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EGMONT – The Royal Institute for International Relations is an independent think-tank based in Brussels. Its interdisciplinary research is conducted in a spirit of total academic freedom. Drawing on the expertise of its own research fellows, as well as that of external specialists, both Belgian and foreign, it provides analysis and suggests international policy options that are meant to be as operational as possible. Benefiting from the role acquired by Brussels in the global arena and from the prestigious setting of the Egmont Palace, the Institute offers an ideal forum to visiting Heads of State, Heads of government, representatives of international organisations, foreign ministers and other political figures. Conferences, colloquia and seminars nurture the work of the research fellows. They also give participants the opportunity to exchange views with other specialists and with a well-informed public made up of representatives of the political, economic and academic spheres, the media and civil society. Along with research and meetings, the Institute has also developed specialised training activities, both in Brussels and abroad. It can, on request, offer specific programmes for visiting and resident diplomats and foreign professionals. Closer collaboration with other research centres, both in Belgium and in the rest of Europe and beyond, has resulted in a growing number of joint conferences and in more structured cooperation on research and publications. It has proved to be mutually beneficial and enriching.

Additional Materials from EGMONT – The Royal Institute for International Relations: Policy Briefs

Working Papers

Title: Industrial policy in the EU: A guide to an elusive concept
Authors: Xavier Vanden Bosch
Date: September 2014

Title: The EU regime on biofuels in transport: Still in search of sustainability
Authors: Tania Zgajewski
Date: August 2014

Title: Game of zones. The quest for influence in Europe's neighbourhood
Authors: Sven Biscop
Date: June 2014

Title: Energy efficiency: the ever neglected priority of the European energy strategy
Authors: Tania Zgajewski
Date: May 2014

Title: Shale gas in Europe: much ado about little?
Authors: Tania Zgajewski
Date: April 2014

Title: The state of defence in europe: state of emergency?
Authors: Sven Biscop (ed.), Daniel Fiott (ed.)
Date: November 2013

Title: Europe and the World or Snow White and the Seven Fallacies
Authors: Sven Biscop
Date: October 2013

Title: The European Citizens'Initiative: Next Big Thing or New False Good Idea ?
Authors: Franklin Dehousse
Date: July 2013

Title: Assessing the Single Supervisory Mechanism: Passing the point of no return for Europe's Banking Union
Authors: Stijn Verhelst
Date: June 2013

Title: Money for Structural Reforms in the Eurozone:making sense of contractual Arrangements
Authors: Xavier Vanden Bosch
Date: May 2013

Title: An Arab springboard for EU foreign policy?
Authors: Sven Biscop
Date: January 2012

Title: Setting a Standard for stakeholdership. Industry Contribution to a strengthened Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention
Authors: Jean Pascal Zanders (Ed.)
Date: December 2011

Title: Financing the answer to climate change: challenging but feasible
Authors: Clémentine d'Oultremont
Date: October 2011

Title: Worse, not Better ? Reinvigorating Early Warning for Conflict Prevention in the Post Lisbon European Union
Authors: John Brante, Chiara De Franco, Christoph Meyer, Florian Otto
Date: June 2011

Title: The Reform of European Economic Governance : Towards a Sustainable Monetary Union?
Authors: Stijn Verhelst
Date: June 2011

Title: Europe deploys towards a civil-military strategy for CSDP
Authors: Sven Biscop (Ed), Jo Coelmont (Ed)
Date: June 2011

Title: Death of an Institution. The end for Western European Union, a future for European defence?
Authors: Alyson JK Bailes, Graham Messervy-Whiting
Date: May 2011

Title: Renewed Financial Supervision in Europe – Final or transitory?
Authors: Stijn Verhelst
Date: March 2011

Title: The Single Market in need of a strategic relaunch
Authors: Tinne Heremans
Date: January 2011

Title: A new Geography of European power?
Authors: James Rogers
Date: January 2011

Title: Fearing a 'Shiite Octopus'. Sunni – Shi'a relations and the implications for Belgium and Europe
Authors: Jelle Puelings
Date: January 2010