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The International Peace Institute (IPI) formerly International Peace Academy is an independent, international institution dedicated to promoting the prevention and settlement of armed conflict between and within states through policy research and development.

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Policy Briefs

Title: Effective Governance in Challenging Environments
Authors: Mireille Affa’a Mindzie, George Mukundi Wachira, Lucy Dunderdale
Date: December 2014

Title: Peacebuilding and Postconflict Recovery: What Works and What Does Not?
Authors: Robert Muggah, Christian Altpeter
Date: July 2014

Title: Beyond Haiti: Enhancing Latin American Military and Police Contributions to UN Peacekeeping
Authors: Bianca Selway
Date: April 2014

Title: Women in Conflict Mediation: Why It Matters
Authors: Marie O’Reilly, Andrea Ó Súilleabháin
Date: September 2013

Title: The UN Intervention Brigade in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Authors: Patrick Cammaert, Fiona Blyth
Date: July 2013

Title: Peacekeeping Operations and the Durability of Peace: What Works and What Does Not?
Authors: Robert Muggah, Birger Heldt, Christian Altpeter
Date: May 2013

Title: Defense and Diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific Region: The JIDD Conference
Authors: Andrea Ó Súilleabháin
Date: May 2013

Title: Strengthening the UN Peacebuilding Commission
Authors: Andrea Ó Súilleabháin, Camilla Campisi
Date: April 2013

Title: The Relationship Between the ICC and the Security Council: Challenges and Opportunities
Authors: Till Papenfuss
Date: March 2013

Title: Disasters and Displacement: Improving Preparedness and Protection
Authors: Walter Kemp
Date: March 2013

Title: Mali and the Sahel-Sahara: From Crisis Management to Sustainable Strategy
Authors: Mireille Affa'a-Mindzie, Chris Perry
Date: February 2013

Title: New Publication: Peacekeeping Reimbursements—Key Topics for the Next COE Working Group
Authors: Bianca Selway
Date: January 2013

Title: Threats to Security in the Sahel: The Mali Crisis
Authors: Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Salah
Date: December 2012

Title: Go Long: Six Actions to Structurally Address Organized Violence
Authors: J. Brian Atwood, Erwin van Veen
Date: December 2012

Title: The Uprisings and the Future of North Africa and the Middle East: The Vienna Seminar 2012
Authors: Walter Kemp
Date: November 2012

Title: Mitigating the Consequences of Violent Conflict: What Works and What Does Not?
Authors: Robert Muggah, Birger Heldt
Date: November 2012

Title: VOICES FROM THE FIELD: Protecting Children from Conflict and Strengthening Accountability of Armed Actors
Date: September 2012

Title: Advancing the Rule of Law Agenda at the 67th General Assembly
Authors: Alberto Cutillo
Date: September 2012

Title: Busan and Beyond: Implementing the ''New Deal'' for Fragile States
Authors: Rachel Locke, Vanessa Wyeth
Date: July 2012

Title: Engaging Nonstate Armed Groups on the Protection of Children: Towards Strategic Complementarity
Authors: Jérémie Labbé, Reno Meyer
Date: April 2012

Title: Prospects for youth-led movements for political change in Pakistan
Authors: Michael Kugelman
Date: March 2012

Title: Migrants in Times of Crisis: An Emerging Protection Challenge
Authors: Jérémie Labbé, Chris Perry
Date: February 2012

Title: Issue Brief: What Army for Haiti?
Authors: Arthur Boutellis
Date: November 2011

Title: Environmental Migration: Policy Gaps and Response Strategies
Authors: Chris Perry
Date: November 2011

Title: The UN Security Council and Conflict Prevention: A Primer
Authors: Paul Romita
Date: October 2011

Title: Termites at Work: Transnational Organized Crime and State Erosion in Kenya
Authors: Peter Gastrow
Date: October 2011

Title: Know Your Enemy: An Overview of Organized Crime Threat Assessments
Authors: Mark Shaw
Date: October 2011

Title: Making UN Peacekeeping More Robust: Protecting the Mission, Persuading the Actors
Authors: Patrice Sartre
Date: August 2011

Title: Preventive Diplomacy and Mediation
Date: July 2011

Title: Renewing MONUSCO'S Mandate: What Role Beyond the Elections?
Authors: Arthur Boutellis, Guillaume Lacaille
Date: May 2011

Title: Peace Negotiations in the Philippines: The Government, the MILF and International NGOs
Authors: Claudia Hofmann
Date: May 2011

Title: What Impact? The E10 and the 2011 Security Council
Authors: Paul Romita, Naureen Chowdhury Fink, Till Papenfuss
Date: March 2011

Title: Bridge over the Dniestr: Confidence-Building Measures in Moldova
Authors: Walter Kemp
Date: February 2011

Title: A Political Storm Over the Nile
Authors: Adonia Ayebare
Date: December 2010

Title: The Sudan Referenda: What Role for International Actors?
Authors: Paul Romita
Date: November 2010

Title: Preventing Identity Conflicts Leading to Genocide and Mass Killings
Authors: I. William Zartman
Date: November 2010

Title: Issue Brief: Reaching the OSCE Summit in Astana
Authors: Walter Kemp
Date: September 2010

Title: Nuclear Energy, Nonproliferation, and Disarmament: Briefing Notes for the 2010 NPT Review Conference
Authors: François Carrel-Billiard, Christine Wing
Date: April 2010

Title: Bombs and Ballots: Terrorism, Political Violence, and Governance in Bangladesh
Authors: Naureen Chowdhury Fink
Date: February 2010

Title: Perspectives on the Peacebuilding Commission's Coordination Role
Authors: Jenna Slotin
Date: November 2009

Title: Perspectives on the Peacebuilding Commission and Mutual Accountability
Date: November 2009