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The Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination (LISD) supports research, publication, and teaching on self-determination, state sovereignty, boundaries, and autonomy; related sociocultural, ethnic, and religious issues; aspects of international law and international politics; strategic, political, economic, and economic-industrial matters; and the role and character of international organizations such as the UN, the OSCE, and other regional organizations and NGOs in search of greater autonomy or independence. The program is funded through the generosity of H.S.H. Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein, and is directed by program founder Wolfgang Danspeckgruber, lecturer in public and international affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School.

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Working Papers

Title: Children and Armed Conflict: How to Deal with Persistent Perpetrators
Date: March 2013

Title: Handbook on the Ratification and Implementation of the Kampala Amendments to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
Date: January 2013

Title: Crisis Diplomacy from the Mediterranean to the Hindu Kush
Date: September 2012

Title: Implementing the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda in Afghanistan
Date: January 2012

Title: We the Peoples? The Birth and Death of Self-Determination
Authors: Uriel Abulof
Date: May 2010

Title: A New Society in the Making: European Integration and European Social Groups
Authors: Juan Díez Medrano
Date: April 2010

Title: Petersberg Papers on Afghanistan and the Region
Authors: Wolfgang Danspeckgruber
Date: December 2009

Title: When Will Russia Really Enter Northeast Asia?
Authors: Gilbert Rozman
Date: August 2003

Title: The Future of Russia: The Nuclear Factor
Authors: Oleg Bukharin
Date: August 2003

Title: Societal Foundations for Self-Governance
Authors: Paul T. Christensen
Date: August 2003

Title: Russian Politics under President Vladimir Putin: Current State and Prospects
Authors: Andrei Ryabov
Date: August 2003

Title: Russia's Diasporas: The Case of the Russian-speaking Community in Israel
Authors: Stefani Hoffman
Date: August 2003

Title: Putin's Russia: A Confusing Notion of Corruption
Authors: Virginie Coulloudon
Date: August 2003

Title: National Missile Defense, Proliferation, Arms Control, Russia, and the United States
Authors: Joshua Handler
Date: August 2003

Title: Islam And Politics in Present-Day Russia
Authors: Alexei Malashenko
Date: August 2003

Title: International Dimensions of Corruption: The Russian Case
Authors: Louise Shelley
Date: August 2003

Title: Biological Weapons Threats from the Former Soviet Union
Authors: Sonia Ben Ouagrham
Date: August 2003

Title: Autonomy and Ethnic Conflict: Experiences from the Caucasus
Authors: Svante Cornell
Date: August 2003

Title: Aleksandr Dugin's Foundations of Geopolitics
Authors: John B. Dunlop
Date: August 2003

Title: International Crisis Diplomacy: A Collective Approach for the Future of Conflict Management
Authors: Bethany A. Aquilina, E. Graves Tompkins
Date: November 2000