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Centre for European Political Sociology


Centred on a political sociology approach open to interdisciplinary perspectives, the GSPE's research explores the transformations of public action and the Europeanisation of politics. This broad research thematic can be divided into three main research areas: EU Professionals; Public action in Europe; European public spheres. 

Working Papers

Title: Sociology of a new field of knowledge: gender studies in postcommunist Eastern Europe
Authors: Ioana Cîrstocea
Date: February 2009

Title: Visits of Sovereignty and the articulation of the national and the local in France and Germany on the eve of World War I
Authors: Nicolas Mariot
Date: January 2009

Title: The uncertain legitimacy of occupational health policies
Authors: Emmanuel Henry
Date: January 2009

Title: Rationality, Institutions and Reflexivity in the EU: Some Ontological and Epistemological Considerations
Authors: Niilo Kauppi
Date: January 2009

Title: Historical and political sociology of the EU: What's new in France?
Authors: Didier Georgakakis
Date: January 2009

Title: General patterns of women's representation at the European Parliament: did something change after 2004?
Authors: Willy Beauvallet, Sébastien Michon
Date: January 2009

Title: Europeanisation and the reform of the State: The influence of the European Union in the reform of the Czech public administration (1993-2004)
Authors: Magdaléna Hadjiisky
Date: January 2009

Title: European Games & Institutional Innovation: The Making of Eurojust (1996-2004)
Authors: Michel Mangenot
Date: January 2009

Title: "French Suburbs": a New Problem or a New Approach to Social Exclusion?
Authors: Sylvie Tissot
Date: January 2009

Title: Urban Sustainable Development and the Challenge of French Metropolitan Strategies
Authors: Philippe Hamman
Date: November 2008

Title: Women in the European Parliament: effects of the voting system, strategies and political resources. The case of the French delegation.
Authors: Willy Beauvallet, Sébastien Michon
Date: October 2008

Title: The ambivalent politicisation of European communication
Authors: Philippe ALDRIN, Jean-Michel UTARD
Date: October 2008

Title: Cultural policy in France - Genesis of a public policy category
Authors: Vincent Dubois
Date: October 2008