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U.S. Policy and Iraq


U.S. Policy and Iraq

The following pieces examine contentious issues regarding Iraq. Analysts consider the wisdom of attacking and occupying Iraq, the makeup of the new Iraqi government and the drafting of a new constitution, the effects of the occupation on the region and the world, the tactics and numbers of both Coalition troops and the insurgents they are fighting, and the future of the region.

Iraq after the Surge I: The New Sunni Landscape
International Crisis Group, April 2008

Iraq after the Surge II: The Need for a New Political Strategy
International Crisis Group, April 2008

Learning the Right Lessons from Iraq
Benjamin Friedman
Cato Institute, February 2008

Iraq: Politics Unfrozen, Direction Still Unclear
Kelly Campbell

United States Institute of Peace, January 2008

After the Surge: The Case for U.S. Military Disengagement from Iraq
Steven Simon
Council on Foreign Relations, September 2007

Selected Bibliography on the Iraq War
Dan Caldwell
September 2007
Distinguished Professor of Political Science
Pepperdine University

Iraq and the Gulf States: The Balance of Fear
Jon B. Alterman
United States Institute of Peace, August 2007

Iraq: "The Wrong War at the Wrong Time with the Wrong Strategy"
By Dan Caldwell
August 2007
Distinguished Professor of Political Science
Pepperdine University

Why Iraq Partitioned Itself
Chaim Kaufmann
August 2007
Associate Professor, Department of International Relations,
Lehigh University

Iraq and the Global War on Terrorism
Daniel Byman
July 2007
Director of the Center for Peace and Security Studies
at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service
and a Senior Fellow at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution

A Diplomatic Offensive for Iraq
Carlos Pascual, Larry Diamond
The Brookings Institution, June 2007

Escaping the Trap: Why the United States Must Leave Iraq
Ted Galen Carpenter
Cato Institute, February 2007

After Zarqawi: The Dilemmas and Future of Al Qaeda in Iraq
Brian Fishman
The Washington Quarterly, Autumn 2006

Is the Media Being Fair in Iraq?
Michael O’Hanlon and Nina Kamp
The Washington Quarterly, Autumn 2006

Jordan and Iraq: Between Cooperation and Crisis
Scott Lasensky
United States Institute of Peace, November 2006

The Confused Security Situation in Iraq: Some Less Publicized Units
Cecile Zwiebach
Washington Institute for Near East Policy, August 2006

Iraq’s Muqtada Al-Sadr: Spoiler or Stabiliser?
International Crisis Group, July 2006

Sistani, the United States and Politics in Iraq. From Quietism to Machiavellianism?
Reidar Visser
Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, May 2006

The Economic Costs of the Iraq War: An Appraisal Three Years after the Beginning of the Conflict
Linda Bilmes, Joseph Stiglitz
KSG Faculty Research Paper Series, February 2006

Was Iraq a Fool's Errand?
By Tony Smith and Larry Diamond
Foreign Affairs, November/December 2004
This letter to Larry Diamond and his response demonstrates views from both sides of the controversy surrounding the conflict in Iraq.

Post-Election Iraq: Facing the Constitutional Challenge
Nathan J. Brown
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Democracy and Rule of Law Project, February 2005
This article details many of the problems Iraq will face in successfully drafting a constitution.

A Way Out of the Mesopotamian Morass? The Case for a Partitioned Iraq
Ivan Eland
Independent Institute Working Paper Number 55 October 13.
This working paper suggests that the Bush administration is on an untenable course in Iraq. It suggests partitioning the country as the only way to avoid civil war and chaos.

Iraq: Musings on Accomplishing the Mission
Curtis F. Jones
American Diplomacy, Volume X, Number 1, 2005
In this appreciation of a problem currently plaguing the foreign policy establishment in Washington, a retired senior U. S. diplomat gives briefly his estimate of the situation. An expert in Middle East affairs, he draws conclusions, set in historical perspective, on what the end game in Iraq may turn out to be.

Observations on U.S. Strategies in the Persian Gulf Region, 1941-2005: From the Atlantic Charter, the Twin Pillars and Dual Containment, to the "Axis of Evil" and Beyond
Christopher D. O'Sullivan
Columbia International Affairs Online, January 2005
The author of this working paper discusses the history of US engagement in the Persian Gulf region. Additionally, the Bush administration's intentions towards Iran are analyzed.

The Shi'ites and the Future of Iraq
By Yitzhak Nakash
Foreign Affairs, July/August 2003
This Foreign Affairs article looks at the Iraqi Shi'ite community's involvement in the new government from a historical perspective.

Is the Iraq war sapping America's military power? Cautionary data and perspectives
Carl Conetta, Charles Knight, Melissa Murphy
Project on Defense Alternatives, October 2004
This paper analyzes several data sets quantifying the stress of recent operations on the US military.

Establishing a Stable Democratic Constitutional Structure in Iraq: Some Basic Considerations
Public International Law & Policy Group and The Century Foundation, May 2003
This extensive report details many of the problems and issues surrounding the drafting of an Iraqi constitution and the founding of a democratic Iraqi government.

The Inevitability of the War on Iraq and Its Contradictory Security Outcomes
Peter Agha
International Issues, Volume 13, Number 3, 2004
This article argues that the war in Iraq was both inevitable and urgent. Despite the many mistakes that have been made in the conduct of the war and subsequent occupation, the net effect of the war on the Middle East in general may be a positive one.

Information Wars: Are the Iraqis Getting the Message?
Bill Putnam
Strategic Insights, Volume III, Issue 12 (December 2004)
This brief article discusses Arab and Iraqi media and factors shaping public opinion in Iraq and the Arab world.

Observations on Local Insurgents and Foreign Fighters in Iraq: an Interview with Mark Edmond Clark
Mark Edmond Clark
Interviewed by Columbia International Affairs Online May, 2005
This discussion focuses on the tactics of Iraqi insurgents, and possible ways to combat them.