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CIAO DATE: 05/2008

NATO and the Future of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

Joseph F. Pilat, David S. Yost

May 2007

NATO Defense College


The Editors would like to express their deep appreciation to the co-sponsors of the workshop on which this volume is based: the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the NATO Defense College in Rome.

At the Los Alamos National Laboratory, particular thanks are owed to the Laboratory’s Director, Michael R. Anastasio; the Principal Associate Director – Weapons Programs, Glenn L. Mara; and the Director of the National Security Office, Paul C. White.

At the NATO Defense College, the host of the workshop, particular appreciation is expressed to the Commandant, Lieutenant General Marc Vankiersbilck; the Dean, Dr. Samuel Grier; the Director of Academic Planning and Policy, Brigadier General Dr. Klaus Wittmann; the Chief of the Academic Research Branch, Rear Admiral Jean Dufourcq; and the staff members who ensured the positive functioning of all the practical aspects of the workshop, Maria Di Martino and Veronika Necasova.

Finally, the Editors would like to thank warmly Laurence Ammour, who gave them great assistance in preparing this collection of papers for publication.