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The U.S. Congress established the East-West Center in 1960 to foster mutual understanding and cooperation among the governments and peoples of the Asia Pacific region, including the United States. Funding for the Center comes from the U.S. government with additional support provided by private agencies, individuals, corporations, and Asian and Pacific governments.

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Working Papers

Title: Do Mobile Phone Surveys Work in Poor Countries? -
Authors: Ben Leo, Robert Morello, Jonathan Mellon, Tiago Peixoto, Stephen Davenport
Date: April 2015

Title: Myanmar: Cross-Cutting Governance Challenges
Authors: Cullen Hendrix, Marcus Noland
Date: March 2015

Title: Fiscal Policy, Inequality, and the Ethnic Divide in Guatemala
Authors: Maynor Cabrera, Nora Lustig, Hilcías E. Morán
Date: March 2015

Title: Identifying Binding Constraints in Pacific Island Economies
Authors: Ron Duncan, Hilarian Codippily, Emele Duituturaga, Raijieli Bulatale
Date: November 2014

Title: Role of Urbanization, Land-Use Diversity, and Livestock Intensification in Zoonotic Emerging Infectious Diseases
Authors: Sumeet Saksena, Jefferson Fox, Michael Epprecht, Chinh Tran, Miguel Castrence, Duong Nong, James Spencer, Nguyen Lam, Melissa Finucane, Tran Duc Vien, Bruce Wilco
Date: October 2014

Title: Quantify Spatiotemporal Patterns of Urban Growth in Hanoi Using Time Series Spatial Metrics and Urbanization Gradient Approach
Authors: Duong Nong, Christopher Lepczyk, Tomoaki Miura, Jefferson Fox, James Spencer, Qi Chen
Date: October 2014

Title: Policy Implications for Prevention of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Subtype H5N1 in Conjunction with Risk Factors in the Red River Delta, Vietnam
Authors: Chinh C. Tran, John F. Yanagida, Sumeet Saksena, Jefferson Fox
Date: October 2014

Title: Perceived Risk of Avian Influenza in Poultry Varies with Urbanization in Vietnam
Authors: Melissa L. Finucane, Nghiem Tuyen, Sumeet Saksena, James H. Spencer, Jefferson Fox, Nguyen Lam, Trinh Dinh Thau, Tran Duc Vien, Nancy D. Lewis
Date: October 2014

Title: From Catching Up to Forging Ahead? China's Prospects in Semiconductors
Authors: Dieter Ernst
Date: October 2014

Title: Economic Analysis of Duck Production Household Farm Level in the Context of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Subtype H5N1 in the Red River Delta, Vietnam
Authors: Chinh C. Tran, John F. Yanagida
Date: October 2014

Title: Built-Up Area Change Analysis in Hanoi Using Support Vector Machine Classification of Landsat Multi-Temporal Image Stacks
Authors: Duong Nong, Miguel Castrence, Tomoaki Miura, Jefferson Fox, James Spencer, Qi Chen
Date: October 2014

Title: Trade and Innovation in Global Networks—Regional Policy Implications
Authors: Dieter Ernst
Date: May 2014

Title: East-West Center Working Papers, Environmental Change, Vulnerability, and Governance Series
Authors: Alex S. Forster
Date: March 2014

Title: The Shadow of Urbanization: The Periurban Interface of Five Indian Cities in Transition
Authors: Vishal Narain, Poulomi Banerjee, Pooja Anand
Date: January 2014

Title: The People Behind the Press: Building Social Capital in New Media Ecologies
Authors: Steve J. Fox
Date: December 2013

Title: Is the Information Technology Agreement Facilitating Latecomer Manufacturing and Innovation? India's Experience
Authors: Dieter Ernst
Date: November 2013

Title: Collective Self-Defense and US-Japan Security Cooperation
Authors: Ian E. Rinehart
Date: October 2013

Title: Standards, Innovation, and Latecomer Economic Development—A Conceptual Framework
Authors: Dieter Ernst
Date: September 2013

Title: Industrial Upgrading through Low-Cost and Fast Innovation—Taiwan's Experience
Authors: Dieter Ernst
Date: September 2013

Title: Global Technology Sourcing in China's Integrated Circuit Design Industry: A Conceptual Framework and Preliminary Findings
Authors: Dieter Ernst, Barry Naughton
Date: August 2012

Title: Europe's Innovation Union—Beyond Techno-Nationalism?
Authors: Dieter Ernst
Date: August 2012

Title: The Microeconomics of North-South Korean Cross-Border Integration
Authors: Stephan Haggard, Marcus Noland
Date: June 2012

Title: Networks, Trust, and Trade: The Microeconomics of China-North Korea Integration
Authors: Stephan Haggard, Marcus Noland
Date: June 2012

Title: Diverging Trajectories: Economic Rebalancing and Labor Policies in China
Authors: Boy Lüthje
Date: April 2012

Title: America's Voluntary Standards System—A "Best Practice" Model for Innovation Policy?
Authors: Dieter Ernst
Date: February 2012

Title: America's Voluntary Standards System--A "Best Practice" Model for Innovation Policy?
Authors: Dieter Ernst
Date: February 2012

Title: Who Should Bear the Cost of China's Carbon Emissions Embodied in Goods for Exports?
Authors: ZhongXiang Zhang
Date: November 2011

Title: Rent(s) Asunder: Sectoral Rent Extraction Possibilities and Bribery by Multinational Corporations
Authors: Dimitar Gueorgiev, Edmund Malesky, Nathan Jensen
Date: November 2011

Title: Korea's Growth Performance: Past and Future
Authors: Marcus Noland
Date: November 2011

Title: Gender in Transition: The Case of North Korea
Authors: Stephan Haggard, Marcus Noland
Date: November 2011

Title: An Evaluation of Overseas Oil Investment Projects Under Uncertainty Using a Real Options Based Simulation Model
Authors: Lei Zhu, ZhongXiang Zhang, Ying Fan
Date: November 2011

Title: The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Asia-Pacific Integration: A Quantitative Assessment
Authors: Peter A. Petri, Michael G. Plummer, Fan Zhai
Date: October 2011

Title: Asia's Energy Future: Regional Dynamics and Global Implications
Authors: Kang Wu, Fereidun Fesharaki
Date: June 2011

Title: Multivariate Life Table Methodology for Estimating the Effect of Child Mortality on the Total Fertility Rate and Its Components
Authors: Hassan Eini-Zinab
Date: February 2011

Title: A Research Strategy for the Pacific Climate Information System
Authors: Melissa L. Finucane, John Marra, James C. Weyman
Date: December 2010

Title: Shaping the G20 Agenda in Asia: The 2010 Seoul Summit
Authors: Il SaKong
Date: April 2010

Title: Confronting Environmental Treaty Implementation Challenges in the Pacific Islands
Authors: Pamela S. Chasek
Date: January 2010

Title: Climate Commitments to 2050: A Roadmap for China
Authors: ZhongXiang Zhang
Date: December 2009

Title: How the Asia Pacific Can Drive the Global Recovery
Authors: Peter A. Petri
Date: November 2009

Title: Population Policy, Economic Reform, and Fertility Decline in Guangdong Province, China
Authors: Jiajian Chen, Robert D. Retherford, Minja Kim Choe, Li Xiru, Cui Hongyan
Date: May 2009

Title: The (Non) Impact of UN Sanctions on North Korea
Authors: Marcus Noland
Date: February 2009

Title: The Dalit Movement and Democratization in Andhra Pradesh
Authors: K.Y. Ratnam
Date: December 2008

Title: State of the States: Mapping India's Northeast
Authors: Bhagat Oinam
Date: November 2008

Title: The State of the Pro-Democracy Movement in Authoritarian Burma
Authors: Kyaw Yin Hlaing
Date: December 2007

Title: Entrepreneurship and Political Guanxi Networks in China's Private Sector
Authors: Christopher A. McNally, Hong Guo, Guangwei Hu
Date: August 2007

Title: Insurgencies in India's Northeast: Conflict, Co-option & Change
Authors: Subir Bhaumik
Date: July 2007

Title: Origins of the United States-India Nuclear Agreement
Authors: Itty Abraham
Date: May 2007

Title: Internal Displacement, Migration, and Policy in Northeastern India
Authors: Uddipana Goswami
Date: April 2007

Title: Faces of Islam in Southern Thailand
Authors: Imtiyaz Yusuf
Date: March 2007