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The Cornell University Institute for European Studies coordinates and promotes interaction among the faculty and students from the University's thirty-one departments and divisions that deal with European subjects. The focus is on the new Europe, including the member nations of the European Union as well as the former states of the Soviet bloc. In its pan-European focus, the Institute is unique among programs of its type in the leading U.S. research universities. Along with several other internationally recognized area studies programs at Cornell, the Institute is affiliated with the University's Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies.

Working Papers

Title: New Meeting Note: Conflict, Violence, and Instability in the Post-2015 Development Agenda
Authors: Suparva Narasimhaiah (rapporteur)
Date: October 2013

Title: Indeterminate and Inhuman: Georgette Leblanc in L'Inhumaine (1924)
Authors: Maureen Shanahan
Date: May 2003

Title: The Interpretation of American Images in Southeastern Europe: Transmission of Global Metaphors
Authors: Danica Skara
Date: February 2003

Title: Do Affluent Countries Face an Incomes-Jobs Tradeoff?
Authors: Lane Kenworthy
Date: March 2002

Title: The Road To Public Deficit: A Comparative Institutional Analysis Of Post-War Japanese And German Economic Policy
Authors: Kenji Hirashima
Date: October 1999

Title: Censorship of Indecency in Ireland
Authors: Jerome O'Callaghan
Date: December 1998

Title: Rival Views Of Postcommunist Market Society
Authors: Bela Greskovits
Date: October 1998

Title: Building a Composite Polity: Popular Contention in the European Union
Authors: Sidney Tarrow
Date: March 1998

Title: Left-wing Violence and State Response: United States, Germany, Italy and Japan, 1960s-1990s
Authors: Peter J. Katzenstein
Date: January 1998

Title: From The Socialist Core To The Capitalist Periphery
Authors: Bela Greskovits
Date: January 1998

Title: Efficiency of the Welfare State
Authors: Claudine Gouyette, Pierre Pestieau
Date: January 1998

Title: Post-totalitarian Legacies, Civil Society, and Democracy in Post-Communist Poland, 1989-1993
Authors: Grzegorz Ekiert, Jan Kubik
Date: October 1997

Title: The Gendering of Euro-Skepticism: Public Discourses and Support to the EU in a Cross-National Comparison
Authors: Ulrike Liebert
Date: June 1997

Title: Religion and Society in Present-Day Albania
Authors: Antonia Young
Date: April 1997

Title: The Impact of Social Movements on Political Institutions: a Comparison of the Introduction of Direct Legislation In Switzerland and the U.S.
Authors: Hanspeter Kriesi, Dominique Wisler
Date: November 1996

Title: Wage Distribution and Labor Market Institutions in Sweden, Austria and other OECD countries
Authors: Jonas Pontusson
Date: September 1996

Title: The Primacy Of Politics: Ideology and Modern Political Practices in the Russian Revolution
Authors: Peter Holquist
Date: June 1996

Title: Ethnic Conflict as Demobilizer: The Case of Serbia
Authors: V.P. Gagnon Jr.
Date: May 1996

Title: The Europeanization of Movements? Contentious Politics and the European Union, October 1983 - March 1995
Authors: Doug Imig, Sidney Tarrow
Date: March 1996

Title: Retribution and Judgment: Violence, Democratic Accountability, and the Invocation of the Rule of Law
Authors: John Borneman
Date: January 1996