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Chatham House has been the home of the Royal Institute of Institute of International Affairs for over eight decades. Our mission is to be world-leading source of independent analysis, informed debate and influential ideas on how to build a prosperous and secure world for all.

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Founded in 1920 and based in St James's Square in London, Chatham House celebrated the 80th anniversary of the granting of its Royal Charter in 2006. The Chatham House Rule, famous worldwide for facilitating free speech and confidentiality at meetings, originated here.

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Policy Briefs

Title: North Africa: The Hidden Risks to Regional Stability
Authors: Claire Spencer
Date: April 2009

Title: Trade and the Global Economic Crisis: Immediate Challenges and Long-term Threats
Authors: Jim Rollo, Peter Holmes
Date: March 2009

Title: Options for a Democratic Taiwan
Authors: Kerry Brown
Date: March 2009

Title: Oil, Gas and International Insecurity: Tackling a Self-fuelling Fire
Authors: Daniel Litvin
Date: March 2009

Title: Africa's New Human Rights Court: Whistling in the Wind?
Authors: Sonya Sceats
Date: March 2009

Title: The Palestinian Refugee Issue: A Palestinian Perspective
Authors: Abbas Shiblak
Date: February 2009

Title: A Fair Deal on Seabed Wealth: The Promise and Pitfalls of Article 82 on the Outer Continental Shelf
Authors: Cleo Paskal, Michael Lodge
Date: February 2009

Title: Yemen: Fear of Failure
Authors: Ginny Hill
Date: November 2008

Title: Synchronized Dive into Recession: Focus on Damage Limitation
Authors: Vanessa Rossi
Date: October 2008

Title: Piracy in Somalia: Threatening Global Trade, Feeding Local Wars
Authors: Roger Middleton
Date: October 2008

Title: Sierra Leone a Year After Elections: Still in the Balance
Authors: Tom Cargill
Date: September 2008

Title: After the Doha Débâcle: What Next for the Global Trade System?
Authors: Guy de Jonquières
Date: September 2008

Title: Is the Euro Ready for 'Prime Time'?
Authors: Benjamin J Cohen, Paola Subacchi
Date: July 2008

Title: EU Trade Policy: Approaching a Crossroads
Authors: Roderick Abbott
Date: July 2008

Title: The Past as Prelude? Negotiating the Palestinian Refugee Issue
Authors: Rex Brynen
Date: June 2008

Title: Israeli Perspectives on the Palestinian Refugee Issue
Authors: Orit Gal
Date: June 2008

Title: Controlling Illegal Logging: Using Public Procurement Policy
Authors: Duncan Brack
Date: June 2008

Title: Thinking About the Future of Food: The Chatham House Food Supply Scenarios
Date: May 2008

Title: The International Climate Change Agenda: Opportunities for the G8
Authors: Antony Froggatt
Date: May 2008

Title: An EU-Korea Free Trade Area: Playing Catch-Up or Taking the Lead?
Authors: Jim Rollo
Date: May 2008

Title: Stress-Testing the Regulators: Market Risks and the EU Economy
Authors: Max Watson
Date: April 2008

Title: Rising Food Prices: Drivers and Implications for Development
Authors: Alex Evans
Date: April 2008

Title: Prospects for an EU-Gulf Cooperation Council Free Trade Area: The World's First Region-to-Region FTA?
Authors: Jim Rollo
Date: April 2008

Title: European Multinationals: A Globalization Scorecard
Authors: Stephen Thomsen
Date: March 2008

Title: Exploiting Europe's Strong Potential: Governance, Institutions and Policies
Authors: Benedicta Marzinotto, Vanessa Rossi, Paola Subacchi
Date: January 2008

Title: China And US Foreign Policy In The Asia-Pacific: Living With American Dominance
Authors: , Nicholas Khoo, Mike Smith
Date: June 2001

Title: Ratifying The Kyoto Protocol: The Case For JapaneseRussian Joint Implementation
Authors: , Benito Muller
Date: May 2001

Title: European Security And Defence Policy After Nice
Authors: , Stuart Croft, Jolyon Howorth, Terry Terriff, Mark Webber
Date: April 2001

Title: From Rio To Johannesburg:The Earth Summit And Rio + 10
Authors: , Duncan Brack, Fanny Calder, Muge Dolun
Date: March 2001

Title: Governing Multinationals: The Role Of Foreign Direct Liability
Authors: , Halina Ward
Date: February 2001

Title: Environmental Security In Central Asia
Authors: , Stuart Horsman
Date: January 2001

Title: Europe and the Mediterranean: The Barcelona Process Five Years On
Authors: , George Joffe
Date: August 2000

Title: Emerging Threats on the Internet
Authors: , Mariyam Joyce-Hasham
Date: July 2000

Title: An Ever Larger Europe
Authors: , Julie Smith
Date: May 2000

Title: Trade and Environment After Seattle
Authors: , Duncan Brack
Date: April 2000

Title: Gas For Oil Markets
Authors: , Koji Morita
Date: February 2000

Title: Financial Services Liberalization in China: Conservative Gradualism
Authors: , Chen Yixin
Date: January 2000

Title: Changing Oil
Authors: , Norman Selley
Date: January 2000

Title: The Southern African Development Community: Regional Integration in Ferment
Authors: Alexander Johnston, David Simon
Date: December 1999

Title: Oil For Wheels
Authors: , John V. Mitchell
Date: December 1999

Title: The Election of Ishihara: A Symbol of Rising Nationalism in Japan?
Authors: , Christopher P. Hood
Date: November 1999

Title: New Government, New Agenda For Israel
Authors: Becky Kook, Joel Peters
Date: August 1999

Title: Currency Boards or Dollarization — Solutions or Traps
Authors: , John Chown
Date: August 1999

Title: Can Public Service Survive The Market? Issues For Liberalized Electricity
Authors: Walt Patterson
Date: August 1999

Title: State And Region: The Spanish Experience
Authors: David Brighty
Date: June 1999

Title: The Buenos Aires Climate Conference:Outcome And Implications
Authors: Christiaan Vrolijk
Date: April 1999

Title: Conflict In The Horn: Why Eritrea And Ethiopia Are At War
Authors: Patrick Gilkes, Martin Plaut
Date: March 1999

Title: Renewable Energy Investment and Technology Transfer in Asia
Authors: Tim Forsyth
Date: October 1998

Title: Media Coverage of Parliament
Authors: Ralph Negrine
Date: July 1998

Title: Assessing South Africa's Growth Strategy
Authors: Jesmond Blumenfeld
Date: July 1998

Title: Sierra Leone: Tracing The Genesis Of A Controversy
Authors: Abiodun Alao
Date: June 1998

Title: Algeria In Crisis
Authors: George Joffe
Date: June 1998

Title: The U.K. and Japan
Authors: Haruko Satoh
Date: May 1998

Title: The Basel Convention
Authors: Jonathan Krueger
Date: May 1998

Title: Closing Asia's Energy Gaps
Authors: John V. Mitchell, Christiaan Vrolijik
Date: March 1998

Title: Iraq Under Sanctions
Authors: Volker Perthes
Date: February 1998

Title: Pipeline Gas In Northeast Asia
Authors: Jae-Yong Choi, Keun-Wook Paik
Date: January 1998