic Engagement in the Americas Preliminary Findings From a Three-City Study: Rio De Janeiro, Chicago, and Mexico City
Authors: Irene Rizzini, María de Los Angeles Torres, Norma Alicia Del Río Lugo
Date: May 2009

Title: Democratic Talk and the Democratic Walk: Superficial Versus Sincere Support for Illiterate Voting Rights in Lebanon
Authors: Daniel Corstange
Date: May 2009

Title: Understanding the Politics of Latin America's Plural Lefts (Chávez/Lula): Social Democracy, Populism, And Convergence on the Path to a Post-Neoliberal World
Authors: John D. French
Date: December 2008

Title: The Evolution of Authoritarian Organization in Russia under Yeltsin and Putin
Authors: Lucan A. Way
Date: December 2008

Title: Regime Legacies and Democratization: Explaining Variance in the Level of Democracy in Latin America, 1978—2004
Authors: Scott Mainwaring, Aníbal Pérez-Liñán
Date: December 2008

Title: Political Crises and Democracy in Latin America Since the End of the Cold War
Authors: Luis E. González
Date: December 2008

Title: The Durability of Constitutions in Changing Environments: Explaining Constitutional Replacements in Latin America
Authors: Gabriel L. Negretto
Date: August 2008

Title: Political Catholicism in Revolutionary Mexico, 1900–1926
Authors: Robert Curley
Date: May 2008

Title: Institutions and Politicians: An Analysis of the Factors that Determine Presidential Legislative Success
Authors: Manuel Alcántara, Mercedes García Montero
Date: May 2008

Title: Democracy, Parties and Political Finance in Latin America
Authors: Eduardo Posada-Carbó
Date: April 2008

Title: Democracy and Populism in Latin America
Authors: Ignacio Walker
Date: April 2008

Title: From Patronage to Program: The Emergence of Party-Oriented Legislators in Brazil
Authors: Carlos Gervasoni, Frances Hagopian, Juan Andres Moraes
Date: December 2007

Title: Creating Competition: Patronage Politics and the PRI’s Demise
Authors: Kenneth F. Greene
Date: December 2007

Title: The Quality of Democracy in Small South American Countries: The Case of Paraguay
Authors: Diego Abente Brun
Date: November 2007

Title: The Quality of Democracy in Latin America: Another View
Authors: Daniel H. Levine, Jose E. Molina
Date: November 2007

Title: Drugs, Civil War, and the Conditional Impact of the Economy on Democracy
Authors: Angel Alvarez, Michael Coppedge, Lucas González
Date: October 2007

Title: The Future of Christianity in Latin America
Authors: Daniel H. Levine
Date: August 2007

Title: Development Ethics: A Road to Peace
Authors: Adela Cortina
Date: May 2007

Title: Confronting Colonialism: Maryknoll Catholic Missionaries in Peru and Guatemala, 1943–1968
Authors: Susan Fitzpatrick Behrens
Date: May 2007

Title: The Enduring Presence of Religion in Chilean Ideological Positionings and Voter Options
Authors: Timothy R. Scully, Nicolás Somma, J. Samuel Valenzuela
Date: March 2007

Title: Digital Poverty: Concept and Measurement, with an Application to Peru
Authors: Roxana Barrantes Cáceres
Date: March 2007

Title: Latin America and the Catholic Church: Points of Convergence and Divergence (encontros e desencontros) 1960–2005
Authors: Luiz Alberto Gomez de Souza
Date: February 2007

Title: Crony Capitalism and Democracy: Paradoxes of Electoracompetition in Russia's Regions
Authors: Gulnaz Sharafutdinova
Date: February 2007

Title: Radical Democracy in the Andes: Indigenous Parties and the Quality of Democracy in Latin America
Authors: Donna Lee Van Cott
Date: December 2006

Title: Latin American Catholicism in an Age of Religious and Political Pluralism: A Framework for Analysis
Authors: Frances Hagopian
Date: December 2006

Title: Party System Institutionalization and Party System Theory After the Third Wave of Democratization
Authors: Scott Mainwaring, Mariano Torcal
Date: April 2005

Title: Class Formation or Fragmentation? Allegiances and Divisions Among Managers and Workers in State-Owned Enterprises
Authors: Kun-Chin Lin
Date: March 2005

Title: On the Continuing Relevance of the Weberian Methodological Perspective (with Applications to the Spanish Case of Elections in the Aftermath of Terrorism)
Authors: Robert M. Fishman
Date: February 2005

Title: Rational Learning and Bounded Learning in the Diffusion of Policy Innovations
Authors: Covadonga Meseguer
Date: January 2005

Title: Tax Effort and Tax Potential of State Governments in Mexico: A Representative Tax System
Authors: Horacio Sobarzo
Date: October 2004

Title: Myths of the Enemy: Castro, Cuba and Herbert L. Matthews of The New York Times
Authors: Anthony DePalma
Date: July 2004

Title: Does Lootable Wealth Breed Disorder? A Political Economy of Extraction Framework
Authors: Richard Snyder
Date: July 2004

Title: A Sequential Theory of Decentralization and its Effects on the Intergovernmental Balance of Power: Latin American Cases in Comparative Perspective
Authors: Tulia G. Falleti
Date: July 2004

Title: On the Role of Distance for Outward Foreign Direct Investment
Authors: Peter Egger
Date: June 2004

Title: The Violence of "Religion": Examining a Prevalent Myth
Authors: William T. Cavanaugh
Date: March 2004

Title: Unemployment, Macroeconomic Policy and Labor Market Flexibility: Argentina and Mexico in the 1990s
Authors: Roberto Frenkel, Jaime Ros
Date: February 2004

Title: Political Disaffection and Democratization: History in New Democracies
Authors: Mariano Torcal
Date: October 2003

Title: Informal Institutions and Comparative Politics: A Research Agenda
Authors: Gretchen Helmke, Steven Levitsky
Date: September 2003

Title: La Posguerra Colombiana: Divagaciones Sobre la Venganza, La Justicia y la Reconciliacin
Authors: Iván Orozco
Date: May 2003

Title: Policy Making Under Divided Government in Mexico
Authors: Benito Nacif
Date: March 2003

Title: When Capital Cities Move: The Political Geography of Nation and State Building
Authors: Edward Schatz
Date: February 2003

Title: Crisis en el Sindicalismo en Amrica Latina?
Authors: Francisco Zapata
Date: January 2003

Title: Contradiction Without Paradox: Evangelical Political Culture in the 1998 Venezuelan Elections
Authors: David Smilde
Date: September 2002

Title: mbito y Papel de los Especialistas en las Reformas en los Sistemas de Salud: Los Casos de Brasil y Mxico
Authors: Célia Almeida, Raquel Abrantes Pêgo
Date: September 2002

Title: The Labor Movement in Democratic Chile, 1990-2000
Authors: Frank K. Volker
Date: June 2002

Title: Voter Inequality, Turnout And Information Effects in a Cross-National Perspective
Authors: Gábor Tóka
Date: May 2002

Title: Venezuela: Popular Sovereignty versus Liberal Democracy
Authors: Michael Coppedge
Date: April 2002

Title: Government Expenditures and Equilibrium Real Exchange Rates
Authors: Ronald J. Balvers, Jeffrey H. Bergstrand
Date: April 2002

Title: From "Restricted"; to "Besieged";: The Changing Nature of the Limits to Democracy in Colombia
Authors: Ana Maria Bejarano, Eduardo Pizarro Leongómez
Date: April 2002

Title: Experimentos de Democracia Interna: Las Primarias de Partidos en Amrica Latina
Date: April 2002

Title: On the Economic Determinants of Free Trade Agreements
Authors: Scott L. Baier, Jeffrey Bergstrand
Date: January 2002

Title: La Atomizacin Partidista en Colombia: el Fenmeno de las Micro-empresas Electorales
Authors: Eduardo Pizarro Leongomez
Date: January 2002

Title: Fujimori's Financiers: How Japan Became the Largest Aid Donor in Latin America and Its Implications for Future Economic Development
Authors: Michael G. Donovan, Kwan S. Kim
Date: January 2002

Title: Postcommunism as a Historical Episode of State-Building: A Reversed Tillyan Perspective
Authors: Venelin I. Ganev
Date: November 2001

Title: Transforming Labor-Based Parties in Latin America: The Argentine Justicialista Party In Comparative Perspective
Authors: Steven Levitsky
Date: July 2001

Title: Nongovernmental Terrorism in Latin America: Re-examining Old Assumptions
Authors: Andreas Feldmann, Maiju Perälä
Date: July 2001

Title: The Taxing Task of Taxing Transnationals
Authors: Thomas A. Gresik
Date: June 2001

Title: The Impact of Election Administration on the Legitimacy of Emerging Democracies: A New Research Agenda
Authors: Jørgen Elklit, Andrew Reynolds
Date: September 2000

Title: The Impact of an Indigenous Counterpublic Sphere on the Practice of Democracy: The Taller de Historia Oral Andina in Bolivia
Authors: Marcia Stephenson
Date: September 2000

Title: Reshaping State-Society Relations Democratization in Southern and Eastern Europe
Authors: Rafael Durán
Date: July 2000

Title: Federalism, Constraints on the Central Government, and Economic Reform in Democratic Brazil
Authors: Scott Mainwaring, David Samuels
Date: January 2000

Title: Why Liberalism? State, Church, and Party in Western Europe
Authors: Andrew C. Gould
Date: April 1998

Title: What Is Globalization? Four Possible Answers
Authors: Simon Reich
Date: January 1998

Title: Regionalization, Globalization, and Nationalism: Convergent, Divergent, or Overlapping?
Authors: Arie M. Kacowicz
Date: January 1998

Title: Liberals, Radicals, and Women's Citizenship in Chile, 1872-1930
Authors: Erika Maza Valenzuela
Date: November 1997

Title: APEC beyond Economics: The Politics of APEC
Authors: Brian L. Job, Frank Langdon
Date: October 1997

Title: Open Regionalism: Lessons from Latin America for East Asia
Authors: Clark Winton Reynolds
Date: August 1997

Title: An ASEAN Perspective on APEC
Authors: Yoji Akashi
Date: August 1997

Title: Workshop on The Rule of Law and the Underprivileged in Latin America
Authors: Gina Bekker, Robert Patrick
Date: November 1996