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Institute for Latin American and Iberian Studies at Columbia University


For more than 35 years the Institute of Latin American and Iberian Studies (ILAIS) has supported scholarship and professional achievement in the field of Latin American studies. When it was founded in 1962 as one of several regionally-focused centers at Columbia, it was responding to a need to provide the nation with scholars and professionals knowledgeable in what were to most Americans relatively unknown areas of the world. In recent years, as the field as expanded, ILAIS has become a center where students and faculty, often with extensive exposure to the region, come together to exchange ideas and information with a wide range of scholars, businesspeople, government officials, and artists from Latin America and Iberia.

Working Papers

Title: Brazil and the Transatlantic Community in the Wake of the Global Crisis
Authors: Thomas J Trebat
Date: June 2009

Title: Peace in Colombia: Can the European Union and the US Collaborate?
Authors: Dorly CastaƱeda
Date: January 2009

Title: The FDI Recession Has Begun
Authors: Karl Sauvant
Date: November 2008

Title: Banking the Mexican Immigrant Population: Analysis of Profiling Variables
Authors: Paulina Ennis
Date: January 2008

Title: The Brazilian Environmental Movement Post-UNCED 1992: Trends and Prospects
Authors: Samyra Brollo de Serpa Crespo
Date: December 2000

Title: Globalization, Domestic Politics and Welfare Spending in Latin America: A Time-Series Cross-Setion Analysis, 1973-1997.
Authors: Robert R. Kaufman, Alex Segura-Ubiergo
Date: January 2000

Title: Growth, Poverty and Inequality in Latin America
Authors: Roberto Korzeniewicz, William Smith
Date: May 1999

Title: Rethinking the Legacy of the Liberal State in Latin America
Authors: Gabriel Negretto, Jose Antonio Aguilar Rivera
Date: April 1999

Title: Institutional Transformations and Economic Development
Authors: Paola Perez-Aleman
Date: September 1998

Title: Neither Gentlemen nor Citizens
Authors: Consuelo Cruz
Date: January 1998

Title: Shifting States in Uneven Markets
Authors: Alfred Montero
Date: September 1997