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Peace Operations Trends, Progress, and Prospects

Donald C. F. Daniel (ed), Patricia Taft (ed), Sharon Wiharta (ed)

July 2008

Georgetown University Press


Table of Contents

Peace Operations: Trends, Progress, and Prospects
Edited by Donald C. F. Daniel, Patricia Taft, Sharon Wiharta

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List of Acronyms

Donald C. F. Daniel and Sharon Wiharta

Part I. Macro View: Across Regions and Nations

Chapter 1
Trends from 1948-2005: How to View the Relation between the United Nations and Non-UN Entities
Birger Heldt

Chapter 2
Distinguishing Among Military Contributors
Donald C. F. Daniel, Katrin Heuel, and Benjamin Margo

Chapter 3
Why So Few Troops from among So Many?
Donald. C. F. Daniel

Chapter 4
Preparing for the Worst: Military Requirements for Hazardous Missions
Gary Anderson

Chapter 5
Preparing Nations for Peace: Specialized Requirements for Complex Missions
Patricia Taft

Part II. Micro View: Within Regions and Nations

Chapter 6
Africa: Building Institutions on the Run
Mark Malan

Chapter 7
Europe: Looking Near and Far
Bastian Giegerich

Chapter 8
Peace Support in the New Independent States: Different from the Rest?
Alexander I. Nikitin and Mark A. Loucas

Chapter 9
Latin America: Haiti and Beyond
John T. Fishel

Chapter 10
Rethinking Peace Operations in East Asia: Problems and Prospects
Mely Caballero-Anthony

Chapter 11
South Asia: Contributors of Global Significance
Dipankar Banerjee

Chapter 12
The Greater Middle East: Problems of Priorities and Agendas
Paul R. Pillar

Donald C. F. Daniel




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