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CIAO DATE: 12/2011

Chinese Lessons from Other Peoples' Wars

Andrew Scobell (ed.), David Lai (ed.), Roy Kamphausen (ed.)

November 2011

The Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College


The importance of China stems not only from its current international role and its influence on the Asia-Pacific region in particular, but also because China’s impact on global developments will likely continue to grow. One of our enduring imperatives is to accurately survey China’s experiences as a means to grasp its existing perceptions, motivations, and ambitions. More than ever, solid, evidence-based evaluation of what the PLA has learned from the use of force and conflict elsewhere in the world is needed to shed light on the prospects for its cooperation, or rivalry, with the international community. This volume provides unique, valuable insights on how the PLA has applied the lessons learned from others’ military actions to its own strategic planning.