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CIAO DATE: 05/2008

Clash of Identities: Explorations in Israeli and Palestinian Societies

Baruch Kimmerling

January 2008

Columbia University Press


  1. A Model for Analyzing Reciprocal Relations Between the Jewish and Arab Communities in Mandatory Palestine 1

  2. Collective Identity as Agency and Structuration of Society: The Israeli Example with Dahlia Moore 25

  3. The Formation Process of Palestinian Collective Identities: The Ottoman and Colonial Periods 58

  4. Between Primordial and Civil Definitions of the Collective Identity: Eretz Israel or the State of Israel? 85

  5. State Building, State Autonomy, and the Identity of Society: The Case of the Israeli State 104

  6. Patterns of Militarism in Israel 132

  7. The Social Construction of Israel’s National Security 154

  8. Jurisdiction in an Immigrant-Settler Society: The Jewish and Democratic State 179

  9. Exchanging Territories for Peace: A Macrosociological Approach 199

  10. Nationalism, Identity, and Citizenship: An Epilogue to the Yehoshua-Shammas Controversy: A Non-Platontic Dialogue 222

  11. The Power-Oriented Settlement: PLO-Israel: The Road to the Oslo Agreement and Back? 235

  12.  Politicide: Ariel Sharon’s Legacy and the Palestinians 256

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