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The Institute for Palestine Studies (IPS), founded in Beirut in 1963, is an independent nonprofit research and publication center, not affiliated with any political organization or government. IPS promotes research, analysis, and documentation on the Arab-Israeli conflict and its peaceful resolution. IPS publishes quarterlies in three languages: Journal of Palestine Studies (English), Majallat al-Dirasat al-Filastiniyah (Arabic), and Revue d’Études Palestinienes (French). Although the focus of each quarterly is on the Arab-Israeli conflict, the three journals offer different articles in keeping with the different interests of their subscribers.

IPS maintains offices in Beirut, Jerusalem, London, Nicosia, Paris, and Washington, D.C. The IPS Washington office was established in 1983. In addition to editing the Journal of Palestine Studies, IPS Washington publishes books and documentaries on the Arab-Israeli conflict and Palestinian affairs.

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Working Papers

Title: Palestinian Refugee Negotiations: From Madrid to Oslo II
Authors: Salim Tamari
Date: June 1996

Title: Palestinian Refugees and the Peace Process
Authors: Elia Zureik
Date: May 1996

Title: Settlements and the Israel-Palestinian Negotiations
Authors: Geoffrey Aronson
Date: January 1996

Title: Negotiating Water: Israel and the Palestinians
Authors: Sharif S Elmusa
Date: January 1996