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CIAO DATE: 05/2009

New Ideas for the London Summit: Recommendations to the G20 Leaders

Paola Subacchi, Alexei Monsarrat

March 2009

Chatham House


Attempting to resolve the international financial and economic crisis has become one of the first major tests of the transatlantic relationship since the inauguration of President Obama in January 2009. Preparations for the London Summit of G20 leaders on 2 April 2009 have revealed some important differences between the US and European approach and among EU members themselves. To explore these differences and generate ideas on how best to overcome them in the midst of the financial and economic storm, Chatham House and The Atlantic Council of the United States brought together over 80 business leaders, financial experts and academics from Washington, New York, Brussels, Geneva, London, Paris and Rome in two one-day workshops. A number of these experts were commissioned to write brief policy papers which were presented and discussed at the two workshops, held within the same week in March 2009, in Washington, DC and London. These papers form the body of the report.