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The Center on International Cooperation (CIC), an independent institute established at New York University in 1996, promotes policy research and international consultations on multilateral responses to transnational problems. Working with officials of government and intergovernmental agencies, as well as corporate and civil society leaders, the Center seeks to clarify the economic, political, legal and institutional foundations of effective international cooperation. It focuses on such diverse sectors as international justice, humanitarian assistance, development aid and international health. The Center's international and multidisciplinary staff assess current needs and financing sources and, as necessary, explore the appropriateness and feasibility of alternative sources of funding and institutional arrangements. We intend these efforts to produce practical policy recommendations and help to increase the public understanding necessary to implement and sustain essential multilateral activities.

Additional Materials from Center on International Cooperation: Working Papers

Policy Briefs

Title: A New Deal for Somalia?: The Somali Compact and its Implications for Peacebuilding
Date: July 2014

Title: The United Nations "Peacebuilding Architecture": Past, Present and Future
Authors: Sarah Hearn, Alejandra Kubitschek Bujones, Alischa Kugel
Date: May 2014

Title: Pathways to Security Council Reform
Authors: Richard Gowan, Nora Gordon
Date: May 2014

Title: A Window of Opportunity for Somalia: Will External Actors' Peacebuilding Frameworks Help or Hinder the Effort?
Authors: Sarah Hearn, Thomas Zimmerman
Date: April 2014

Title: Sustainable Development Goals – a useful outcome from Rio+20?
Authors: Alex Evans, David Steven
Date: January 2012

Title: A Memo to Ban Ki-moon
Authors: Richard Gowan, Bruce D. Jones
Date: June 2011

Title: The Obama Administration and Multilateralism: Europe Relegated
Authors: Richard Gowan
Date: February 2010

Title: The Future of Peacekeeping Operations: Fighting Political Fatigue and Overstretch
Authors: Richard Gowan
Date: April 2009

Title: Providing Aid in Insecure Environments: 2009 Update- Trends in violence against aid workers and the operational response
Authors: Abby Stoddard, Adele Harmer, Victoria DiDomenico
Date: April 2009

Title: Annual Review of Global Peace Operations 2009
Date: January 2009

Title: In Pursuit of Sustainable Peace: The Seven Deadly Sins of Mediation
Authors: Salman Ahmed, Lakhdar Brahimi
Date: May 2008

Title: From Fragility to Resilience: Concepts and Dilemmas of Statebuilding in Fragile States (Executive Summary)
Date: April 2008

Title: Annual Review of Global Peace Operations 2008
Date: March 2008

Title: Resources For Peace? Managing Revenues from Extractive Industries in Post-Conflict Environments
Authors: Philippe Le Billon
Date: February 2008

Title: Right-Financing Security Sector Reform
Authors: Peter Middlebrook, Gordon Peake
Date: January 2008

Title: The Post-Kyoto Bidding War: Bringing developing countries into the fold
Authors: Alex Evans
Date: October 2007

Title: Promoting Group Justice: Fiscal Policies in Post-Conflict Countries
Authors: Graham Brown, Alex Cobham, Frances Stewart
Date: October 2007

Title: From Beirut to Baghdad?
Authors: Richard Gowan
Date: September 2007

Title: Peacekeeping in Sudan: The Dynamics of Protection, Partnerships and Inclusive Politics
Authors: Alhaji Bah, Ian Johnstone
Date: May 2007

Title: Options for Revenue Generation in Post Conflict Environments
Authors: Michael Carnahan
Date: May 2007

Title: Discussion Paper on the High Level Panel on Threats Challenges and Change
Authors: Shepard Forman
Date: January 2005

Title: THE INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: Postconflict Reconstruction and Peacebuilding Capacities
Authors: James Boyce
Date: June 2004

Title: Peace Operations: the Civilian Dimension Accounting for UNDP and the UN Specialized Agencies
Authors: Susan Woodward
Date: June 2004

Title: Building Civilian Capacity for Conflict Management and Sustainable Peace
Authors: Shepard Forman
Date: June 2004

Title: The Cost of Doing Too Little
Date: April 2004

Title: The United States in a Global Age: The Case for Multilateral Engagement
Authors: Shepard Forman, Princetown Lyman, Stewart Patrick
Date: March 2004

Title: Good Intentions Will Not Pave The Road to Peace
Date: September 2003