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Center for International Studies, University of Southern California


The Center for International Studies (CIS) at the University of Southern California was established in 1986 by the USC School of International Relations to promote advanced research and sustained discussion of theoretical and policy issues in international political and economic affairs. The Center supports the research of faculty, students and CIS members, hosts scholars from the United States and abroad, organizes public seminars, sponsors workshops and conferences and promotes collaborative research intended to promote a broader understanding of international affairs.

Past directors have included Thomas Biersteker, John S. Odell, Abraham Lowenthal and Laurie Brand. The current director is Peter Rosendorff.

Working Papers

Title: Measuring Risk: Political Risk Insurance Premiums and Domestic Political Institutions
Authors: Nathan Jensen
Date: September 2005

Title: What's So Good About Democracy? A Research Note
Authors: William Clark
Date: April 2005

Title: Types and Sources of Anti-Americanism: A Framework for Analysis
Authors: Peter J. Katzenstein, Robert O. Keohane
Date: April 2005

Title: The Powers and Pathologies of Military Networks: Insights from the Political Cybernetics of Karl W. Deutsch and Norbert Wiener
Authors: Hayward Alker
Date: April 2005

Title: Two-Level Theories and Fuzzy-Set Analysis
Authors: Gary Goertz
Date: March 2005

Title: Peacekeeping and the Peackept: Where Peacekeepers Go
Authors: Virginia Page Fortna
Date: March 2005

Title: Uncommon Ground: Indivisible Territory and the Politics of Legitimacy
Authors: Stacie Goddard
Date: February 2005

Title: The Dilemma of the Prisoners' Dilemmas
Authors: Daniel Arce
Date: February 2005

Title: The Bargain of the Unstable: Trade Negotiations and Financial Crises in Mercosur 1995-2001
Authors: Pablo Heidrich
Date: February 2005

Title: Racing to the Bottom in the Post-Communist World: Domestic Politics, International Trade and Environmental Governance
Authors: Edward Mansfield
Date: February 2005

Title: Whole World on Fire: Organizations, Knowledge & Nuclear Devastation
Authors: Lynn Eden
Date: November 2004

Title: Narrating Oneself Through Another: Medieval Christians and Their Images of the Saracen
Authors: Paul Levin
Date: November 2004

Title: International Trade Law in US Courts
Authors: Saadia Pekkanen
Date: October 2004

Title: Could Humphrey Have Gone to China? Measuring the Electoral Costs and Benefits of Making Peace
Authors: Kenneth Schultz
Date: April 2004

Title: Strategic Moral Diplomacy: Mandela, Qaddafi and the Lockerbie Negotiations
Authors: Lyn Boyd Judson
Date: March 2004

Title: China and State/Space: Scale Relations and the City in an Era of Globalization
Authors: Carolyn Cartier
Date: March 2004

Title: Understanding Foreign Policy Debates: Towards a Critical Constructivist Methodology
Authors: Lene Hansen
Date: February 2004

Title: The Meaning of Monetary Power
Authors: Benjamin J. Cohen
Date: February 2004

Title: The Inefficient Use of Power: Costly Conflict with Complete Information
Authors: Robert Powell
Date: February 2004

Title: Counter-Terrorism: A Game Theoretic Analysis
Authors: Todd Sandler
Date: February 2004

Title: Justice and Order
Authors: Richard Ned Lebow
Date: January 2004

Title: An Arendtian Critique of Deliberative Global Sphere Theory: 'Humanitarian' Violence and the Paradox of Founding
Authors: Patricia Owens
Date: January 2004

Title: The Preventive Use of Force: A Cosmopolitan Institutional Proposal
Authors: Allen Buchanan, Robert Keohane
Date: November 2003

Title: International Law for an Uncertain Environment
Authors: Barbara Koremenos
Date: November 2003

Title: Picking Up the Pieces: Comparing the Social Impact of Finacial Crisis in Mexico and Argentina
Authors: Manuel Pastor, Carol Wise
Date: October 2003

Title: Democratic Politics in Latin America: New Debates and Research Frontiers
Authors: Gerardo Munck
Date: October 2003

Title: Why Delegate the Allocation of Foreign Aid to Multilateral Organizations? Principal-Agent Problems and Multilateralism
Authors: Helen Milner
Date: September 2003

Title: Security and the Political Economy of International Migration
Authors: Christopher Rudolph
Date: April 2002

Title: Globalization and Security: Migration and Evolving Conceptions of Security in Statecraft and Scholarship
Authors: Christopher Rudolph
Date: April 2002

Title: (Re)Constructing Constructivist International Relations Research
Authors: Hayward Alker, Raymond Duvall, Robert English, Saori Katada, Cecelia Lynch, Daniel Lynch, Stephen Majeski, Nicholas Onuf, Wayne Sandholtz, J. Ann Tickner, Colin Wight
Date: October 2001

Title: Women's Rights are Human Rites: Women's human rights activists as cross-cultural theorists
Authors: Brooke A. Ackerly
Date: October 2000

Title: 'So how do you do culture?': A workshop to discuss methodological approaches to studying culture in International Relations
Authors: Patricia Goff, Jacinta O'Hagan
Date: April 2000

Title: A Cross-Regional Analysis of Civil Society and Democratic Development
Authors: Andrew Green
Date: September 1999

Title: Promoting Peace and Democracy in the Aftermath of the Balkan Wars
Authors: Gojko Vuckovic
Date: August 1999

Title: The Competitive Advantage of Hollywood Industry
Authors: Luc Veron
Date: March 1999

Title: Hollywood and Europe: A Case of Trade in Cultural Industries, the 1993 GATT Dispute
Authors: Luc Veron
Date: March 1999

Title: International Financial Markets as Sources of Crises or Discipline
Authors: Thomas D. Willett
Date: July 1998

Title: Gender, Development, and Post-Enlightenment Philosophies of Science
Authors: Sandra Harding
Date: July 1998

Title: Collective Management of International Financial Crises
Authors: Saori N. Katada
Date: July 1998

Title: The Development of the Climate Regime: Positions, Evaluation and Lessons
Authors: Steinar Andresen
Date: January 1998

Title: A Political Economy of North African Immigration to Europe
Authors: Gregory White
Date: November 1997

Title: Membership and Dismemberment: The Body Politic and Genocide In Rwanda
Authors: Howard Adelman
Date: April 1997

Title: Rethinking the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait
Authors: Fred H. Lawson
Date: January 1997

Title: NAFTA's Trade-Environment Institutions
Authors: John Kirton
Date: January 1997

Title: Changing Worlds of Security
Authors: K. M. Fierke
Date: January 1997