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CIAO DATE: 03/2009

Iran: Breaking the Nuclear Deadlock

Richard Dalton (ed)

December 2008

Chatham House


Iran is at the heart of a range of key international policy challenges. Current US and European policies towards Iran have been largely unsuccessful and need adjustment. The political transition in the US now affords an opportunity to invigorate, refine and focus policy. This report provides essential context to understanding the Iranian issues and offers firm policy recommendations for future engagement.

The report is the product of a collaborative Chatham House project led by the Middle East and North Africa Programme which brought together researchers with expertise in a range of policy areas.

Edited by Associate Fellow Sir Richard Dalton, British Ambassador in Tehran, 2002-06, it includes contributions from Professor Ali Ansari on Iranian domestic policy; Elizabeth Wilmshurst on pre-emptive military action and international law; and Professor Paul Stevens on energy politics, among others.