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The University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation (IGCC) was founded in 1983 as a multicampus research unit serving the entire University of California (UC) system. The institute's purpose is to study the causes of international conflict and the opportunities to resolve it through international cooperation. During IGCC's first five years, research focused largely on the issue of averting nuclear war through arms control and confidence-building measures between the superpowers. Since then the research program has diversified to encompass several broad areas of inquiry: regional relations, international environmental policy, international relations theory, and most recently the domestic sources of foreign policy.

IGCC serves as a liaison between the academic and policy communities, injecting fresh ideas into the policy process, establishing the intellectual foundations for effective policy-making in the post-Cold War environment, and providing opportunities and incentives for UC faculty and students to become involved in international policy debates. Scholars, researchers, government officials, and journalists from the United States and abroad participate in all IGCC projects, and IGCC's publications—books, policy papers, and a semiannual newsletter—are widely distributed to individuals and institutions around the world.

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Working Papers

Title: Women, Work, Health, and the Quality of Life: A Summary of the Eleventh International Congress on Women's Health Issues
Authors: Teri G. Lindgren, Afaf I. Meleis
Date: January 2000

Title: Understanding Europe's "New" Common Foreign and Security Policy: A Primer for Outsiders
Authors: Michael E. Smith
Date: January 2000

Title: U.S. Immigration Policy: Unilateral and Cooperative Responses to Undocumented Immigration
Authors: Marc R. Rosenblum
Date: January 2000

Title: Maritime Aspects of Arms Control and Security Improvement in the Middle East
Authors: David N. Griffiths
Date: January 2000

Title: European Legal Integration and Environmental Protection
Authors: Rachel A. Cichowski
Date: January 2000

Title: Security Multilateralism in Asia: Views from the United States and Japan
Authors: Ralph Cossa, Akiko Fukushima, Stephan Haggard, Daniel Pinkston
Date: June 1999

Title: Germany: Migration Policies for the 21st Century
Authors: Philip L. Martin
Date: April 1999

Title: The Changing Order in Northeast Asia and the Prospects for U.S.-Japan-China-Korea Relations
Authors: Robert A. Scalapino
Date: February 1999

Title: Institutional Implications of WTO Accession for China
Authors: Richard H. Steinberg
Date: February 1999

Title: Banking on Peace: Lessons from the Middle East Development Bank
Authors: Dalia Dassa Kaye
Date: February 1999

Title: The Management of International Migration
Authors: Jeannette Money
Date: April 1998

Title: Northeast Asia Regional Cooperation: China-Japan Implementation of Carbon Emissions Reduction
Authors: Richard Ackerman, Eugenio S. A. Bobenrieth, Heather Carlisle, Brian Potter, Changua Sun Rich, Alan Richards, Paul Williams
Date: March 1998

Title: Energy and Security in Northeast Asia: Proposals for Nuclear Cooperation
Authors: Jor-Shan Choi, Edward Fei, Kumao Kaneko, Susan L. Shirk, Michael Stankiewicz, Atsuyuki Suzuki
Date: March 1998

Title: Maritime Shipping in Northeast Asia
Authors: Lin Sien Chia, Seo-Hang Lee, Stephen J. Meyrick, Michael Stankiewicz, Mark J. Valencia, Stanley B. Weeks
Date: February 1998

Title: IGCC Policy Paper 36: Energy and Security in Northeast Asia: Supply and Demand, Conflict and Cooperation
Authors: Sara Banaszak, James P. Dorian, Fereidun Fesharaki, Wu Kang, Susan L. Shirk, Michael Stankiewicz, Mark J. Valencia
Date: February 1998

Title: Emissions and Development in the United States: International Implications
Authors: Richard T. Carson, Donald R. McCubbin
Date: January 1998

Title: Transitions from Civil War
Authors: Barbara F. Walter
Date: December 1997

Title: Unifying Germany: Crisis, Conflict, and Social Partnership in the East
Authors: Lowell Turner
Date: November 1996

Title: The Europeanization of European Political Cooperation
Authors: Michael E. Smith
Date: November 1996

Title: Supranational Governance: The Institutionalization of the European Union
Authors: Wayne Sandholtz, Alec Stone Sweet
Date: November 1996

Title: From Free Trade to Supranational Polity: The European Court and Integration
Authors: James A. Caporaso, Alec Stone Sweet
Date: November 1996

Title: Emergence of a Supranational Telecommunications Regime
Authors: Wayne Sandholtz
Date: November 1996

Title: Discourse Analysis as Foreign Policy Theory
Authors: Ole Wæver
Date: November 1996

Title: The Middle East Arms Control and Regional Security (ACRS) Talks
Authors: Bruce Jentleson
Date: September 1996

Title: Energy and Security in Northeast Asia
Authors: Edward Fei, Celeste Johnson, Michael May, Michael Stankiewicz, Tatsujiro Suzuki
Date: August 1996

Title: Workshop on Arms Control and Security in the Middle East III
Authors: John Chipman, Peter Jones, Ronald Lehman, Sverre Lodgaard, Fred Wehling
Date: June 1996

Title: Preventive Diplomacy and Ethnic Conflict: Possible, Difficult, Necessary
Authors: Bruce Jentleson
Date: June 1996

Title: Economic Globalization and the "New" Ethnic Strife: What is to be Done?
Authors: Beverly Crawford, Ronnie Lipschutz
Date: May 1996

Title: The Moral Foundation of International Intervention
Authors: Leonard Binder
Date: February 1996

Title: Ethnic Fears and Global Engagement
Authors: David Lake, Donald Rothchild
Date: January 1996

Title: Regional Economic Cooperation: The Role Of Agricultural Production And Trade In Northeast Asia
Authors: Colin Carter, Hyunok Lee, Daniel Sumner
Date: December 1995

Title: Is Pandora's Box Half-Empty or Half-Full? The Limited Virulence of Secessionism and the Domestic Sources of Disintegration
Authors: Stephen M. Saideman
Date: November 1995

Title: Maritime Jurisdiction in the Three China Seas
Authors: Ju Guoxing
Date: October 1995

Title: Peace, Stability, and Nuclear Weapons
Authors: Kenneth N. Waltz
Date: August 1995

Title: Ethnic Conflict and Russian Intervention in the Caucusus
Authors: Sergei Arutiunov, Emil Payin, Galina Starovoitova, Fred Wehling
Date: August 1995

Title: Promoting Regional Cooperation in the Middle East
Authors: Howard Adelman, Yoram Avnimelech, Lewis Dunn, Ali Ghezawi, Richard Rosecrance, Fred Wehling
Date: June 1995

Title: U.S. Intervention in Ethnic Conflict
Authors: George Kenney, Michael Klare, Michael Mazarr, John Steinbruner, Fred Wehling
Date: May 1995

Title: African Conflict Management And The New World Order
Authors: Edmond J. Keller
Date: May 1995

Title: The Domestic Sources of Nuclear Postures
Authors: Etel Solingen
Date: October 1994