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The European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) is a Paris-based agency of the European Union, operating under the EU's second pillar, the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). Its goals are to find a common security culture for the EU, to help develop and project the CFSP, and to enrich Europe’s strategic debate.

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Working Papers

Title: Energy moves and power shifts: EU foreign policy and global energy security
Authors: Iana Dreyer, Gerald Stang
Date: February 2014

Title: Afghanistan: the view from Russia
Authors: Józef Lang
Date: February 2014

Title: How EU sanctions work: a new narrative
Authors: Francesco Giumelli
Date: May 2013

Title: The future of the CWC in the post-destruction phase
Authors: Yasemin Balci, Richard Guthrie, Ralf Trapp, Cindy Vestergaard, Jean Pascal Zanders
Date: March 2013

Title: Brussels - Beijing: changing the game?
Authors: Nicola Casarini (ed)
Date: March 2013

Title: The role of non-state actors in EU policies towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Authors: Benedetta Voltolini
Date: October 2012

Title: The EU's and China's institutional diplomacy in the field of climate change
Authors: Pietro De Matteis
Date: June 2012

Title: The EU and Mindanao: innovative avenues for seeking peace
Authors: Alistair MacDonald, Gabriel Munuera Viñals
Date: June 2012

Title: Engaging African diasporas for peace: cornerstones for an emerging EU agenda
Authors: Judith Vorrath
Date: June 2012

Title: Iran: a revolutionary republic in transition
Authors: Rouzbeh Parsi (ed)
Date: February 2012

Title: The EU-US security and justice agenda in action
Authors: Patryk Pawlak (ed)
Date: December 2011

Title: Interparliamentary scrutiny of the CFSP: avenues for the future
Authors: Corine Caballero-Bourdot
Date: October 2011

Title: Interparliamentary scrutiny of the CFSP: avenues for the future
Authors: Corine Caballero-Bourdot
Date: October 2011

Title: The EU and China's engagement in Africa: the dilemma of socialisation
Authors: Lirong Liu
Date: July 2011

Title: The Western Balkans and the EU: 'the hour of Europe'
Authors: Jacques Rupnik (ed)
Date: June 2011

Title: The role of EU defence policy in the Eastern neighbourhood
Authors: Ariella Huff
Date: May 2011

Title: The internal-external security nexus: more coherence under Lisbon?
Authors: Florian Trauner
Date: March 2011

Title: Franco-British military cooperation: a new engine for European defence?
Authors: Ben Jones
Date: February 2011

Title: Quelle politique pour l'UE au Zimbabwe aujourd'hui?
Authors: Vincent Darracq
Date: December 2010

Title: Peacebuilding in Asia: refutation or cautious engagement?
Authors: Amaia Sánchez Cacicedo
Date: November 2010

Title: Transforming the Quartet principles: Hamas and the Peace Process
Authors: Carolin Goerzig
Date: October 2010

Title: Human rights challenges in EU civilian crisis management
Authors: Wanda Troszczynska-van Genderen
Date: August 2010

Title: Nuclear Weapons after the 2010 NPT Review Conference
Authors: Ian Anthony, Camille Grand, Łukasz Kulesa, Christian Mölling, Mark Smith
Date: April 2010

Title: The EU in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Powers, Decisions and Legitimacy
Authors: Bart M. J. Szewczyk
Date: March 2010

Title: Command and Control? Planning for EU Military Operations
Authors: Luis Simón
Date: January 2010

Title: Back from the cold? The EU and Belarus in 2009
Authors: Margarita M. Balmaceda, Sabine Fischer, Grzegorz Gromadzki, Andrei Liakhovich, Astrid Sahm, Vitali Silitski, Leonid Zlotnikov
Date: November 2009

Title: Risky business? The EU, China and dual-use technology
Authors: May-Britt Stumbaum
Date: October 2009

Title: Global security in a multipolar world
Authors: Alvaro de Vasconcelos, Feng Zhongping, Robert Hutchings, Radha Kumar, Elizabeth Sidiropoulos, Paulo Wrobel, Andrei Zagorski
Date: October 2009

Title: The interpolar world: a new scenario
Authors: Giovanni Grevi
Date: June 2009

Title: Maghreb : vaincre la peur de la démocratie
Authors: Luis Martinez
Date: April 2009

Title: Negotiating the final status of Kosovo
Authors: Marc Weller
Date: December 2008

Title: Relations in the Russia-Ukraine-EU triangle: 'zero-sum game' or not?
Authors: Vsevolod Samokhvalov
Date: September 2007

Title: Crisis in Turkey: Just another bump on the road to Europe?
Authors: Walter Posch
Date: June 2007

Title: Gender mainstreaming in ESDP missions
Authors: Johanna Valenius
Date: May 2007

Title: Sécurité et développement de l’Afrique : une nouvelle approche pour l’UE
Authors: Charles Goerens
Date: April 2007

Title: Building the future: the EU’s contribution to global governance
Authors: Martin Ortega
Date: April 2007

Title: Building the future: The EU's contribution to global governance
Authors: Martin Ortega
Date: April 2007

Title: EU security and defence Volume VII
Authors: Catherine Glière
Date: March 2007

Title: EU security and defence — Core documents 2006 — Volume VII
Authors: Catherine Glière
Date: March 2007

Title: Enter the EU Battlegroups
Authors: Gustav Lindstrom
Date: February 2007

Title: Beyond international trusteeship: EU peacebuilding in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Authors: Stefano Recchia
Date: February 2007

Title: Monitoring a region in crisis: the European Union in West Africa
Authors: Marie V. Gibert
Date: January 2007

Title: Facing China's rise: guidelines for an EU strategy
Authors: Philip Andrews-Speed, Axel Berkofsky, Peter Ferdinand, Duncan Freeman, François Godement, Eberhard Sandschneider, Antonio Tanca, Marcin Zaborowski
Date: December 2006

Title: Enforcing non-proliferation. The European Union and the 2006 BTWC Review Conference
Authors: Gustav Lindstrom, Kathryn Nixdorff, Jean Pascal Zanders
Date: November 2006

Title: The evolution of the EU-China relationship: from constructive engagement to strategic partnership
Authors: Nicola Casarini
Date: October 2006

Title: Turkey's foreign policy in turbulent times
Authors: Kemal Kiriþci
Date: September 2006

Title: Security by proxy? The EU and (sub-)regional organisations: the case of ECOWAS
Authors: Bastien Nivet
Date: March 2006

Title: The Baltics: from nation states to member states
Authors: Kestutis Paulauskas
Date: February 2006

Title: The EU mission in Aceh: implementing peace
Authors: Pierre-Antoine Braud, Giovanni Grevi
Date: December 2005

Title: The EU in Moldova - settling conflicts in the neighbourhood
Authors: Nicu Popescu
Date: October 2005

Title: International terrorism: the changing threat and the EU's response
Authors: Paul Wilkinson
Date: October 2005

Title: The question of Serbia
Authors: Judy Batt
Date: August 2005

Title: Promoting security sector governance in the EU's neighbourhood
Authors: Heiner Hänggi, Fred Tanner
Date: July 2005

Title: The European Union and the United Nations Partners in Effective Multilateralism
Authors: Sven Biscop, Tânia Felício, Francesco Francioni, Kennedy Graham, Jean-Marie Guéhenno, Jeffrey Laurenti, Thierry Tardy
Date: June 2005

Title: The democratic legitimacy of European Security and Defence Policy
Authors: Wolfgang Wagner
Date: April 2005

Title: Effective non-proliferation -- The European Union and the 2005 NPT Review Conference
Authors: Darryl Howlett, Harald Muller, ed. Schmitt, John Simpson, Bruno Tertrais
Date: April 2005

Title: Information security: A new challenge for the EU
Authors: Alain Esterle, Hanno Ranck, ed. Schmitt
Date: March 2005

Title: EU security and defence - Core documents 2004
Date: February 2005

Title: What Russia sees
Authors: Dmitry Danilov, Sergei Karaganov, Dov Lynch, Alexey Pushkov, Dmitri Trenin, Andrei Zagorski
Date: January 2005

Title: From America's protégé to constructive European. Polish security policy in the twenty-first century
Authors: Marcin Zaborowski
Date: December 2004

Title: Global views on the European Union
Authors: Amitav Acharya, Marcel F. Biato, Babacar Diallo, Francisco E. González, Toshiya Hoshino, Terence O'Brien, Gerrit Olivier, Yi Wang
Date: November 2004

Title: The Western Balkans: moving on
Authors: Franz-Lothar Altmann, Judy Batt, Marcus Cox, Babacar Diallo, Misha Glenny, Gerald Knaus, Stefan Lehne, Jacques Rupnik, Ivan Vejvoda, Romana Vlahutin
Date: October 2004

Title: EU enlargement and armaments. Defence industries and markets of the Visegrad countries
Authors: Timo Behr, Burkard Schmidt (ed), Albane Siwiecki
Date: September 2004

Title: Protecting the European Homeland — the CBR Dimension
Authors: Gustav Lindstrom
Date: July 2004

Title: Europe's next shore: the Black Sea region after EU enlargement
Authors: Mustafa Aydin
Date: June 2004

Title: Rethinking the Euro–Mediterranean political and security dialogue
Authors: Rosa Balfour
Date: May 2004

Title: Crisis management in sub–Saharan Africa. The role of the European Union
Authors: Fernando Faria
Date: May 2004

Title: For our eyes only? Shaping an intelligence community within the EU
Authors: Bjorn Muller-Wille
Date: April 2004

Title: One year on: lessons from Iraq
Authors: Gustav Lindstrom, Burkard Schmitt
Date: March 2004

Title: The South Caucasus: a challenge for the EU
Authors: Dov Lynch
Date: December 2003

Title: Space and security policy in Europe
Authors: Stephano Silvestri
Date: December 2003

Title: From Copenhagen to Brussels – European defence: core documents, Volume IV
Authors: Antonio Missiroli
Date: December 2003

Title: Fighting proliferation--European perspectives
Authors: Gustav Lindstrom, Burkard Schmitt
Date: December 2003

Title: EU cohesion in the UN General Assembly
Authors: Paul Luif
Date: December 2003

Title: EU and Ukraine – a turning point in 2004?
Authors: Taras Kuzio
Date: November 2003

Title: Partners and neighbours: a CFSP for a wider Europe
Authors: Judy Batt, Dov Lynch, Antonio Missiroli, Martin Ortega, Dimitrios Triantaphyllou
Date: September 2003

Title: The European Union and armaments Getting a bigger bang for the Euro
Authors: Burkard Schmitt
Date: August 2003

Title: The European Union and the crisis in the Middle East
Authors: Martin Ortega
Date: July 2003

Title: EU–Russian security dimensions
Authors: Dov Lynch
Date: July 2003

Title: EU cooperative threat reduction activities in Russia
Authors: Burkard Schmitt
Date: June 2003

Title: €uros for ESDP – financing EU operations
Authors: Antonio Missiroli
Date: June 2003

Title: Russia faces Europe
Authors: Dov Lynch
Date: May 2003

Title: The Galileo satellite system and its security implications
Authors: Giovanni Gasparini, Gustav Lindström
Date: April 2003

Title: European armament cooperation Core documents
Authors: Burkard Schmitt
Date: April 2003

Title: Terrorism, proliferation: a European threat assessment
Authors: Harald Müller
Date: March 2003

Title: From Laeken to Copenhagen European defence: core documents
Authors: Jean-Yves Haine
Date: February 2003

Title: Iraq: The Transatlantic Debate
Authors: Philip H. Gordon
Date: December 2002

Title: Iraq: A European Point of View
Authors: Martin Ortega
Date: December 2002

Title: International Terrorism and Europe
Authors: Thérèse Delpech
Date: December 2002

Title: Getting There: Building Strategic Mobility Into ESDP
Authors: Katia Vlachos-Dengler
Date: November 2002

Title: What model for CFSP?
Authors: Hans-Georg Ehrhart
Date: October 2002

Title: The United States: The Empire of Force or the Force of Empire?
Authors: Pierre Hassner
Date: September 2002

Title: From Candidate to Member State: Poland and the Future of the EU
Authors: Rafal Trzaskowski
Date: September 2002

Title: Enlargement and European Defence After 11 September
Authors: Pal Dunay, Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, Jiri Sedivy
Date: June 2002

Title: Terms of Engagement
Authors: Julian Lindley-French
Date: May 2002

Title: From Nice to Laeken, European Defence: Core Documents
Authors: Maartje Rutten
Date: April 2002

Title: Bigger EU, Wider CFSP, Stronger ESDP?
Authors: Antonio Missiroli
Date: April 2002

Title: A New European Union Policy For Kaliningrad
Authors: Sander Huisman
Date: March 2002

Title: Bosnia and the transatlantic debate
Authors: Marie-Janine Calic, Sophia Clement, Nicole Gnesotto, Jane Sharp, Susan Woodward
Date: May 1998

Title: From Decoupling to Recoupling
Authors: Dmitriy Danilov
Date: April 1998

Title: Safeguarding European Competitiveness
Authors: Katia Vlachos
Date: January 1998

Title: Conflict Prevention in The Balkans
Authors: Sophia Clement
Date: December 1997

Title: The Bosnian War and the New World Order
Authors: Filippo Andreatta
Date: October 1997

Title: Sweden's Security Policy
Authors: Gustav Lindstrom
Date: October 1997

Title: European Security: The New Transnational Risks
Authors: Alessandro Politi
Date: October 1997

Title: European Public Opinion And Security Policy
Authors: Richard Sinnott
Date: July 1997

Title: Towards A European Weapons Procurement Process
Authors: Keith Hayward
Date: June 1997

Title: The Effects Of Enlargement On Bilateral Relations In Central And Eastern Europe
Authors: Pal Dunay, Oleksandr Pavliuk, Monica Wohlfeld, Wojciech Zajaczkowski
Date: June 1997

Title: The Effects Of Enlargement On Bilateral Relations In Central And Eastern Europe
Authors: Pay Dunay, Oleksandr Pavliuk, Monika Wohlfeld, Wojciech Zajaczkowski
Date: June 1997

Title: Security in Northern Africa: Ambiguity and Reality
Authors: Fernanda Faria, Alvaro Vasconcelos
Date: September 1996

Title: Europe and the Challenge of Proliferation
Authors: Yves Boyer, Christopher Carle, Paul Cornish, Joachim Krause, Harald Muller, Peter van Ham, Geoffrey Van Orden
Date: May 1996

Title: The Democratic Control Of Armed Forces
Authors: Rudolf Joo
Date: February 1996

Title: Looking into Iraq
Authors: Jean-François Daguzan, Alvaro de Vasconcelos, Andrzej Kapiszewski, Walter Posch, Martin van Bruinessen
Date: (Date Not Available)