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Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies, City University of New York


The Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies engages in research, graduate training, and public education about international affairs and contemporary global problem-solving with a focus on multilateralism and international institutions. Founded in 1973 as the Ralph Bunche Institute on the United Nations, it was renamed in 2001 and given a broader interdisciplinary scope with the mandate to support and further strengthen international studies at The Graduate Center. Under the directorship of Thomas G. Weiss, presidential professor of political science, the institute provides a congenial setting for the activities by faculty and visiting scholars with international portfolios and research; and it facilitates the mentoring of graduate students. The institute is governed by a faculty advisory council. An external advisory board is being reconstituted.

Working Papers

Title: Overcoming the Security Council Reform Impasse: The Implausible versus the Plausible
Authors: Thomas G. Weiss
Date: January 2005

Title: The Responsibility to Protect: Research, Bibliography, Background Supplementary Volume to the Report of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty
Authors: Don Hubert, Thomas G. Weiss
Date: December 2001

Title: The Responsibility To Protect: Report of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty
Authors: Gareth Evans, Mohamed Sahnoun
Date: December 2001

Title: Women's Organizations and the Building of Civil Society. A Balkan Perspective: The Case of Bulgaria, Croatia and Macedonia
Authors: Genoveva Tisheva
Date: December 2000

Title: Women's NGOs in the System of Civil Society of Ukraine
Authors: Lyudmyla Smolyar
Date: December 2000

Title: Women's Advocacy and the Building of Civil Society in Serbia
Authors: Lilijana Cickaric
Date: December 2000

Title: Women NGOs and the War in Chechnya
Authors: Tatiana Sivaeva
Date: December 2000

Title: Voice and Silence in an Email Conversation Group Involving Rural and Urban Women in Australia
Authors: June Lennie
Date: December 2000

Title: Violence Against Women Construction Workers in Kerala, India
Authors: S.K. Hari Priya
Date: December 2000

Title: The Sky Is Falling : Market Reforms and the Re-Emergence of Discrimination Against Women in China
Authors: Molly Padgett-Cross
Date: December 2000

Title: The Role of Muslim Women's Organizations in Family Planning Advocacy in Medan
Authors: Hj. Chalidjah Hasan
Date: December 2000

Title: Micro Intiatives, Marco Solutions: Potential of Women's Self Help Groups and Their Federations in Advocating and Advancing Their Own Rights
Authors: Ranjan K. Panda
Date: December 2000

Title: Managing Assets, Empowering Humans
Authors: Zohra Andi Baso
Date: December 2000

Title: Gender And Politics Under the Suharto Regime 1966 - 1998
Authors: Norma Sullivan
Date: December 2000

Title: From Margin to Center : Theorizing Women's Political Participation from Activism on the Margins to Political Power at the Center
Authors: Patricia Martinez
Date: December 2000

Title: Feminist Perspective's and Gender Link in Development: the Critical Role of Women's Organisations
Authors: Malika Basu
Date: December 2000

Title: Crossing Cultural Borders with Our Bodies, Ourselves: Linking Women's Health Education and Political Participation in Nuestras Cuerpos, Nuestras Vidas
Authors: Ester R. Shapiro
Date: December 2000

Title: Bulgarian Women : Mentality and Life Strategy
Authors: Raya Staykova
Date: December 2000

Title: "To Heal the Sick" : Women As Creators of Civil Society in Pre-Modern Poland
Authors: Wladyslaw Roczniak
Date: December 2000

Title: Revitalizing the US–Japan Alliance
Date: May 1998

Title: Fall 1996 Seminar Series
Authors: Moses Leo Gitelson
Date: October 1996

Title: Symposium on UN Global Conferences
Authors: Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Nitin Desai, Mehr Kahn, Paul M. Kennedy, John Mathiason, Waly N-Dow, Benjamin Rivlin, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jyoti Shankar Singh, Elissavet Stamatopoulou
Date: February 1996

Title: U.N. Reform from the Standpoint of the United States
Authors: Benjamin Rivlin
Date: September 1995

Title: Civil Conflicts And The Role Of The International Community
Authors: J. Patrice McSherry
Date: October 1994

Title: Developing a Rapid Reaction Capability for the UN: Recent Proposals
Authors: Andy W. Knight
Date: February 1990

Title: A Conversation with Tom Weiss
Date: (Date Not Available)