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The National Academy of Public Administration


The National Academy of Public Administration is the preeminent organization dedicated to improving the performance of governance systems-the network of public institutions, nonprofit organizations, and private companies that share in the implementation of public policy. As an independent, nonprofit organization chartered by Congress, the Academy responds to specific requests from public agencies and non-government organizations. The Academy also promotes discourse on emerging trends in governance through its Standing Panels and with external funding.

Working Papers

Title: Measuring What Matters: Reducing Risk by Rethinking How We Evaluate Cybersecurity
Authors: Julie M. Anderson, Karen S. Evans, Franklin S. Reeder, Meghan M. Wareham
Date: March 2013

Title: Building Strong for Tomorrow: Recommendations for the Organizational Design of the NOAA Climate Service
Date: September 2010

Title: Strengthening National Defense: Countering Encroachment through Military-Community Collaboration
Date: September 2009

Title: Governance Challenges and the Financial Crisis: Seven Key Questions
Authors: Terry F. Buss, Lois Fu
Date: June 2009

Title: Building the Capacity to Address the Nation's Drug Problems
Date: November 2008

Title: Prioritizing America's Water Resources Investments: Budget Reform for Civil Works Construction Projects at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Date: February 2007

Title: Off-Shoring: New Challenges and Opportunities in an Expanding Global Economy
Date: February 2007

Title: Stabilizing and Enhancing Financial Management: An Independent Review of the ICE Financial Action Plan
Date: October 2006

Title: Off-Shoring: How Big Is It?
Date: October 2006

Title: Why Foreign Aid to Haiti Failed
Date: February 2006

Title: National Accountability Strategies for Developing Countries
Date: January 2006

Title: Technology Transfer: Bringing Innovation to NASA and the Nation
Date: November 2004

Title: Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: Reorganizing for Results
Date: September 2004

Title: Policies that increase vulnerability to corruption
Authors: Dwight Ink
Date: December 2003

Title: Mitigating HIV/AIDS' Impacts on the Civil Service and Teachers in Sub-Saharan Africa
Authors: Terry F. Buss, Mumukshu Patel, Ryan Watson
Date: December 2003

Title: Microcredit and Households Coping with HIV/AIDS: A Case Study from Zimbabwe
Authors: Carolyn Barnes
Date: December 2003

Title: Expanding and Deepening Citizen Participation Process in HUD's CDBG Program
Authors: Terry F. Buss, Marcela Tribble
Date: December 2003

Title: An Assessment of the Imapct of Microfinance Services in Uganda
Authors: Carolyn Barnes, Gayle Morris
Date: December 2003

Title: Democratizing the Middle East: Are we up to the task?
Authors: Mumukshu Patel
Date: November 2003

Title: Containing Wildland Fire Costs: Improving Equipment and Services Acquisition
Authors: Allan V. Burman, Gail Christopher, Frank Fairbanks, Patrick J. Kelly, Lyle Laverty, Keith Mulrooney, Paul Posner, Charles Wise
Date: September 2003

Title: Lifting the Winner's Curse and Avoiding Buyer's Remorse: Lessons from HR Outsourcing Experiences
Date: June 2003

Title: Post Conflict Governance: From Rubble to Reconstruction
Authors: Ryan J. Watson
Date: May 2003

Title: Protecting the Homeland: Lessons from Prior Government Reorganizations
Date: April 2003

Title: Powering the Future: High-Performance Partnerships
Authors: Camille Cates Barnett, Christine Becker, Peter Goldberg, Sandra J. Hale, Sara E. Melendez, Michael Rogers
Date: April 2003

Title: A Breath of Fresh Air: Reviving the New Source Review Program
Authors: Peter Harkness, Lisa Heinzerling, DeWitt John, Don Kettl, Howard M. Messner, Robert Terrell, Christophe Tulou, Alfred M. Zuck
Date: April 2003

Title: Modernizing Democracy
Authors: Terry F. Buss, Stevens F. Redburn
Date: March 2003

Title: Understand What States Need To Protect Water Quality
Authors: Robert C. Shinn, Jesus Garza, John J. Kirlin
Date: December 2002

Title: Strengthening Senior Leadership In the U.S. Government: Phase I Report
Authors: Ralph C. Bledsoe, Sandra J. Hale, Constance J. Horner, Patricia W. Ingraham, Gilda H. Lambert, David M. Walker
Date: December 2002

Title: Scientific Research at the Smithsonian Institution
Authors: James E. Colvard, C. William Fischer, Adam Jr. Herbert, Delores Parron, Jerry R. Schubel, Maxine Singer
Date: October 2002

Title: A Review of the Joint Base Operations and Support Contract Kennedy Space Center/45th Space Wing
Date: October 2002

Title: The Field Directorate of the Bureau of the Census
Authors: Melissa Allen, Robert M. Alloway, Kenneth S. Apfel, Alan L. Dean, Richard L. Fogel
Date: July 2002

Title: Democratizing a Post-Conflict State and Society
Authors: Mumukshu Patel
Date: July 2002

Title: Courts, Congress, And Constituencies: Managing Fisheries By Default
Authors: Mary A. Gade, Terry D. Garcia, Jonathan B. Howes, Theodore M. Schad, Susan Shipman
Date: July 2002

Title: Models For Change: Efforts By Four States To Address Environmental Justice
Authors: A. James Barnes, Jonathan Howes, Jonathan B. Howes, Valerie Lemmie, David Mora, James Murley, Philip Rutledge, Eddie Williams
Date: June 2002

Title: Citizen Participation and Economic Development
Authors: Terry F. Buss, Stevens F. Redburn, Marcela Tribble
Date: April 2002

Title: Making The World Intellectual Property Organization An Employer Of Choice
Date: March 2002

Title: Department of the Navy: Two-Level Performance Management Program
Date: September 2001