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Arnold A. Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies


Founded in 1951 under the sponsorship of Dwight D. Eisenhower during his tenure as President of Columbia University, the Institute of War and Peace Studies (IWPS) was renamed the Arnold A. Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies (SIWPS) in March 2003. President Eisenhower created the Institute to promote understanding of the “disastrous consequences of war upon man’s spiritual, intellectual, and material progress.”

The Institute has no formal teaching program; rather, its members conduct a wide variety of instructional activities through the Political Science Department and the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) at Columbia. Institute members offer courses on American foreign policy, national security, international politics, political economy, environmental policy, and international organization. In addition to offering courses, SIWPS Director Richard Betts coordinates the International Security Policy Concentration for SIPA, and Professor Robert Jervis serves as Deputy Chair of the Department of Political Science.

Working Papers

Title: A People of War or Peace? Americans' Attitudes Towards the Use of Military Force Abroad in Terrorist and Conflict Situations
Authors: Emanuel Boussios
Date: May 2014

Title: Before "DarkSeoul" Becomes "DestroySeoul"
Authors: Ye Ra Kim
Date: February 2014

Title: Whack-a-Mole or Coup de Grace? Institutionalization and Leadership Targeting in Iraq and Afghanistan
Authors: Austin Long
Date: October 2012

Title: Stall Speed: Assessing Delay of the Iranian Nuclear Program via Israeli Military Strike
Authors: Austin Long
Date: September 2012

Title: Force in Our Times
Authors: Robert Jervis
Date: July 2011

Title: Presidential Power In An Age Of Terror
Authors: Abraham Wagner
Date: May 2011

Title: The Cost of Empty Threats: A Penny Not A Pound
Authors: Jack Snyder, Erica Borghard
Date: December 2009

Title: Civil War Outcomes
Authors: Roy Licklider
Date: November 2009

Title: Fortune or Evil? The Effects of Inward Foreign Direct Investment on Corruption
Authors: Pablo M. Pinto, Boliang Zhu
Date: December 2008

Title: Just Deserts in Iraq: American Vengeance for 9/11
Authors: Linda J. Skitka, Peter Liberman
Date: October 2008

Title: Free Hand Abroad, Divide And Rule At Home
Authors: Yaeli Bloch-Elkon, Robert Y. Shapiro, Jack Snyder
Date: March 2008

Title: The Individual Sources of Economic Nationalism: Evidence from Survey Data
Authors: Pablo Pinto
Date: February 2008

Title: The Ethics of Advice: Conflict Management vs. Human Rights in Ending Civil Wars
Authors: Roy Licklider
Date: February 2008

Title: Iraq, the U.S., and the Region after an American Withdrawal
Authors: Robert Jervis
Date: February 2008

Title: Democratization and Civil War
Authors: Edward Mansfield, Jack Snyder
Date: February 2008

Title: Are American Civil-Military Relations Still A Problem?
Authors: Richard Betts
Date: February 2008

Title: The Individual Sources of Economic Nationalism: Evidence From Survey Data
Authors: Pablo M. Pinto, Carmen M. Le Foulon
Date: December 2007

Title: Reputation and War: Explaining the Intractability of Territorial Conflict
Authors: Barbara F. Walter
Date: April 2003

Title: Democracy and Military Intervention: Challenges and Opportunities
Authors: Daniel Byman
Date: February 2003

Title: The Problem with Redundancy Problem: Will more nuclear security forces produce nuclear security?
Authors: Scott D. Sagan
Date: November 2002

Title: Does Conflict Beget Conflict? Explaining Recurrent Civil War
Authors: Barbara F. Walter
Date: June 2002

Title: States, Scarcity, and Civil Strife in the Developing World
Authors: Colin Kahl
Date: April 1999

Title: Intervention in Civil Wars--Bosnia and Herzegovina
Authors: Susan L. Woodward
Date: February 1997

Title: Ford Foundation: Military Intervention in Civil Wars
Date: February 1997

Title: CIAO: Civil War and the Security Dilemma
Authors: , Jr. de Figueiredo, Michael W. Doyle, Bruce D. Jones, Chaim D. Kaufmann, David D. Laitin, Barbara Walters, Barry R. Weingast, Susan L. Woodward
Date: February 1997

Title: War and Peace in Cambodia
Authors: Michael W. Doyle
Date: January 1997

Title: Exiting From War: Cooperating Under Even the Most Difficult Circumstances
Authors: Barbara F. Walter
Date: April 1996