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The Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS) is a policy research and strategic gaming organization within the National Defense University serving the U.S. Department of Defense, its components, and interagency partners. The Institute provides timely, objective analysis and gaming events to senior decision makers and supports NDU educational programs in the fields of international security and defense policy. Through an active outreach program, including conferences, international exchanges, and publications, the Institute seeks to promote wider understanding of emerging international security challenges and defense policy options.

Established by the Secretary of Defense in 1984, INSS is comprised of four components: the Research Directorate, which analyzes global and regional security trends and frames national security policy and defense strategy options for senior decision-makers; the National Strategic Gaming Center, which develops and facilitates numerous strategic-level policy exercises and experiential learning activities for senior Executive Branch officials, the military combatant commands, Members of Congress, and various NDU educational programs; the Conference Directorate, which annually organizes several major symposia and supports more than 100 other conferences, seminars, and round-tables organized by the research staff; and NDU Press, which is responsible for the editorial development and production of a range of NDU publications, as well as Joint Force Quarterly, published for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The Strategic Forum provides summaries of work by members and guests of the Institute for National Strategic Studies and the National Defense University faculty. These include reports of original research, synopses of seminars and conferences, the results of unclassified war games, and digests of remarks by distinguished speakers.

The McNair Papers are published at Fort Lesley J. McNair, home of the Institute for National Strategic Studies and the National Defense University. An Army post since 1794, the fort was given its present name in 1948 in honor of Lieutenant General Lesley James McNair. General McNair, known as "Educator of the Army" and trainer of some three million troops, was about to take command of Allied ground forces in Europe under Eisenhower, whence was killed in combat in Normandy, 25 July 1944. For information on availability of specific titles, in hard copy, contact NDU Press, Attn: NDU-NSS-PD, 300 5th Avenue, Fort Lesley J. McNair, Washington, DC 20319-5066 (telephone: (202) 685-4210).

Additional Materials from Institute for National Strategic Studies: Working Papers


Title: The Transatlantic Bargain
Authors: Mark D. Ducasse (ed)
Date: January 2012

Title: Paradox of Power: Sino American Strategic Restraint in an Age of Vulnerability
Authors: David C. Gompert, Phillip C. Saunders
Date: December 2011

Title: Policing and COIN Operations: Lessons Learned, Strategies and Future Directions
Authors: Samuel Musa, John Morgan, Matt Keegan
Date: January 2011