U.S.-Mexico: Sharing Trade, Borders


U.S.-Mexico: Sharing Trade, Borders

The readings below highlight the U.S.-Mexico relationship, including the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), drug trafficking and immigration. Analysts predict the future and make recommendations for Mexico's development and for U.S.-Mexico border management. Links to outside sources are provided.


Selling Globalization. The Myth of the Global Economy
Chapter 4. Currency Crises
Michael Veseth
The fourth chapter of Selling Globalization gives a detailed account of the Peso Crisis and discusses the theory behind the collapse.

Rethinking the Line: Transforming Border Management Along the U.S.-Mexico Border
Stephen E. Flynn
Council on Foreign Relations, Study Group on Border Control in an Era of Global Economic Integration
Issues in border management, including trade, crime, and migration, are discussed in this article from the Council on Foreign Relations.

Mexico and the WTO: A Regional Player in Multilateral Trade Negotiations
Antonio Ortiz Mena
Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE), Working Paper March 2003
This extensive working paper assesses the impact of the Uruguay Round Agreements of multilateral trade negotiation (MTN) on Mexico and discusses the priorities of business and government for the following rounds of MTNs.

Drug Trafficking in US-Mexican Relations: The Politics of Simulation
Jorge Chabat
Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE), Working Paper 2000
This working paper discusses the faults in current US-Mexico anti-narcotics trafficking policies. It suggests that the Mexican and U.S. Governments are trapped in the current anti-drug strategy, which causes high levels of violence and corruption in Mexican territory, and that this strategy cannot be changed because it responds to pressures exercised by American public opinion.

Mexico—The Sick Man of NAFTA
Christian Stracke
World Policy Journal, Volume XX, Number 2, Summer 2003
This article details many of the reasons for the lack of significant GDP and productivity growth in Mexico since the incorporation of NAFTA. Prescriptions for reform are also suggested.

The Forgotten Relationship
Jorge G. Castaneda
Foreign Affairs May/June 2003
This article written by Mexico's Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2000-2003 discusses many aspects of the relationship between the US, Mexico, and the rest of Latin America.

Slavery Without Borders: Human Trafficking in the U.S. -Mexican Context
David Shirk, Alexandra Webber
HEMISPHERE FOCUS Volume XII, Issue 5 January 23, 2004
This report details the extent and nature of the human trafficking problem between the US and Mexico. It also discusses the progress of efforts to end human trafficking between the two countries.