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The Institute on East Central Europe at Columbia University was established in 1954 to promote the study of the countries lying between Germany and Russia and between the Baltic and Aegean Seas. It is the oldest center dealing exclusively with East Central Europe in any major U.S. academic institution, and its program covers Albania, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Yugoslavia. For many years, together with the Harriman Institute, with which it is currently merging, it has been designated an East European, Russian, and Eurasian National Resource Center by the U.S. Department of Education. This designation has permitted an enlarged variety of courses and other offerings, and support to outstanding students through Foreign Language and Area Study (FLAS) Fellowships. The Institute actively cooperates with other units within the University as well as other institutions in the United States and in East Central Europe to provide the best possible training opportunities.

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Working Papers

Title: Perspectives on Political and Economic Transitions after Communism
Authors: Thomas Ambrosio, Magzhan Auezov, Thomas Buck, Natalia Dinello, Georgi Dzhibladze, Barnabas Gero, Andrew Hess, Jason Lindsey, John Micgiel, David Murgio, Gwynne Oosterbaan, Patricia Osmani, Beata Pasek, Oleg Protsyk, Katarzyna Stanclik, David Stone, Jason Wittenberg
Date: March 1997

Title: The Current State of Democracy in Albania
Authors: Fred Abrahams, Teuta Arifi, Elez Biberaj, Cafo Boga, Kemal Dervish, Paula Dobransky, Maxim Haxhia, Kathleen Imholz, David Kideckel, Reverend Arthur E. Liolin, John S. Micgiel, Silva Mitro, Jonathan Moore, Agim Nesho, Elsenja Paja, Nicholas Pano, Sejfi Protopapa, Gazmend Pula, Sami Repishti, Brian Shott, Mirce Tomovski, Victoria Velkoff, Isa Zymberi
Date: July 1996

Title: State and Nation Building in East Central Europe
Authors: Thomas Ambrosio, Mario Apostolov, Thomas Buck, Victor Chudowsky, Stephen Deets, Tanya Dunlap, Evelyn Farkas, George Gavrilis, Rachel Guglielmo, James Krapfl, David J. Meyer, John S. Micgiel, Sandra Pralong, Alon Rachaminov, Ann E. Robertson, Ivelin Sardamov, Yuri I. Shevchuk, Sherrill Stroschein, Richard Wallace, Timothy William Waters, Aimee Wielechowski
Date: March 1996