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CIAO DATE: 06/2010

The Anti-Corruption Plain Language Guide

October 2009

Transparency International


Corruption and its effects are a global dilemma. From small bribes paid to police officers in Bangladesh to the holding of stolen assets by banks, the impacts from these abuses on states and citizens are the same: the undermining of the rule of law, the violation of rights, opaque institutions, lost public resources and weakened national integrity. To effectively address these problems, anti-corruption solutions need to be pursued through coordinated and deliberate action by international, national and local partners that use the same language and agree on its meaning. In response, TI has developed the first 'Anti-Corruption Plain Language Guide'. The Plain Language Guide offers a set of standardised, easy-to-understand definitions, providing readers with concrete examples in practice of how TI approaches these issues. Relevant links are also provided for further background information or research.