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CIAO DATE: 07/2008

The European External Action Service: Roadmap for Success

Brian Crowe

May 2008

Chatham House


The only way for the UK and other EU countries to help to shape tomorrow's world is to act together within the EU. The EU currently performs inadequately in foreign policy and its arrangements, which developed informally from primitive beginnings, have not been fit for purpose. The changes to be made under the Lisbon Treaty will now give it more effective means to formulate and implement agreed common policies, and will help to generate the necessary political will among member states.

The appointment of a new High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (EUHR) who will also be chairman of the Foreign Affairs Council and Vice President (VP) of the European Commission, assisted by the proposed European External Action Service (EAS), planned for 2009, is designed to provide the EU with a more coherent foreign policy authority.

This Chatham House Report sets out ten key policy recommendations that would ensure that the EAS is the most effective possible instrument for its task.