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The Center for International Security and Cooperation, part of Stanford University’s Institute for International Studies, is a multidisciplinary community dedicated to research and training in the field of international security. The Center brings together scholars, policymakers, scientists, area specialists, members of the business community, and other experts to examine a wide range of international security issues. CISAC publishes its own series of reports and papers on its work and also sponsors a series, Studies in International Security and Arms Control, through Stanford University Press.

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Working Papers

General Working Papers

Title: Making discoveries in virtual worlds via the Cloud
Authors: Frank Pabian
Date: January 2015

Title: Too Close for Comfort Cases of Near Nuclear Use and Options for Policy
Authors: Patricia Lewis, Heather Williams, Benoît Pelopidas, Sasan Aghlani
Date: April 2014

Title: Stanford Working Group on Responding to Refugees
Authors: James C. Hathaway, Roland Hsu
Date: March 2014

Title: A Winning Gambit
Authors: Siegfried S. Hecker
Date: September 2012

Title: Nuclear Developments in North Korea
Authors: Siegfried S. Hecker
Date: March 2012

Title: Taking the Path of Delegitimization to Nuclear Disarmament
Authors: Amandeep Singh Gill
Date: April 2009

Title: The End of Easy Oil: Estimating Average Production Costs for Oil Fields around the World
Authors: Christine Jojarth
Date: March 2008

Title: Thoughts on the Day After
Authors: Michael May
Date: April 2007

Title: The Bush Administration's Nuclear Strategy and Its Implications for China's Security
Authors: Tian Jingmei
Date: March 2003

Title: Coercion and Risk-Taking in Nuclear South Asia
Authors: Verghese Koithara
Date: March 2003

Title: People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF): Shifting Airpower Balance and Challenges to India's Security
Authors: Ramesh V. Phadke
Date: February 2002

Title: Potential Sources of Financing for U.S. Ventures in Russia
Authors: Askar Askarov, Katharine Reed, Linn E. Schulte-Sasse
Date: December 2001

Title: How Verification Can Be Used to Ensure Irreversible Deep Reductions of Nuclear Weapons
Authors: Wu Jun
Date: June 2001

Title: Civil Liberties in Cyberspace
Authors: Ekaterina A. Drozdova
Date: August 2000

Title: A Proposal for an International Convention on Cyber Crime and Terrorism
Authors: Seymour E. Goodman, Abraham D. Sofaer
Date: August 2000

Title: The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty: Next Steps
Authors: Christopher Chyba, Thomas Jr. Graham
Date: July 2000

Title: An Alternative Framework for the Control of Nuclear Materials
Date: July 2000

Title: How Much Is Enough? A Risk-Management Approach to Computer Security
Authors: Kevin J. Soo Hoo
Date: June 2000

Title: The U.S. Enlargement Strategy and Nuclear Weapons
Authors: Michael M. May
Date: March 2000

Title: Impact On Global Warming Of Development And Structural Changes In The Electricity Sector Of Guangdong Province, China
Authors: Thomas C. Heller, Michael M. May, Chi Zhang
Date: March 2000

Title: A Verification Regime for Warhead Control
Authors: Liu Suping
Date: January 2000

Title: The Nonproliferation Regime under Siege
Authors: George Bunn
Date: September 1999

Title: Strategic Stability and U.S.-Russian Relations
Authors: Taira Koybaeva
Date: June 1999

Title: Commercialization of Russian Technology in Cooperation with American Companies
Authors: David Bernstein
Date: June 1999

Title: Chinese Perspectives on the South Asian Nuclear Tests
Authors: Zou Yunhua
Date: January 1999

Title: Arms Control without Treaties?
Authors: George Bunn, David Holloway
Date: February 1998

Title: Review and Analysis of the Report of The President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection
Authors: Stephen J. Lukasik
Date: January 1998

Title: China's Security Dilemma to the Year 2010
Authors: Hua Di
Date: October 1997

Title: The Airborne Laser: Shooting Down What's Going Up
Authors: Geoffrey E. Forden
Date: September 1997

Title: The Military Nuclear Program in Brazil
Authors: Michael Barletta
Date: August 1997

Title: Implications of a Comprehensive Test Ban for China’s Security Policy
Authors: Xiangli Sun
Date: June 1997

Title: Public and Private Roles in the Protection of Critical Information-Dependent Infrastructure
Authors: Stephen J. Lukasik
Date: May 1997

Title: The False Promise of an Institution
Authors: Istvan Szonyi
Date: January 1997

Title: The Emergence and Selective Enforcement of International Minority-Rights Protections in Europe after the Cold War
Authors: Daniel T. Froats
Date: December 1996

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Title: The Future of Anti-Western Jihadism
Authors: Thomas Hegghammer
Date: July 2013

Title: Can North Korea nuclear crisis be resolved?
Authors: Siegfried S. Hecker
Date: March 2012

Title: Standards & Regulations for the Geologic Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel and High-Level Waste
Authors: Rodney C. Ewing
Date: March 2011

Title: North Korea's Yongbyon Nuclear Complex: A Report by Siegfried S. Hecker
Authors: Siegfried S. Hecker
Date: November 2010

Title: Conjuring Spirits from the Vasty Deep: A User's Guide to Proposals for Strengthening UN Civilian Capacity in Peace Operations
Authors: Eric Morris
Date: May 2010

Title: Effectiveness of Nuclear Weapons against Buried Biological Agents
Authors: Zachary Haldeman, Michael May
Date: June 2003

Title: Container Security Report
Authors: Michael May, Tonya Putnam, Dean Wilkening
Date: January 2003

Title: Communicating Nuclear Risk: Informing the Public about the Risks and Realities of Nuclear Terrorism
Authors: Tonya Putnam
Date: October 2002

Title: Verifying the Agreed Framework
Authors: Chaim Braun, George Bunn, Zachary Davis, James Hassberger, Ronald Lehman, Michael M. May, Wayne Ruhter, William Sailor, Robert Schock, Nancy Suski
Date: April 2001

Title: The Internet in Turkey and Pakistan: A Comparative Analysis
Authors: Seymour Goodman, Peter Wolcott
Date: December 2000

Title: The Diffusion of the Internet in China
Authors: William Foster, Seymour E. Goodman
Date: November 2000

Title: The Geopolitics of Energy Development in the Caspian Region: Regional Cooperation or Conflict?
Authors: Vadim Rubin
Date: December 1999

Title: The Cox Committee Report: An Assessment
Authors: Marco Di Capua, Lewis R. Franklin, Alastair Iain Johnston, Michael M. May, W.K.H. Panofsky
Date: December 1999

Title: The U.S. Military and Civil Infrastructure Protection: Restrictions and Discretion under the Posse Comitatus Act
Authors: Gregory D. Grove
Date: November 1999

Title: Climate Change and the Transformation of World Energy Supply
Authors: Steve Fetter
Date: May 1999

Title: Regional Interest Group on Information Security
Authors: Ekaterina A. Drozdova, David D. Elliott, Seymour E. Goodman, Gregory D. Grove, Stephen J. Lukasik, Kevin J. Soo Hoo
Date: December 1998

Title: China and the CTBT Negotiations
Authors: Zou Yunhua
Date: December 1998

Title: Critical Infrastructure: The Path Ahead
Authors: E.A. Drozdova, B.M. Leiner
Date: November 1998

Title: Workshop on Protecting and Assuring Critical National Infrastructure
Authors: David Alderson, David D. Elliott, Seymour E. Goodman, Gregory Grove, Holliday, Stephen J. Lukasik
Date: June 1998

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