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NATO Defense College


The NATO Defense College is the Alliance's flagship academic institution. It is here that senior officers and officials can prepare for NATO appointments of increasing responsibility and for the challenging multinational security environment facing NATO in the 21st century.

We are keenly aware of this responsibility to the Alliance and the nations of the Partnership for Peace and Mediterranean Dialogue. We endeavour to offer an array of academic courses, research projects and Outreach programmes to meet their needs.

Our core business is our Senior Course and associated shorter courses tailored to specific audiences. We concentrate on the high-level political-military issues that confront both civilian and military leadership at the Alliance and national level. We strive to promote debate, to seek consensus, and to master the skills needed to succeed in a multinational environment.

It is our aspiration to be regarded as the first choice for nations in the educational development of their senior officers and officials destined for NATO and NATO-related appointments.

Dr. Samuel GRIER
United States, NDC DEAN

Working Papers

General Working Papers

Title: Nuclear Arms Control: Implications from the Crisis in Ukraine
Authors: Dániel Bartha, Anna Peczeli
Date: February 2015

Title: NATO's Very High Readiness Joint Task Force - Can the VJTF give new élan to the NATO Response Force?
Authors: Jan Abts
Date: February 2015

Title: Player at the sidelines - NATO and the fight against ISIL
Authors: Andreas Jacovs; Jean-Loup Samaan
Date: December 2014

Title: Russia's Hybrid Warfare -Waging War below the Radar of Traditional Collective Defence
Authors: Heidi Reisinger, Aleksandr Golts
Date: November 2014

Title: Operational Green - Enhancing NATO's Energy Supply Security
Authors: Jonathan Bitoun
Date: November 2014

Title: The "Home Game" - Countering Violent Extremism within NATO
Authors: Jacqueline Page
Date: September 2014

Title: Semantics Matter - NATO, Cyberspace and Future Threats
Authors: Christine Hegenbart
Date: July 2014

Title: "Resetting" AU-NATO relations: from ad hoc military-technical cooperation to strategic partnership
Authors: Mehari Taddele Maru
Date: June 2014

Title: NORDEFCO and NATO: "Smart Defence" in the North?
Authors: Ann-Sofie Dahl
Date: May 2014

Title: From the Gulf of Aden to the Gulf of Guinea: A New Maritime Mission for NATO?
Authors: Brooke Smith-Windsor, José Francisco Pavia
Date: January 2014

Title: Send the Reserve! New Ways to Support NATO through Reserve Forces
Authors: Guillaume Lasconjarias
Date: November 2013

Title: Not only "Containerspotting" - NATO's Redeployment from Landlocked Afghanistan
Authors: Heidi Reisinger
Date: October 2013

Title: NATO's 2014 Summit Agenda
Authors: Karl-Heinz Kamp
Date: September 2013

Title: Germany Is More Than Europe Can Handle: Or, Why NATO Remains a Pacifier
Authors: Sten Rynning
Date: September 2013

Title: NATO and the Arab League: The Importance of Being Earnest
Authors: Mona El-Kouedi
Date: June 2013

Title: NATO's Partnerships After 2014: Go West!
Authors: Karl-Heinz Kamp, Heidi Reisinger
Date: May 2013

Title: NATO and Japan as Multifaceted Partners
Authors: Michito Tsuruoka
Date: April 2013

Title: AU-NATO Collaboration: Implications and Prospects
Authors: Adesoji Adeniyi, Bola A. Akinterinwa, Sally Khalifa Isaac, James Marcus Bridger, Christopher Coker, Christopher L. Daniels, Solomon Ayele Dersso, Kumbirai Hodzi, Christian Kabati, Markus Kaim, Mehari Taddele Maru; Kay Mathews, Alexander Moens, J. Shola Omotola, José Francisco Pavia, Jimmy Peterson, Kai Schaefer, Brooke Smith-Windsor
Date: February 2013

Title: The Broader Context of NATO's Nuclear Policy and Posture
Authors: Michael Ruhle
Date: January 2013

Title: Can NATO Find a Role for Itself vis-à-vis China?
Authors: James Boutilier
Date: December 2012

Title: Emerging Security Challenges: A Glue for NATO and Partners?
Authors: Ioanna-Nikoletta Zyga
Date: November 2012

Title: Romney vs. Obama: what the Atlantic Alliance can expect from the next U.S. President
Authors: Patrick Keller
Date: October 2012

Title: NATO in the Gulf: Partnership Without a Cause?
Authors: Jean-loup Samaan
Date: October 2012

Title: NATO Enlargement Reloaded
Authors: Karl-Heinz Kamp
Date: September 2012

Title: After Combat, the Perils of Partnership: NATO and Afghanistan beyond 2014
Authors: Sten Rynning
Date: July 2012

Title: The Challenge of Social Media in Security Policy Institutions: A Note of Caution
Authors: Mario Masdea
Date: June 2012

Title: How to get out of Afghanistan: NATO's withdrawal through Central Asia
Authors: Heidi Reisinger
Date: June 2012

Title: Policy making in 140 characters or less: NATO and social media
Authors: Lucy Leiderman
Date: May 2012

Title: Beyond Afghanistan, NATO's Global Partnerships in the Asia-Pacific
Authors: Benjamin Schreer
Date: April 2012

Title: Who Gives the Orders in the New Russian Military?
Authors: Keir Giles
Date: March 2012

Title: Smart Defense: A Critical Appraisal
Authors: Jakob Henius, Jacopo Leone MacDonald
Date: March 2012

Title: The Transatlantic Bargain
Authors: Robert E. Hunter, Karl-Heinz Kamp, Mark D. Ducasse, Lawrence S. Kaplan, Diego A. Ruiz Palmer, Karl Kaiser, John Ikenberry, Wallace J. Thies, Michael Ruhle, Sean Kay, Stanley R. Sloan Rob de Wijk, Charles L. Barry
Date: February 2012

Title: NATO - India: Prospects of a Partnership
Authors: Robert Helbig
Date: February 2012

Title: The day after Iran goes nuclear: Implications for NATO
Authors: Jean-loup Samaan
Date: January 2012

Title: Russia's strategies in Afghanistan and their consequences for NATO
Authors: Marlène Laruelle
Date: November 2011

Title: Planning Ahead for a Peacekeeping Mission on the Golan Heights: a Role for NATO?
Authors: Celine Touboul
Date: September 2011

Title: NATO's Nuclear Posture Review: Nuclear Sharing Instead of Nuclear Stationing
Authors: Karl-Heinz Kamp
Date: May 2011

Title: NATO's Fight Against Terrorism: Where Do We stand?
Authors: Claudia Bernasconi
Date: April 2011

Title: Building a new military? The NATO Training Mission-Iraq
Authors: Florence Gaub
Date: April 2011

Title: NATO and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) security: Prospects for Burden Sharing
Authors: Sally Khalifa Isaac
Date: March 2011

Title: How to revitalize the dialogue between NATO and the Maghreb countries?
Authors: Pierre Razoux
Date: December 2010

Title: Cyber war and cyber power: Issues for NATO doctrine
Authors: Jeffrey Hunker
Date: November 2010

Title: NATO's Nuclear Weapons in Europe: Beyond "Yes" or "No"
Authors: Karl-Heinz Kamp
Date: September 2010

Title: Missile Defense: Challenges and Opportunities for NATO
Authors: Stephan Fruhling Svenja Sinjen;
Date: July 2010

Title: The Moscow metro bombings and terrorism in Russia
Authors: Andrew Monaghan
Date: June 2010

Title: NATO: peacekeeping in the Holy Land? A feasibility study
Authors: Florence Gaub
Date: March 2010

Title: Piracy - threat or nuisance?
Authors: Alessandro Schieffler
Date: February 2010

Title: Taking Stock of NATO's Response Force
Authors: Jens Ringsmose
Date: January 2010

Title: Counterinsurgency: the challenge for NATO strategy and operations
Authors: Christopher M. Schnaubelt
Date: November 2009

Title: An assessment of crime related risks in the Sahel
Authors: Laurence Ammour
Date: November 2009

Title: NATO and the Economic and Financial Crisis
Authors: Keith Hartley, Binyam Solomon
Date: October 2009

Title: Securing the Commons: Towards NATO's New Maritime Strategy
Authors: Brooke Smith-Windsor
Date: September 2009

Title: NATO and the new US "Af-Pak" Strategy
Authors: Christopher M. Schnaubelt
Date: September 2009

Title: Arguing Afghanistan: what the detractors of NATO's mission get wrong
Authors: Patrick Keller
Date: September 2009

Title: State-building and the rule of law: lessons from Afghanistan?
Authors: Sari Kouvo
Date: March 2009

Title: Towards cooperation or confrontation? Security in the High North
Authors: Sven G. HoltSmark
Date: February 2009

Title: Obstacles to FYROM's membership of NATO: a tougher agenda than expected
Authors: Zoran Kosanic
Date: February 2009

Title: The keys to understanding the Israel–Russia
Authors: Pierre Razoux
Date: November 2008

Title: Reinventing NATO´s Public Diplomacy
Authors: Stefanie BABST
Date: November 2008

Title: Barack Obama's foreign policy what can NATO expect from the next U.S. President?
Authors: Patrick Keller
Date: November 2008

Title: What NATO can learn from "the surge" in Iraq
Authors: Christopher M. Schnaubelt
Date: October 2008

Title: NATO and the challenge of non-lethal weapons
Authors: Cees M. Coops
Date: September 2008

Title: HASTEN SLOWLY: NATO's Effects Based and Comprehensive Approach to Operations
Authors: Brooke Smith-Windsor
Date: July 2008

Title: After the Summit: Long-Term Consequences for NATO
Authors: Karl-Heinz Kamp
Date: June 2008

Title: Energy Security: NATO’s Limited, Complementary Role
Authors: Andrew Monaghan
Date: May 2008

Title: The NATO Mediterranean Dialogue at a crossroads
Authors: Pierre Razoux
Date: April 2008

Title: An interview with General James L. Jones, USMC, Retired, Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), 2003-2006
Authors: David S. Yost
Date: January 2008

Title: NATO and 21st Century War
Authors: Samuel Grier
Date: October 2007

Title: Cultural Challenges in Military Operations
Authors: Cees M. Coops, Tibor Szvircsev Tresch
Date: October 2007

Title: L'operation Active Endeavour et son impact sur le Dialogue méditerranéen de l'OTAN
Authors: Rachid El Houdaïgui
Date: June 2007

Title: NATO and the Future of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
Authors: Joseph F. Pilat, David S. Yost
Date: May 2007

Title: Divergences entre Israël et les pays européens de l'OTAN sur la sécurité durable de l'Etat d'Israël
Authors: Ilan Greilsammer
Date: January 2007

Title: Sécurité et stabilité dans le Sahel africain
Authors: Medi Taje
Date: December 2006

Title: Russia's Quest for Strategic Identity
Authors: Stanislav Secrieru
Date: November 2006

Title: Defense Reform and the Russian Navy
Authors: Yuri Krupnov
Date: October 2006

Title: A Roadmap for Ukraine’s Integration into Transatlantic Structures
Authors: Oksana Kozlovska
Date: June 2006

Title: NATO-EU Cooperation in Post-Conflict Reconstruction
Authors: Alec Aalto, Christopher Alexander, Mihai Carp, Bernard Carreau, Jean Dufourcq, Karen Guttieri, Zalmai Haquani, Birgitte Juul, Eikka Kosonen, Chris Morffew, Natalino Ronziti, David Yost, Richard Zink
Date: May 2006

Title: Le Maghreb stratégique
Authors: Fouad Ammor, Laurence Ammour, Ferdaous Ben Sassi, Mohamed Ould Haless, Mehid Taje
Date: April 2006

Title: Integrative Processes in the South Caucasus and their Security Implications
Authors: Leila Alieva
Date: March 2006

Title: Promoting Sustainable Security
Authors: Laure Borgomano-Loup (ed), Jean Dufourcq (ed)
Date: February 2006

Title: The Role of the Wider Black Sea Area in a Future European Security Space, Volume 2
Authors: Jean Dufourcq (ed), Lionel Ponsard (ed)
Date: December 2005

Title: The Role of the Wider Black Sea Area in a Future European Security Space, Volume 1
Authors: Jean Dufourcq (ed), Lionel Ponsard (ed)
Date: December 2005

Title: Security Strategies and their Implications for NATO's Strategic Concept
Authors: Jean Dufourcq (ed), Carlo Masala (ed)
Date: November 2005

Title: When Suicide Bombing Reaches the Tipping Point
Authors: Sam Grier
Date: October 2005

Title: Deactivating War: How Societies Demobilise after Armed Conflict
Authors: Natalia Springer
Date: (Date Not Available)

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Title: The "Home Game" Counting Violent Extremism within NATO
Authors: Jacqueline Page
Date: September 2014

Title: Five Long-Term Challenges for NATO beyond the Ukraine Crisis
Authors: Karl-Heinz Kamp
Date: July 2014

Title: NATO Enlargement and Russia: Die-Hard Myths and Real Dilemmas
Authors: Michael RÜHLE
Date: May 2014

Title: Cold War Déjà Vu? NATO, Russia and the Ukraine Crisis
Authors: Roger McDermott, Heidi Reisinger, Brooke Smith-Windsor
Date: March 2014

Title: Ukraine's Euromaidan: Questions from the (R)evolution
Authors: Hanna SHELEST
Date: February 2014

Title: Does Russia Matter? Purely Political Relations Are Not Enough in Operational Times
Authors: Heidi Reisinger
Date: February 2014

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