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The New School Graduate Program in International Affairs


The Graduate Program in International Affairs (GPIA) embodies the distinctive tradition of critical and engaged social thought of the New School. Faculty members combine practical experience in development work, the third sector, or in public advocacy with academic research that engages core problems of globalization and international affairs today. The student body is a diverse, vibrant combination of recent college graduates and professionals who are changing careers or adding to their qualifications

Working Papers

Title: Constrained Autonomy and the Developmental State: From Successful Developmentalism to Catastrophic Failure
Authors: Jamee K. Moudud
Date: October 2011

Title: The Political Ontology of Catastrophe: Inventing the Vulnerable Society, 1953-1958
Authors: Stephen J. Collier
Date: September 2011

Title: The Field of the Blackbirds and the Battle for Europe
Authors: Anna Di Lellio
Date: August 2011

Title: A Pragmatic Ideal for Global Economic Governance Reform
Authors: Barry Herman
Date: July 2011

Title: Housing Policy in the U.S.: The Evolving Sub-national Role
Authors: Robert M. Buckley, Alex F. Schwartz
Date: May 2011

Title: Human Security
Authors: Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Carol Messineo
Date: April 2011

Title: The Human Right to Development and Global Partnerships
Authors: Sakiko Fukuda- Parr
Date: March 2011

Title: Extending Political Rights to Citizens Abroad: Implications for the Nation-state
Authors: Jonathan Bach
Date: February 2011

Title: Media, Civil Society and the State in Democratic Politics in Africa: The Case of South Africa
Authors: Sean Jacobs
Date: January 2011

Title: Social Inclusion in Mumbai: Economics Matters Too
Authors: Robert M. Buckley
Date: June 2010

Title: The United States Military as an Agent of Development: Counterinsurgency Doctrine and Development Assistance
Authors: Carol Messineo
Date: May 2010

Title: Discontent with the World Bank's Excursion into Economic Geography: Lions and Butterflies Once More?
Authors: Robert M. Buckley, Thomas D. Buckley
Date: April 2010

Title: Security of Property Rights for Whom?
Authors: Terra Lawson-Remer
Date: March 2010

Title: JOURNEYS BEYOND THE WEST: World Orders and a 7th-Century, Buddhist Monk
Authors: L. H. M. Ling
Date: January 2010

Title: Child Budget Initiatives in Latin America
Authors: Louise Moreira Daniels, Alberto Minujin
Date: January 2010

Title: The City in the Global Crisis: Understanding Impacts and Strengthening the Performance of Stimulus Packages
Authors: hael Cohen
Date: November 2009

Title: From Master Plans to Stimulus Packages: Reflections on Urban Assistance to Rich and Poor Countries
Authors: Michael Cohen
Date: November 2009

Title: The Political Economy of Oil in the U.S.-Iran Crisis: U.S. globalized oil interests vs. Iranian regional interests
Authors: Thomas W. O'Donnell
Date: October 2009

Title: Speculating on Change: Four Paradoxes of Our Urban Future
Authors: Michael Cohen
Date: October 2009

Title: The Offshore Camps of the European Union: At the Border of Humanity
Authors: Miriam Ticktin
Date: March 2009

Title: Vulnerability and Resilience of the Middle Class in Latin America
Authors: Alberto Minujin, Guillermina Comas
Date: February 2009

Title: On Vital Systems Security
Authors: Stephen Collier, Andrew Lakoff
Date: February 2009

Title: Manage Radical Disputes: Public Reason, The American Dream, and the Case of Same-Sex Marriage
Authors: Keith J. Bybee, Cyril Ghosh
Date: December 2008

Title: Lust/Caution in IR: Democratising World Politics from Postcolonial Asia
Authors: Boyu Chen, Ching-Chane Hwang, L.H.M. Ling
Date: December 2008

Title: Fighting the 'Good Fight': An Assessment of Democratic Proposals For a New National Security Strategy
Authors: William D. Hartung
Date: December 2008

Title: 9/11 and the Paradox of American Power
Authors: Carl Conetta
Date: December 2008

Title: Genocide by Attrition
Authors: Everita Silina
Date: November 2008

Title: Are Internationally Agreed Development Goals (IADGs) being implemented in national development strategies and aid programmes? A review of Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs) and development cooperation policy statements
Authors: Sakiko Fukuda-Parr
Date: July 2008

Title: A Fairy Tale of Science: Playing with Hayward Alker
Authors: L.H.M. Ling
Date: July 2008

Title: Time for Change in Global Trade and Financial Governance
Authors: Barry Herman
Date: April 2008

Title: "The Kitsch of War: Misappropriating Sun Tzu for an American Imperial Hypermasculinity
Authors: Ching-Chane Hwang, L.H.M. Ling
Date: April 2008

Title: Why the Code of Conduct for Resolving Sovereign Debt Crises Falls Short
Authors: Barry Herman
Date: March 2008

Title: A Postcolonial-Feminist Alternative to Neoliberal Self/Other Relations
Authors: L.H.M. Ling
Date: March 2008

Title: The Economics of CO2 Mitigation: the Stern Review and its critics
Authors: Marilyn Power
Date: January 2008

Title: The Strategic Triad: Form and Content in Brazil’s Triangular Cooperation Practices
Authors: Adriana Abdenur
Date: November 2007

Title: Conflict Prevention and Development Cooperation
Authors: Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Robert Picciotto
Date: November 2007

Title: Unequal Development in the 1990s: Growing Gaps in Human Capabilities
Authors: Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, David Stewart
Date: May 2007

Title: Evaluating the Costs and Benefits of the US War on Terror
Authors: David Gold
Date: April 2007

Title: Shared Knowledge, Joint Pursuits: International Relations Beyond the Age of Information
Authors: Sean Costigan, Christopher Pallaris
Date: March 2007

Title: Justice and Developing Country Debt
Authors: Barry Herman
Date: February 2007