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The Weatherhead Center for International Affairs is an autonomous component of Harvard University's Faculty of Arts and Sciences. It is structured to encourage the highest practical level of personal and intellectual interaction among a diverse community of scholars and practitioners. The Center is distinctive in its recognition that knowledge is a product not only of individual academic research but also of vigorous, sustained intellectual dialogue among scholars and nonacademic experts. To stimulate this dialogue, the Center sponsors a wide array of seminars, research programs, workshops, and conferences.

The fruits of Center research are made available to the public policy community through books, articles, reports, seminars, and lectures, as well as through the personal participation of Center members in policy planning and decision making in governments and institutions outside the University.

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Working Papers

Title: Ratings and Regulation: A Case of an Irreversible Marriage?
Authors: Giulia Mennillo, Suryapratim Roy
Date: September 2014

Title: Problem Discovery as a Collaborative, Creative, and Method-Guided Search for the "Real Problems" as Raw Diamonds of Innovation
Authors: Gerald Steiner
Date: August 2014

Title: The Political Origins of the Africa's Economic Revival
Authors: Robert H. Bates, Steven Block
Date: April 2014

Title: Varieties of Popular Nationalism in Modern Democracies: An Inductive Approach to Comparative Research on Political Culture
Authors: Bart Bonikowski
Date: March 2013

Title: Varieties of Populism: Literature Review and Research Agenda
Authors: Noam Gidron, Bart Bonikowski
Date: February 2013

Title: Political Budget Cycles and Intergovernmental Transfers in a Dominant Party Framework: Empirical Evidence from South Africa
Authors: Verena Kroth
Date: November 2012

Title: Moral Hazard in an Economic Union: Politics, Economics, and Fiscal Gimmickry in Europe
Authors: James Alt, Lassen, David Dreyer, Joachim Wehner
Date: July 2012

Title: Does the Sun Shine Really Shine on the Financial Markets?
Authors: Manfred Fruehwirth, Leopold Sögner
Date: June 2012

Title: Socio-Psychological Motives of Socially Responsible Investors
Authors: Julia M. Puaschunder
Date: March 2012

Title: Discovering Diverse Mechanisms of Migration: The Mexico-U.S. Stream from 1970 to 2000
Authors: Filiz Garip
Date: December 2011

Title: Public Policy, Price Shocks, and Conflict: Price Shocks and Civil War in Developing Countries
Authors: Robert H. Bates
Date: November 2011

Title: The New Institutionalism and Africa
Authors: Robert H. Bates
Date: October 2011

Title: The Future of Convergence
Authors: Dani Rodrik
Date: October 2011

Title: The Impact of Migration and Remittances on Wealth Accumulation and Distribution in Rural Thailand
Authors: Filiz Garip
Date: September 2010

Title: Discovering Diverse Mechanisms of Migration: The Mexico-U.S. Stream from 1970 to 2000
Authors: Filiz Garip
Date: September 2010

Title: Israel and Palestine: Two States for Two Peoples: If Not Now, When?
Authors: Alan Berger, Harvey Cox, Herbert C. Kelman, Lenore G. Martin, Everett Mendelsohn, Augustus Richard Norton, Henry Steiner, Stephen M. Walt
Date: March 2010

Title: How Did the 2008 Economic Crisis Affect: Social and Political Solidarity in Europe?
Authors: Jennifer L. Hochschild
Date: January 2010

Title: The Successful Ghana Election of 2008 – a Convenient Myth? Ethnicity in Ghana's Elections Revisited
Authors: Heinz Jockers, Dirk Kohnert, Paul Nugent
Date: September 2009

Title: If Democracies Need Informed Voters, Why Is It Democratic to Expand Enfranchisement?
Authors: Jennifer L. Hochschild
Date: September 2009

Title: How globalization shapes individual risk perceptions and policy preferences
Authors: Stefanie Walter, Linda Maduz
Date: August 2009

Title: Five Centuries of Latin American Inequality
Authors: Jeffery Williamson
Date: August 2009

Title: Commodity Price Shocks and the Australian Economy since Federation
Authors: Sambit Bhattacharyya, Jeffery G. Williamson
Date: July 2009

Title: Who Gets Bought? Vote Buying, Turnout Buying, and Other Strategies
Authors: Jordan Gans-Morse, Sebastian Mazzuca, Simeon Nichter
Date: April 2009

Title: The Human Cost of Economic Crises
Authors: Marcus Alexander, Matthew Harding, Carlos Lamarche
Date: April 2009

Title: The Estimated Trade Effects of the Euro: Why Are They Below Those From Historical Monetary Unions Among Smaller Countries?
Authors: Jeffrey Frankel
Date: April 2009

Title: Addressing the Leakage/Competitiveness Issue in Climate Change Policy Proposals
Authors: Jeffrey A. Frankel
Date: April 2009

Title: Institutionalizing Cooperation: Public Goods Experiments in the Aftermath of Civil War
Authors: Marcus Alexander, Fotini Christia
Date: March 2009

Title: Vanishing Third World Emigrants?
Authors: Timothy J. Hatton, Jeffrey G. Williamson
Date: February 2009

Title: Ottoman De-Industrialization 1800-1913: Assessing the Shock, Its Impact and the Response
Authors: Şevket Pamuk, Jeffrey G. Williamson
Date: February 2009

Title: Increasing Migration, Diverging Communities: Changing Character of Migrant Streams in Rural Thailand
Authors: Filiz Garip
Date: February 2009

Title: Commodity Price Volatility and World Market Integration since 1700
Authors: David S. Jacks, Kevin H. O'Rourke, Jeffrey G. Williamson
Date: February 2009

Title: The Political Economy of Heterogeneous Development: Quantile Effects of Income and Education
Authors: Marcus Alexander, Matthew Harding, Carlos Lamarche
Date: January 2009

Title: Practicing Peace, Living with War: Going Upriver in Colombia
Authors: Kimberly Theidon
Date: January 2009

Title: Model Comparison and Simulation for Hierarchical Models: Analyzing Rural-Urban Migration in Thailand
Authors: Filiz Garip, Bruce Western
Date: December 2008

Title: Biofuels and Sustainable Development
Authors: William C. Clark, Michael Devereux, Henry Lee
Date: July 2008

Title: Accountability and Inequality in Single-Party Regimes: A Comparative Analysis of Vietnam and China
Authors: Regina Abrami, Edmund Malesky, Yu Zheng
Date: July 2008

Title: Remapping Inequality in Europe: The Net Effect of Regional Integration on Total Income Inequality in the European Union
Authors: Jason Beckfield
Date: June 2008

Title: Overcoming the Challenges to the Implementation of Green Chemistry
Authors: Kira J. M. Matus, Paul T. Anastas, William C. Clark, Kai Itameri-Kinter
Date: June 2008

Title: Outsourcing the Big Stick: The Consequences of Using Private Military Companies
Authors: Ulrich Petersohn
Date: June 2008

Title: The Political Economy of Agricultural Trade Interventions in Africa
Authors: Robert H. Bates
Date: May 2008

Title: Estimating the Impact of the Hajj: Religion and Tolerance in Islam's Global Gathering
Authors: David Clingingsmith, Asim Ijaz Khwaja, Michael Kremer
Date: April 2008

Title: Investment Cycles and Sovereign Debt Overhang
Authors: Mark Aguiar, Manuel Amador, Gita Gopinath
Date: February 2008

Title: Globalization and the Great Divergence: Terms of Trade Booms and Volatility in the Poor Periphery 1782-1913
Authors: Jeffrey G. Williamson
Date: February 2008

Title: Economic Aspects of the Cold War, 1962-1975
Authors: Richard N. Cooper
Date: February 2008

Title: Earning from History: Financial Markets and the Approach of World Wars
Authors: Niall Ferguson
Date: February 2008

Title: Colonial Land Tenure, Electoral Competition and Public Goods in India
Authors: Abhijit Banerjee, Lakshmi Iyer
Date: February 2008

Title: Can Exchange Rates Forecast Commodity Prices?
Authors: Yu-chin Chen, Kenneth Rogoff, Barbara Rossi
Date: February 2008

Title: The Essential Role of Pair Matching in Cluster-Randomized Experiments, Application to the Mexican Universal Health Insurance
Authors: Kosuke Imai, Gary King, Clayton Nall§
Date: January 2008

Title: Regionalization and Retrenchment: The Impact of European Integration on the Welfare State
Date: January 2008

Title: Histories of Innocence: Post-War Stories in Peru
Authors: Kimberly Theidon
Date: January 2008

Title: Toward an Uncivil Society? Contextualizing the Decline of Post-Soviet Russian Extremely Right-Wing Parties
Authors: Andreas Umland
Date: June 2002

Title: Liberal Internatioal Relations Theory: A Social Scientific Assessment
Authors: Andrew Moravcsik
Date: April 2001

Title: A Country-Driven Approach to the Phaseout of Ozone-Depleting Substances in Developing Countries
Authors: Christo Artusio, Olga Gassan-zade, Etienne Gonin, Joel Ngugi, Rasmus Rasmusson
Date: April 2001

Title: Linkage and Legalism in Institutions: Evidence From Agricultural Trade Negotiations
Authors: , Christina Davis
Date: February 2001

Title: Access Issues Under EU Regulation and Antitrust Law: The Case of Telecommunications and Internet Markets
Authors: Herbert Ungerer
Date: November 2000

Title: Multilateral Conflict Regulation (MCR): The Case of Kosovo
Authors: Carsten Giersch
Date: August 2000

Title: The Future Israeli — Palestinian Relationship
Authors: Herbert Kelman
Date: May 2000

Title: Does FDI Increase Firm Value in Emerging Markets?
Authors: Wi Saeng Kim
Date: May 2000

Title: Civil Society From Abroad: the Role of Foreign Assistance in the Democratization of Poland
Authors: Grzegorz Ekiert, Jan Kubik
Date: February 2000

Title: Ethnicity, Capital Formation, and Conflict
Authors: Richard N. Cooper
Date: December 1999

Title: A Stripped-Down Conception of Hegemony
Authors: Anthony Alexander Loh
Date: August 1999

Title: Markets, Politics, and World Food Security
Authors: Robert Paarlberg
Date: April 1999

Title: Why is there so Much Demand for Foreign Equity Capital
Authors: Yasheng Huang
Date: March 1999

Title: Key Issues in Congressional Foreign Policy Making
Authors: Doug Bereuter
Date: March 1999

Title: U.S.-Latin American Relations During the Cold War and Its Aftermath
Authors: Jorge I. Dominguez
Date: January 1999

Title: Explaining the Emergence of Human Rights Regimes
Authors: Andrew Moravcsik
Date: December 1998

Title: Does Russia Need a Currency Board?
Authors: Vladimir Kliouev
Date: December 1998

Title: Is Anybody Still a Realist?
Authors: Jeffrey Legro, Andrew Moravcsik
Date: October 1998

Title: International Capital Mobility and Monetary Politics in the U.S. Congress, 1960–1997
Authors: J. Lawrence Broz
Date: October 1998

Title: A New Statecraft? Supranational Entrepreneurs and International Cooperation
Authors: Andrew Moravcsik
Date: August 1998

Title: EMU: the Rising Challenge to the Dollar
Authors: Constantine A. Papadopoulos
Date: June 1998

Title: The Palestinian Refugee Problem and the Right of Return
Authors: Joseph Alpher, Khalil Shikaki
Date: May 1998

Title: Negotiating Economic Transitions in Liberizing Polities
Authors: Frances Hagopian
Date: May 1998

Title: Curbed Markets?
Authors: Kellee S. Tsai
Date: May 1998

Title: The State in a Changing World: A Critique of the 1997 World Development Report
Authors: Devesh Kapur
Date: February 1998

Title: Explaining Patterns of GATT/WTO Trade Complaints
Authors: Christina R. Sevilla
Date: January 1998

Title: A Treaty on Global Climate Change: Problems and Prospects
Authors: Richard N. Cooper
Date: December 1997

Title: Key Currencies After the Euro
Authors: Richard N. Cooper
Date: November 1997

Title: Conflict in Time and Space
Authors: Nathaniel. Beck, Richard. Tucker
Date: November 1997

Title: Quagmires in the Periphery: Foreign Wars and Escalating Commitment in International Conflict
Authors: Jeffrey W. Taliaferro
Date: June 1997

Title: The Origins of Hungary's 1989 Electoral Law
Authors: Kenneth Benoit, John W. Schiemann
Date: May 1997

Title: International Relations À La Carte: A New Swiss Neutrality in Europe
Authors: David S. Brackett
Date: April 1997

Title: Specifying "Interests": Japan's Claim to the Northern Territories and Its Implications for International Relations Theory
Authors: Masato Kimura, David A. Welch
Date: March 1997

Title: Multilateralism and Regional Security in Asia: The ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) and APEC's Geopolitical Value
Authors: Gary J. Smith
Date: February 1997

Title: Financial Crises in Emerging Markets: The Lessons From 1995
Authors: Jeffrey Sachs, Aaron Tornell, Andres Velasco
Date: January 1997

Title: Currency Convertibility in Transforming Economies: Was It a Mistake?
Authors: Richard N. Cooper
Date: December 1996

Title: Making Social Capital Work: A Review of Robert Putnam's Making Democracy Work: Civit Traditions in Modern Italy
Authors: Carles Boix, Daniel N. Posner
Date: June 1996

Title: The Uruguay Round and Agriculture: International Path to Domestic Policy Reform?
Authors: Robert L. Paarlberg
Date: January 1996