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Asia-Pacific Research Center


The Asia/Pacific Research Center (A/PARC) at Stanford University is dedicated to the study of key economic, political, and security issues in the region. A/PARC is comprised of Stanford faculty and graduate students working in close collaboration with scholars and distinguished leaders from the Asia Pacific region. The Center operates under the auspices of Stanford’s Institute for International Studies, and its work is concentrated in three critical areas: research, education and training, and public outreach.

The 85 faculty fellows and graduate students affiliated with A/PARC come from a diverse mix of disciplines—economics, political science, anthropology, history, engineering, chemistry, medicine, law, and business. This interdisciplinary expertise creates intellectual ferment and gives breadth and analytical depth to the Center’s work on contemporary Asia.

Many members of A/PARC’s faculty have held high-level posts in government and business. With their extensive experiences in both the public and private sectors, the Center faculty bring mature judgment and practical insight to bear on issues of strategic concern.

Working Papers

Title: The Next Epoch in Cloud Computing: Implications for Integrated Research and Innovation Strategy
Authors: Kenji E. Kushida, Jonathan Murray, Patrick Scaglia, John Zysman
Date: September 2014

Title: Countering Sanctions: The Unequal Geographic Impact of Economic Sanctions in North Korea
Authors: Yong Suk Lee
Date: September 2014

Title: Strategies and Public Propositions in Games of Institutional Change, Comparative Historical Cases
Authors: Masahiko Aoki
Date: June 2014

Title: Implementing Structural Reforms in Abenomics: How to Reduce the Cost of Doing Business in Japan
Authors: Jamal Ibrahim Haidar, Takeo Hoshi
Date: June 2014

Title: People with Disabilities in a Changing North Korea
Authors: Katharina Zellweger
Date: January 2014

Title: Patient Copayments, Provider Incentives and Income Effects: Theory and Evidence from China's Essential Medications List Policy
Authors: Brian K. Chen
Date: September 2013

Title: Empirical Investigation of Declining Childbirth: Psychosocial and Economic Conditions in Japan
Authors: Tetsuji Yamada, Chia-Ching Chen, Chie Hanaoka, Seiritsu Ogura
Date: August 2013

Title: The Roles of Gender and Education on the Intrahousehold Allocations of Remittances of Filipino Migrant Workers
Authors: Marjorie Pajaron
Date: July 2013

Title: The Tenth Korea-U.S. West Coast Strategic Forum
Date: June 2013

Title: Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Narrative, Analysis, and Recommendations
Authors: Kenji E. Kushida
Date: June 2013

Title: The North Korea Problem and the Necessity for South Korean Leadership
Date: March 2013

Title: Economic Research on Elderly Health and Implications for Analysis of Aging China
Authors: Jun Wang, Qiong Zhang, Ying Chen
Date: March 2013

Title: The Effects of Economic Transition on Mortality in Shanghai, China
Authors: Jiaying Zhao, Edward Jow-Ching Tu, Gui-Xiang Song, Adrian Sleigh
Date: February 2013

Title: Remittances, Informal Loans, and Assets as Risk-Coping Mechanisms: Evidence from Agricultural Households in Rural Philippines
Authors: Marjorie C. Pajaron
Date: November 2012

Title: Prevention of Chronic Noncommunicable Disease in Mongolia: A Facility-Based Qualitative Study
Authors: N. Khuderchuluun
Date: October 2012

Title: The New Demographic Transition: Most Gains in Life Expectancy Now Realized Late in Life
Authors: Karen Eggleston, Victor R. Fuchs
Date: June 2012

Title: South Korea and the Global Economy in Transition
Authors: Gi-Wook Shin (ed.), Byongwon Bahk (ed.)
Date: April 2012

Title: Emerging Infectious Disease Surveillance in Southeast Asia: Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Naval Area Medical Research Unit 2
Authors: Sophal Ear
Date: February 2012

Title: Pharmaceutical Price Regulation: Macro-Level Evidence from China between 1997 and 2008
Authors: Binzhen Wu, Qiong Zhang, Xue Qiao
Date: January 2012

Title: Health Care for 1.3 Billion: An Overview of China's Health System
Authors: Karen Eggleston
Date: January 2012

Title: Do Chinese Really Save Too Much? Aspects from Total Factor Productivity Growth in China since 1952
Authors: Chong-En Bai, Qiong Zhang
Date: December 2011

Title: Coordinations Under Large Uncertainty: An Analysis of the Fukushima Catastrophe
Authors: Masahiko Aoki, Geoffrey Rothwell
Date: October 2011

Title: The Changing Governance of Higher Education in India
Authors: Martin Carnoy, Rafiq Dossani
Date: July 2011

Title: Social Media in the Workplace
Authors: Rafiq Dossani
Date: May 2011

Title: Recalibration of the Framingham Equations in the Thai Population
Authors: Panrasri Khonputsa, JL Veerman, M Bertram, S Yamwong, P Vathesatogkit, SS Lim, T Vos
Date: April 2011

Title: Prevention and Control of Chronic Non-communicable Disease in Nine Pacific Rim Cities
Authors: Meng Kin Lin, Karen Eggleston, Kun Chen
Date: December 2010

Title: The Imbalance between Patient Needs and the Limited Competence of Top-Level Health Providers in Urban China: An Empirical Study
Authors: Qunhong Shen, Liyang Tang, Yilin Feng, Jenny Tang
Date: November 2010

Title: The Effect of Coresidence with an Adult Child on Depressive Symptoms among Older Widowed Women in South Korea: An Instrumental Variable Estimation
Authors: Young Kyung Do
Date: November 2010

Title: Perverse Incentives in the Chinese Health System and Assessment of the April 2009 Reform
Authors: Meghan Bruce
Date: October 2010

Title: Patient Preferences, Concerns, and Satisfaction with Providers before the Chinese Urban Health System Reform: A Social Groups Analysis
Authors: Qunhong Shen, Liyang Tang
Date: September 2010

Title: Longevity, Capital Formation and Economic Development
Authors: Qiong Zhang
Date: July 2010

Title: Catastrophic Payments and Impoverishment Due to Out-of-Pocket Health Spending: The Effects of Recent Health Sector Reforms in India
Authors: Soumitra Ghosh
Date: July 2010

Title: Health Expenditures in Pakistan: Cross-Checking Household Expenditure Data on Health for NHA and Adjustment with National Accounts
Authors: Christian Lorenz
Date: June 2010

Title: Understanding the Expansion and Quality of Engineering Education in India (draft)
Authors: Martin Carnoy, Rafiq Dossani, Jandhyala Tilak
Date: May 2010

Title: Strict Liability for Medical Injuries? The Impact of Increasing Malpractice Liability on Obstetrician Behavior: Evidence from Taiwan
Authors: Brian Chen
Date: May 2010

Title: Principal-Agent Problems in Health Care: Evidence from Prescribing Patterns of Private Providers in Vietnam
Date: December 2009

Title: Pandemic Influenza and the Globalization of Public Health
Authors: Qiong Zhang, Karen Eggleston, Michele Barry
Date: November 2009

Title: Striking the Right Balance: Economic Concentration and Local Government Performance in Indonesia and the Philippines
Authors: Christian von Luebke
Date: October 2009

Title: The Emerging Role of Private Health Care Provision in China
Authors: Cunrui Huang, Haocai Liang, Cordia Chu, Shannon Rutherford, Qingshan Geng
Date: September 2009

Title: Out-of-pocket household health expenditures and their use in National Health Accounts: Evidence from Pakistan
Authors: Christian Lorenz
Date: August 2009

Title: Comparing Public and Private Hospitals in China: Evidence from Guangdong
Authors: Karen Eggleston, Mingshan Lu, Congdong Li, Jian Wang, Zhe Yang, Jing Zhang
Date: April 2009

Title: The healer or the druggist: Effects of two health care policies in Taiwan on elderly patients' choice between physician and pharmacist services
Authors: Kang-Hung Chang
Date: March 2009

Title: Soft budget constraints in China: Evidence from the Guangdong hospital industry
Authors: Karen Eggleston, Yu-Chu Shen, Mingshan Lu, Congdong Li, Jian Wang, Zhe Yang, Jing Zhang
Date: March 2009

Title: Does your health care depend on how your insurer pays providers? Variation in utilization and outcomes in Thailand
Authors: Sanita Hirunrassamee, Sauwakon Ratanawijitrasin
Date: March 2009

Title: Allocation of control rights and cooperation efficiency in public-private partnerships: Theory and evidence from the Chinese pharmaceutical industry
Authors: Zhe Zhang, Ming Jia, Difang Wan
Date: March 2009

Title: Crisis and Consensus; America and ASEAN in a New Global Context
Authors: Donald K. Emmerson
Date: February 2009

Title: Aging Risk and Health Care Cost in Korea
Authors: Byong Ho Tchoe, Sang-Ho Nam
Date: February 2009

Title: The Effect of Informal Caregiving on Labor Market Outcomes in South Korea
Authors: Young Kyung Do
Date: December 2008

Title: Has the Use of Physician Gatekeepers Declined among HMOs? Evidence from the United States
Authors: Hai Fang, Hong Liu, John A. Rizzo
Date: December 2008

Title: Incentives in China's Healthcare Delivery System
Authors: Karen Eggleston
Date: October 2008

Title: The Political Economy of Successful Reform: Asian Stratagems
Authors: Dennis Arroyo
Date: June 2008

Title: Early-Stage Valuation in the Biotechnology Industry
Authors: Vinay Ranade
Date: February 2008

Title: Decision Factors Affecting Semiconductor Industry Location and the Regional Advantages of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
Authors: Kyoko Ii
Date: January 2008

Title: Bound by a Hidden Agenda: The Birth and Consequences of the Bank of Japan's Quantitative Monetary Easing
Authors: Tetsufumi Arita
Date: July 2007

Title: Investing in China’s Rural Infrastructure and Environment
Authors: Scott Rozelle
Date: April 2007

Title: Information, Incentives and Institutions: Experimenting with Private-Public Partnerships to Link the Poor with Modern Supply Chains
Authors: Marcel Fafchamps, Jikun Huang, Bart Minten, Tom Reardon, Johan Swinnen
Date: March 2007

Title: When Dragons and Kangaroos Trade: China's Rapid Economic Growth and Its Implications for China and Australia
Authors: Jikun Huang, J. Yang
Date: February 2007

Title: Water User Associations and the Evolution and Determinants of Management Reform: A Representative Look at Northern China
Authors: Jikun Huang, Qiuqiong Huang, Jinxia Wang, Lijuan Zhang
Date: February 2007

Title: Program for the Study of Biofuels, Poverty and Food Security
Authors: Kenneth Cassman, Walter Falcon, Jikun Huang, Rosamond Naylor, Mark Rosengrant, David Victor
Date: February 2007

Title: Managing Pest Resistance in Fragmented Farms: An Analysis of the Risk of Bt Cotton in China and its Zero Refuge Strategy and Beyond
Authors: Jikun Huang, Fangbin Qiao, Jim Wilen
Date: February 2007

Title: Management Reform and the Choice of Contractual Form in China
Authors: Jikin Huang, Qiuqiong Huang, Siwa Msangi, Jinxia Wang
Date: February 2007

Title: Irrigation Water Pricing Policy in China
Authors: Richard Howitt, Jikun Huang, Qiuqiong Huang, Jinxia Wang
Date: February 2007

Title: Why Did the Communist Party Reform in China, But Not in the Soviet Union? The Political Economy of Agricultural Transition
Authors: Johan Swinnen
Date: January 2007

Title: Water price policy analysis in China: an experimental approach
Authors: Jikun Huang, Qiuqiong Huang, Jinxia Wang, Jun Xia
Date: January 2007

Title: Vote of Confidence, A? Voting Protocol and Participation in China's Village Elections
Authors: Xiaopeng Pang
Date: January 2007

Title: Village Elections, Public Goods Investments and Pork Barrel Politics, Chinese-style
Authors: Jikun Huang, Renfru Luo, Linxiu Zhang
Date: January 2007

Title: The Role of Agriculture in China's Development: Past Failures, Present Successes and Future Challenges
Authors: Jikun Huang, Keijiro Otsuka
Date: January 2007

Title: Southeast Asian-Pacific Frameworks: What Do They Frame and What Work Do They Do?
Authors: Donald Emmerson
Date: October 2006

Title: Food Security in North Korea: Designing Realistic Possibilities
Authors: Randall Ireson
Date: February 2006

Title: Origins and Growth of the Software Industry in India
Authors: Rafiq Dossani
Date: September 2005

Title: What Do the Blind-sided See? Reapproaching Regionalism in Southeast Asia
Authors: Donald K. Emmerson
Date: March 2005

Title: Indian Federalism and the Conduct of Foreign Policy in Border States: State Participation and Central Accommodation since 1990
Authors: Rafiq Dossani, Srinidhi Vijaykumar
Date: March 2005

Title: Democracy, History, and Migrant Labor in South Korea
Authors: Hyun Park
Date: January 2005

Title: Prospects Brighten for Long-term Peace in South Asia
Authors: Rafiq Dossani
Date: November 2004

Title: Power Sector Reforms in India: Issues Relating to Agriculture
Authors: Rafiq Dossani
Date: March 2004

Title: Went for Cost, Stayed for Quality?: Moving the Back Office to India
Authors: Rafiq Dossani, Martin Kenney
Date: November 2003

Title: Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Urban Dynamics in Chengdu, 1975–2002
Authors: Jianming Cai, Binyi Luo, Annemarie Schneider, Karen C. Seto, Douglas Webster
Date: October 2003

Title: Emerging Third Stage Peri–Urbanization: Functional Specialization in the Hangzhou Peri–Urban Region
Authors: Jianming Cai, Binyi Luo, Larisa Muller, Douglas Webster
Date: October 2003

Title: Tax Reforms for Enhancing the Stable Development of the Chinese Financial System
Authors: Lawrence J. Lau, Guijuan Wang
Date: September 2003

Title: Farmer's Willingness to Pay for Power in India
Authors: Rafiq Dossani, V. Ranganathan
Date: July 2003

Title: The Politics of China's Shareholding System
Authors: Mary Comerford Cooper
Date: June 2003

Title: Sociological Dimensions of China’s Economic Transition: Organization, Stratification, and Social Mobility
Authors: Andrew Walder
Date: April 2003

Title: Politics and Property in Transitional Economies: A Theory of Elite Opportunity
Authors: Andrew Walder
Date: April 2003

Title: Local Governments and the Chinese Stock Market
Authors: Mary Comerford Cooper
Date: April 2003

Title: International Organizations and Democratization: Testing the Effect of GATT/WTO Membership
Authors: Mary Comerford Cooper
Date: April 2003

Title: Addressing the North Korea Nuclear Challenge
Authors: Michael H. Armacost, Daniel I. Okimoto, Gi-Wook Shin
Date: April 2003

Title: The Paradox of Korean Globalization
Authors: Gi-Wook Shin
Date: January 2003

Title: Political Office, Kinship, and Household Wealth in Rural China
Authors: Andrew Walder, Litao Zhao
Date: December 2002

Title: From Keiretsu to Startups: Japan's Push for High Tech Entrepreneurship
Authors: Henry Rowen, A. Maria Toyoda
Date: October 2002

Title: The Growth of Broadband Internet Connections in South Korea: Contributing Factors
Authors: Heejin Lee, So-Hye Lim, Kyounglim Yun
Date: September 2002

Title: Inaugural Oksenberg Lecture: The United States and China: A President's Perspective. An address by Jimmy Carter
Authors: Jimmy Carter
Date: August 2002

Title: Privatization and Elite Mobility: Rural China, 1979-1996
Authors: Andrew Walder
Date: July 2002

Title: Foreign Penetration of Japan's Investment-Banking Market: Will Japan Experience the "Wimbledon Effect"?
Authors: Nicole Pole
Date: July 2002

Title: On the Edge: Shaping the Future of Peri-urban East Asia
Authors: Douglas Webster
Date: May 2002

Title: Challenges of Peri-urbanization in the Lower Yangtze region: The Case of the Hanzhou-Ningbo Corridor
Authors: Douglas Webster
Date: May 2002

Title: Chinese and Indian Engineers and their Networks in Silicon Valley
Authors: Rafiq Dossani
Date: March 2002

Title: Cosmopolitan Cities and Nation States: Open Economics,Urban Dynamics, and Government in East Asia
Authors: Thomas P. Rohlen
Date: February 2002

Title: Creating an Environment: Developing Venture Capital in India
Authors: Rafiq Dossani, Martin Kenney
Date: May 2001

Title: Foreign Direct Investment in New Electricity Generating Capacity in Developing Asia: Stakeholders, Risks, and the Search for a New Paradigm
Authors: Robert Thomas Crow
Date: January 2001

Title: Turning Points in the Korean Space-Economy: From the Developmental State to Intercity Competition, 1953-2000
Authors: Mike Douglass
Date: October 2000

Title: Political Change in Taiwan: Implications for American Policy An address by RICHARD BUSH and Roundtable Discussion on Taiwan's Historic 2000 Elections
Authors: Katsuhiro Nakagawa
Date: October 2000

Title: The Japanese Network State in U.S. Comparison: Does Embeddedness Yield Resources and Influence?
Authors: Jeffrey Broadbent
Date: July 2000

Title: Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta: "One Country, Two Systems" in the Emerging Metropolitan Context
Authors: Thomas P. Rohlen
Date: July 2000

Title: Opening Up to the World: India's Pharmaceutical Companies Prepare for 2005
Authors: Sean Eric Smith
Date: May 2000

Title: Relating the U.S.-Korea and U.S.-Japan Alliances to Emerging Asia Pacific Multilateral Processes: An ASEAN Perspective
Authors: Pang Eng Fong, Chin Kin Wah
Date: March 2000

Title: The United States and the Republic of China, 1949-1978: Suspicious Allies
Authors: Steven M. Goldstein
Date: February 2000

Title: The Domestic Context of the Alliances: The Politics of Tokyo
Authors: Akihiko Tanaka
Date: January 2000

Title: Japanese Entrepreneurship: Can the Silicon Valley Model Be Applied to Japan?
Authors: Katsuhiro Nakagawa
Date: December 1999

Title: Assessing U.S. Bilateral Security Alliances in the Asia Pacific's "Southern Rim": Why the San Francisco System Endures
Authors: William T. Tow
Date: October 1999

Title: Accessing Venture Capital in India
Authors: Rafiq Dossani
Date: October 1999

Title: Containment by Stealth: Chinese Views of and Policies toward America's Alliances with Japan and Korea after the Cold War
Authors: Yu Bin
Date: September 1999

Title: Crisis and Aftermath: The Prospects for Institutional Change in Japan
Authors: Rafiq Dossani
Date: August 1999

Title: Catch-Up; Why Poor Countries Are Becoming Richer, Democratic, Increasingly Peaceable, and Sometimes More Dangerous
Authors: Henry S. Rowen
Date: August 1999

Title: When Realism and Liberalism Coincide: Russian Views of U.S. Alliances in Asia
Authors: Andrew C. Kuchins, Alexei V. Zagorsky
Date: July 1999

Title: Nesting the Alliances in the Emerging Context of Asia-Pacific Multilateral Processes: A U.S. Perspective
Authors: Douglas Paal
Date: July 1999

Title: Changing Relations between Party, Military, and Government in North Korea and Their Impact on Policy Direction
Authors: Jinwook Choi
Date: July 1999

Title: Adjusting America's Two Alliances in East Asia: A Japanese View
Authors: Takashi Inoguchi
Date: July 1999

Title: China and the U.S.-Japan and U.S.-Korea Alliances in a Changing Northeast Asia
Authors: Chu Shulong
Date: June 1999

Title: New Estimates of the United States - China Trade Balances
Authors: K.C. Fung, Lawrence J. Lau
Date: April 1999

Title: Seoul Domestic Policy and the Korean-American Alliance
Authors: B.C. Koh
Date: March 1999

Title: Japan-ROK Security Relations: An American Perspective
Authors: Michael J. Green
Date: March 1999

Title: The Korean-American Alliance and the "Rise of China": A Preliminary Assessment of Perceptual Changes and Strategic Choices
Authors: Jae Ho Chung
Date: February 1999

Title: Asian Alliances and American Politics
Authors: Michael H. Armacost
Date: February 1999

Title: Show of Force: The PLA and the 1995-1996 Taiwan Strait Crisis
Authors: Andrew Scobell
Date: January 1999

Title: The Yen, the Yuan, and the Asian Currency Crisis Changing Fortune between Japan and China
Authors: C.H. Kwan
Date: December 1998

Title: Variation of Clinical Judgment in Cases of Hysterectomy in R.O.C, Japan, England, and the United States
Authors: Chang-Yao Hsieh, Michael McCullough, Naohiro Mitsutake, Yumiko Nishimura, Barry Uphoff, Annie Woo
Date: October 1998

Title: Japan's China Perceptions and its Policies in the Alliance with the United States
Authors: Hideo Sato
Date: September 1998

Title: The Origins and Evolution of the Korean-American Alliance: A Japanese Perspective
Authors: Koji Murata
Date: August 1998

Title: Chinese Military Modernization and Asian Security
Authors: Michael Swaine
Date: August 1998

Title: The Origins and Evolution of the Korean-American Alliance: A Korean Perspective
Authors: Byung-joon Ahn
Date: July 1998

Title: East Asian Urbanization: Patterns, Problems, and Prospects
Authors: Mike Douglass
Date: July 1998

Title: The Origins and Evolution of the Korean-American Alliance: An American Perspective
Authors: Nancy Tucker
Date: June 1998

Title: China's Post-Deng Military Leadership: New Faces, New Trends
Authors: David Shambaugh
Date: June 1998

Title: The Korean Currency Crisis: What Can We Learn From It?
Authors: Sang-Mok Suh
Date: May 1998

Title: Security and Economic Interdependence in Northeast Asia
Authors: Mike Mochizuki
Date: May 1998

Title: Japan's Dual Identity and the U.S.-Japan Alliance
Authors: Yoshihide Soeya
Date: May 1998

Title: Against Us or with Us? The Chinese Perspective of America's Alliances with Japan and Korea
Authors: Jianwei Wang, Xinbo Wu
Date: May 1998

Title: Benefits and Burdens: The Politically Dominated Economics of U.S. Alliances with Japan and Korea
Authors: Charles Wolf, Michele Zanini
Date: April 1998

Title: The Costs and Benefits of Korean Unification
Authors: Li-gang Liu, Marcus Noland, Sherman Robinson
Date: March 1998

Title: Integration on the Basis of Strength: China's Impact on East Asian Security
Authors: Wu Xinbo
Date: February 1998

Title: China's Accession to and Implementation of International Environmental Accords 1978 - 95
Authors: Elizabeth Economy, Michel Oksenberg
Date: February 1998

Title: The Japan-America Security Alliance: Prospects for the Twenty-First Century
Authors: Daniel Okimoto
Date: January 1998

Title: Energy and Security in East Asia
Authors: Michael May
Date: January 1998

Title: Asian-Pacific Security Issues in the Post-Deng Era
Authors: William Perry
Date: November 1997

Title: Asian Futures, Naval Futures: How Do They Intersect?
Authors: Richard Danzig
Date: November 1997

Title: The Great Game on the Korean Peninsula
Authors: James Lilley
Date: October 1997

Title: Japanese Colonialism in Korea: A Comparative Perspective
Authors: Bruce Cumings
Date: October 1997

Title: China and the U.S.-Japan Alliance at a Time of Strategic Change and Shifts in the Balance of Power
Authors: Banning Garrett, Bonnie Glaser
Date: October 1997

Title: Proliferation and the U.S. Alliances in Northeast Asia
Authors: Bates Gill
Date: September 1997

Title: Future Prospects for the U.S. Defense Budget and Their Implications for Our Asian Alliance Commitments
Authors: Andrew Krepinevich
Date: August 1997

Title: U.S.-Japan Defense Guidelines: Toward a New Accommodation of Mutual Responsibility
Authors: Paul Giarra
Date: June 1997

Title: Sankin Kotai: Institutionalized Trust as the Foundation for Economic Development in the Tokugawa Era
Authors: Jennifer Amyx
Date: June 1997

Title: East Asia: Geopolitique into the Twenty-first Century-A Chinese View
Authors: Yu Bin
Date: June 1997

Title: Korea: The Achilles Heel of the U.S.-Japan Alliance
Authors: Ralph Cossa
Date: May 1997

Title: China's Foreign Economic Relations
Authors: K.C. Fung, Lawrence Lau
Date: May 1997

Title: The Syndrome of the Ever-Higher Yen, 1971-95: American Mercantile Pressure on Japanese Monetary Policy
Authors: Ronald; Ohno McKinnon
Date: December 1996

Title: The China-United States Bilateral Trade Balance: How Big Is It Really?
Authors: K.C. Fung, Lawrence Lau
Date: April 1996

Title: Managing U.S.-Relations with China
Authors: Chas Freeman
Date: April 1996

Title: A United States Policy for the Changing Realities of East Asia
Authors: Michael Armacost, Donald Emmerson, Daniel Okimoto, Michel Oksenberg, James Raphael, Thomas Rohlen, Henry Rowen
Date: January 1996

Title: East Asian Military Security Dynamics
Authors: Allen Whiting
Date: February 1995