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Founded in 1817, the New York Academy of Sciences is the third oldest scientific organization in America and one of New York City's oldest and most enduring cultural institutions. The Academy is an independent, nonprofit organization with nearly 50,000 members in more than 160 countries united by a commitment to promoting science and technology and their essential roles in fostering social and economic development.

In service to science, the Academy facilitates communication among scientists, physicians, policy makers, government officers, educators, and journalists from around the world through its interdisciplinary conferences and section meetings and diverse publications. In service to society, Academy Programs draw upon the foremost experts and the most current information about advances in science and technology to inform analysis and discussion of public policy issues, to promote precollege education, and to foster the human rights of scientists.

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Working Papers

Title: Reproductive Health: New Directions and New Technologies
Authors: Margaret Catley-Carlson, Michael E. Kafrissen, Rodney W. Nichols, Susan U. Raymond, Allan Rosenfield
Date: September 1998

Title: Science, Technology, and the Law
Authors: Ronald Bailey, Kenneth Dam, George Ehrlich, Kenneth R. Foster, Peter Huber, Alex Kozinski, Debra Miller, Rodney W. Nichols, Alan Charles Raul, Susan Raymond
Date: August 1998

Title: Global Research Collaboration and Technological Competition
Authors: Susan U. Raymond
Date: June 1998

Title: Science and Technology for African Development: Partnerships in a Global Economy
Authors: Stephen Chandiwana, Pieter J.D. Drenth, Jacques Gaillard, Soodursun Jugessur, Iba Kone, Susan U. Raymond, Clive Shiff, D. N. Tarpeh, Roland Waast
Date: March 1998

Title: Technology and Arms Control for Weapons of Mass Destruction
Authors: Richard Danzig, John D. Holum, Joshua Lederberg, Stephen S. Morse, Rodney W. Nichols, Susan U. Raymond
Date: January 1998

Title: Scientific Cooperation and Conflict Resolution
Authors: Hana Bar-On, Alexander Keynan, Alan McDonald, John R. Redick, JP Perry Robison, Dani Shoham, Kathlin Smith, Richard P. Suttmeier, Gregory van der Vink, Iddo Wernick, Paulo Wrobel
Date: January 1998

Title: Health Challenges for the 21st Century
Authors: Margaret Hamburg, Joshua Lederberg, Stephen Morse, Philip R. Reilly, Timothy Wirth
Date: February 1997

Title: Global Cooperation in Science, Engineering, and Medicine
Authors: Rodney Nichols, Susan Raymond
Date: February 1996

Title: Global Cooperation in Science, Engineering, and Medicine
Authors: Arima Akito, Jorge Allende, Jesse Ausubel, Edward Ayensu, D. Allan Bromley, Guillermo Cardoza, Praveen Chaudhari, Umberto Colombo, Yuri Gleba, Mark Horn, Coe Ishimoto, Geraldine Kenney-Wallace, Young Gul Kim, Rodney Nichols, Jan Nilsson, Geoffrey Oldham, R. K. Pachauri, William Padolina, Kenneth Prewitt, Susan Raymond, Heinz Riesenhuber, Zehev Tadmor, Greg Tegart, Raimundo Villegas, Diana Wolff-Albers
Date: November 1995