Columbia International Affairs Online: Course Packs

This collection represents new and innovative teaching methods for introductory and graduate-level international affairs courses.

Course Title

Field Seminar in International Relations (PDF, 8 pages, 51 KB)
Professor Peter Katzenstein, Cornell University
Fall 2003

Globalization And Public Policy (PDF, 6 pages, 106.2 KB)
Policy Research Paper (PDF, 2 pages, 79.9 KB)
Professor Bruce W. Jentleson, Duke University
Spring 2004

Governance Of The E-Conomy (PDF, 20 pages, 179.5 KB)
Professor Steven Weber and Professor John Zysman, UC Berkeley
Fall 2002

International Politics (PDF, 6 pages, 101.3 KB)
Professor Richard Ned Lebow, Dartmouth College
Fall 2003

New Actors In Global Policymaking (PDF, 10 pages, 101.2 KB)
Professor Thomas Callaghy, University of Pennsylvania
Fall 2003

Who Am I? The Politics Of Identity (PDF, 4 pages, 86.7 KB)
Professor Richard Ned Lebow, Dartmouth College
Summer 2003