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Center for Contemporary Arab Studies


The Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS) is the only academic center in the United States focusing essentially on the Arab world--the region from Morocco to the Gulf. It has been doing so with distinction for over 30 years. The Center's Washington, DC location provides access to government, the non-governmental policy-studies community, the media, and business as well as academia. Attendance at its public events and applications to its distinguished Masters Degree Program in Arab Studies (MAAS) have more than doubled since 2001.

Working Papers

Title: Revolution in the Arab World: The Long View
Authors: Laleh Khalili, Jillian Schwedler, William Zartman, Gamal Eid
Date: October 2011

Title: "Time Sticks": How Islam and Other Cultures Have Measured Time
Authors: Barbara Freyer Stowasser
Date: April 2011

Title: Art and Ecstasy in Arab Music
Authors: A.J. Racy
Date: December 2010

Title: Amin Rihani, 1876-1940: The Apostle of the Arab-American Relationship
Authors: Irfan Shahid
Date: January 2010

Title: Obama's First 150 Days: Perspectives from an Arab American Writer
Authors: Gregory Orfalea
Date: December 2009

Title: Contexts of Language in Mahmoud Darwish
Authors: Ibrahim Muhawi
Date: December 2009

Title: Passing a Flaming Torch: The Middle Eastern Issues Confronting the Obama Administration
Authors: Rami G. Khouri
Date: February 2009

Title: Education, Human Development, and Arab Women: Progress, Dilemmas, and American Discourse
Authors: Fida Adely
Date: September 2008

Title: Is the Maghreb the 'Next Afghanistan'?: Mapping the Radicalization of the Algerian Salafi Jihadist Movement
Authors: Noureddine Jebnoun
Date: February 2008

Title: A View from the Inside: Congressional Decisionmaking and Arab-Israeli Policy
Authors: David Dumke
Date: December 2006

Title: Theater and Radical Politics in Beirut, Cairo, and Alexandria: 1860-1914
Authors: Ilham Makdisi
Date: October 2006

Title: Research Cultures in Local and Global Contexts: The Case of Middle East Gender Studies
Authors: Zeinab Abul-Magd, Aurelie Evangeline Perrier
Date: March 2006

Title: Uncovered: Arab Journalists Scrutinize Their Profession
Authors: Thomas Gorguissian, Rami Khouri, Salameh Nematt, Hafez al-Mirazi
Date: September 2005

Title: The US And Yemen: A Half-Century of Engagement
Authors: Edward Prados
Date: January 2005