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CIAO DATE: 08/2011

The MDG Project in Crisis. Midpoint Review and Prospects for the Future

Jens Martens

April 2008

Institute for Development and Peace


A sobering interim review is emerging at the MDG’s midpoint. In order to get the world back on track in achieving the Millennium Development Goals, at the invitation of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, a high-level event of governments, business and civil society is to be held in New York on 25th September 2008. This policy brief gives a concise overview of the progress and deficits in implementing the MDGs and highlights some methodological problems in the MDG concept itself. Setting out from this basis, it recommends necessary course corrections in order to successfully continue the MDG project after all. Its proposals contain clear and binding commitments on the part of the industrialised countries, linking the MDGs with the human rights-based approach, promoting functioning governance, strengthening capacities to establish and process data and re-embedding the MDGs into more comprehensive strategies of sustainable human development.