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The Independent Institute is a non-partisan, scholarly, public-policy research and educational organization that sponsors comprehensive studies of critical social, economic, legal, and environmental issues. Adhering to the highest standards of scholarly inquiry and pursued regardless of prevailing political or social biases, the resulting studies are published and widely distributed as books, The Independent Review (quarterly journal), and other publications, and are publicly debated through numerous conference and media programs. Through this uncommon independence, depth, and clarity, The Independent Institute pushes at the frontiers of our knowledge, redefines the debate over public issues, and fosters new and effective directions for government reform.

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Working Papers

Title: A Report on the Patrol Special Police and Community Safety in San Francisco
Authors: Edward Stringham
Date: December 2009

Title: Keys to Economics of Global Warming: A Critique of the Dismal Theorem
Authors: Sungno Niggol Seo
Date: November 2009

Title: Internal Enforcement: The Political Economy of Immigration
Authors: Keith D. Malone
Date: October 2009

Title: Privatizing the Adjudication of Disputes
Authors: Bryan Caplan, Edward P. Stringham
Date: October 2007

Title: Jacob K. Javits and Latin American Economic Integration
Authors: Salvador Rivera
Date: August 2007

Title: Mere Economic Science: C. S. Lewis and the Poverty of Naturalism
Authors: David J. Theroux
Date: March 2007

Title: The Radical Libertarian Political Economy of 19th Century Preacher David Lipscomb
Authors: Edward P. Stringham
Date: December 2006

Title: Taxing Development: The Law and Economics of Traffic Impact Fees
Authors: Edward P. Stringham
Date: December 2006

Title: Somalia After State Collapse: Chaos or Improvement?
Authors: Ryan Ford, Alex Nowrasteh, Benjamin Powell
Date: November 2006

Title: A Geo-Spatial Macro-Economic Analysis of Climate Change
Authors: Sungno Niggol Seo
Date: August 2005

Title: Development Aid and Economic Freedom: Are They Related?
Authors: Benjamin Powell, Matt Ryan
Date: May 2005

Title: An Experimental Investigation of Hobbesian Jungles
Authors: Benjamin Powell, Bart J. Wilson
Date: May 2005

Title: Government and the Economy: The World Wars
Authors: Robert Higgs
Date: April 2005

Title: Government and the Economy since World War II
Authors: Robert Higgs
Date: April 2005

Title: Is Cybersecurity a Public Good? Evidence from the Financial Services Industry
Authors: Benjamin Powell
Date: March 2005

Title: "Not Merely Perfidious but Ungrateful";: The U.S. Takeover of West Florida
Authors: Robert Higgs
Date: March 2005

Title: A Way Out of the Mesopotamian Morass? The Case for a Partitioned Iraq
Authors: Ivan Eland
Date: October 2004

Title: Sweatshops and Third World Living Standards: Are the Jobs Worth the Sweat?
Authors: Benjamin Powell, David Skarbek
Date: September 2004

Title: State Development Planning: Did it Create an East Asian Miracle?
Authors: Benjamen Powell
Date: September 2004

Title: Coasian Contracts in the Coeur d'Alene Mining District
Authors: Robert Higgs
Date: June 2004

Title: Institutional Foundations of Economic Freedom: A time-series cross-section analysis
Authors: Vincent Hildebrand, Zane A. Spindler, Xavier de Vanssay
Date: May 2004

Title: Prostitution and Sex Crimes
Authors: Kirby R. Cundiff
Date: April 2004

Title: The Ongoing Growth of Government in the Economically Advanced Countries
Authors: Robert Higgs
Date: October 2003

Title: Individual Unemployment Accounts
Authors: Lawrence Brunner, Stephen M. Colarelli
Date: October 2003

Title: Wartime Socialization of Investment: A Reassessment of U.S. Capital Formation in the 1940s
Authors: Robert Higgs
Date: January 2003

Title: The Lighthouse as a Private-Sector Collective Good
Authors: Fred Foldvary
Date: January 2003

Title: International Money and Common Currencies in Historical Perspective
Authors: Gerald P. Dwyer Jr, Jim Lothian
Date: May 2002

Title: Privateering and National Defense: Naval Warfare for Private Profit
Authors: Larry J. Sechrest
Date: September 2001

Title: Constitutional Causes for Technological Leadership: Why Europe?
Authors: Jurgen G. Backhaus
Date: August 2001

Title: Nation of Origin Bias and the Enforcement of Immigration Laws by the Immigration and Naturalization Service
Authors: Jim F. Couch, Brett King, William H. Wells, Peter M. Williams
Date: June 2001

Title: Public Versus Private Initiative in Arctic Exploration: The Effects of Incentives and Organizational Structure
Authors: Jonathan M. Karpoff
Date: June 2000

Title: Cooption and Repression in the Soviet Union
Authors: Dmitriy Gershenson, Herschel I. Grossman
Date: December 1999