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There is a long tradition at Oxford University of study and research into many aspects of international relations, including international law and institutions, the international relations of particular regions, and the history of thought about international relations. The Centre for International Studies was established in 1992 as the coordinating body for international relations research and teaching. It occupies three rooms at the Social Studies Faculty Centre. The main focus of international relations teaching at Oxford is on graduate studies, with around 100 graduate students working for one of the four postgraduate degrees. Those teaching International Relations: Dr. Erica Benner, Dr. Martin Ceadel, Dr. Lars- Erik Cederman, Dr. Anne Deighton, Mr. John Dunbabin, Dr. Louise Fawcett, Dr. Rosemary Foot, Dr. Michael Hart, Dr. Sudhir Hazareesingh, Dr. Andrew Hurrell, Dr. Yuen Foong Khong, Professor Robert O’Neill, Professor James Piscatori, Dr. Alex Pravda, Professor Adam Roberts, Dr. Philip Robins, Professor Avi Shlaim, Dr. Andrew Wyatt- Walter, Mr. Laurence Whitehead, Dr. Ngaire Woods, and Dr. Jonathan Wright. Teaching also draws on many others both in other parts of politics and in related disciplines such as modern history, law, and economics. There are also three postdoctoral fellows specializing in onternational relations. The Director of the Centre for International Studies is Professor Neil MacFarlane. The Director of Graduate Studies in International Relations is D. Andrew Hurrell. Politics/International Relations at Oxford was awarded a top 5* rating in the national Research Assessment Exercise 1996.

Working Papers

Title: Peace Support Operations and Humanitarian Action: A Conference Report
Authors: S. Neil MacFarlane
Date: January 1998