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The Africa Center is the pre-eminent Department of Defense institution for strategic security studies, research, and outreach in Africa. The Africa Center engages African partner states and institutions through rigorous academic and outreach programs that build strategic capacity and foster long-term, collaborative relationships.

Additional Materials from Africa Center for Strategic Studies: Working Papers

Policy Briefs

Title: Lessons from Burundi's Security Sector Reform Process
Authors: Nicole Ball
Date: November 2014

Title: Wildlife Poaching: Africa's Surging Trafficking Threat
Authors: Bradley Anderson, Johan Jooste
Date: May 2014

Title: Creating Sustainable Peacekeeping Capability in Africa
Authors: Daniel Hampton
Date: April 2014

Title: Mitigating Radicalism in Northern Nigeria
Authors: Michael Olufemi Sodipo
Date: August 2013

Title: Peace Operations in Africa: Lessons Learned Since 2000
Authors: Paul D. Williams
Date: July 2013

Title: The Lessons and Limits of DDR in Africa
Authors: Prosper Nzekani Zena
Date: January 2013

Title: Islamic Militancy in Africa
Authors: Terje Østebø
Date: November 2012

Title: Building Africa's Airlift Capacity: A Strategy for Enhancing Military Effectiveness
Authors: Birame Diop, David M. Peyton, Gene McConville
Date: August 2012

Title: Unfinished Business: A Framework for Peace in the Great Lakes
Authors: Rigobert Minani Bihuzo
Date: July 2012

Title: Boko Haram's Evolving Threat
Authors: J. Peter Pham
Date: April 2012

Title: Regional Security Cooperation in the Maghreb and Sahel: Algeria's Pivotal Ambivalence
Authors: Laurence Aïda Ammour
Date: February 2012

Title: Africa's Militaries: A Missing Link in Democratic Transitions
Authors: Mathurin C. Houngnikpo
Date: January 2012

Title: Alternative Dispute Resolution in Africa: Preventing Conflict and Enhancing Stability
Authors: Ernest Uwazie
Date: November 2011

Title: Sifting Through the Layers of Insecurity in the Sahel: The Case of Mauritania
Authors: Cédric Jourde
Date: September 2011

Title: Nigeria's Pernicious Drivers of Ethno-Religious Conflict
Authors: Chris Kwaja
Date: July 2011

Title: Optimizing Africa's Security Force Structures
Authors: Helmoed Heitman
Date: June 2011

Title: Urban Fragility and Security in Africa
Authors: Stephen Commins
Date: April 2011

Title: West Africa's Growing Terrorist Threat: Confronting AQIM's Sahelian Strategy
Authors: Modibo Goїta
Date: March 2011

Title: Investing in Science and Technology to Meet Africa's Maritime Security Challenges
Authors: Augustus Vogel
Date: February 2011

Title: Playing Ostrich: Lessons Learned from South Africa's Response to Terrorism
Authors: Hussein Solomon
Date: January 2011

Title: Democracy and the Chain of Command: A New Governance of Africa's Security Sector
Authors: Dominique Djindjéré
Date: November 2010

Title: Nonstate Policing: Expanding the Scope for Tackling Africa's Urban Violence
Authors: Bruce Baker
Date: September 2010

Title: Africa's Fragile States: Empowering Extremists, Exporting Terrorism
Authors: Zachary Devlin-Foltz
Date: August 2010

Title: Cocaine and Instability in Africa: Lessons from Latin America and the Caribbean
Authors: Davin O’Regan
Date: July 2010

Title: Misinterpreting Ethnic Conflicts in Africa
Authors: Clement Mweyang Aapengnuo
Date: April 2010

Title: Lessons Learned from Peace Operations in Africa
Authors: Paul D. Williams
Date: March 2010

Title: Navies versus Coast Guards: Defining the Roles of African Maritime Security Forces
Authors: Augustus Vogel
Date: December 2009

Title: U.S. Security Engagement in Africa
Authors: William M. Bellamy
Date: June 2009